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IBM C2140-822 New Questions, New Updated IBM C2140-822 Exam Q&As Free Dowload Online

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To ensure project success, what do teams need to pay attention to? (Choose two.)
A. creating a Use Case Diagram for the requirements
B. involving users as early as possible
C. creating a clear statement of business objectives
D. reviewing and validating requirements with stakeholders to achieve a shared vision and concurrence
Answer: B,C
What does a business process diagram represent?
A. global processes
B. enterprise processes
C. organizational processes
D. company to company processes
Answer: B
With the appropriate privileges, which three actions can users take to manipulate folders? (Choose three.)
A. move artifacts between folders within the same project area
B. move folders within a project within the same project area
C. copy folders from one project area to another
D. delete folders within a project within the same project area
E. link folders between project areas
Answer: B,D

Which valid system files can be uploaded to a Rational Requirements Composer project?
A. Word, Excel, CSV, and HTML only
B. Word, Excel, HTML, and images only
C. Word, Excel, CSV, HTML, and images
D. Word, Excel, HTML, and images only
Answer: C
Which detailed requirements do use cases contain?
A. functional requirements
B. non-functional requirements
C. testable requirements
D. feature requirements
Answer: A
Which two capabilities in Rational Requirements Composer allow authors to create and modify artifact content, attributes, and links in the Artifact editor? (Choose two.)
A. artifact format
B. Open Artifact checkbox
C. Edit button
D. double-clicking the artifact
E. right-clicking the artifact
Answer: B,C

Which two actions can be taken against each artifact under review? (Choose two.)
A. approve
B. pass
C. disapprove
D. reject
Answer: A,C
Which statement best describes the process of creating saved filters?
A. Saved filters are created, and then you define the filters that go into it.
B. After you have defined your collection, you can then decide which artifacts appear in the saved filter.
C. After you have created your artifacts, you can associate the artifacts to your filter.
D. After you have defined filter criteria, you can save the filter for future use.
Answer: D

What does the use case model consists of?
A. actors and use cases
B. diagrams only
C. text only
D. diagrams and text
Answer: B

An administrator wants to prevent a user role from updating project and personal dashboards.
Where should the administrator manage this from?
A. Manage Project Properties
B. Open My Personal Dashboard (default)
C. Manage this Project Area
D. Lifecycle Project Administration
Answer: C
Where is a process performed?
A. only within a company
B. within or across companies only
C. within or across organizations only
D. within or across companies and organizations
Answer: D
When does a review reach the Finalized state?
A. when all required reviewers have marked the review complete
B. when all required reviewers have Approved, Disapproved, or Abstained on all artifacts in the review
C. when all required reviewers have marked the review complete, and the review creator has clicked the Finalize Review button
D. when all required reviewers have marked all artifacts Approved
Answer: C

Besides derivation and impact analysis, what does traceability support?
A. elaboration, progress analysis, and lifecycle coverage analysis
B. progress analysis and lifecycle coverage analysis only
C. elaboration and progress analysis only
D. elaboration and lifecycle coverage analysis only
Answer: A
A business analyst on a project wants to identify which requirements were changed last week by a specific team member. Which attributes should be selected and filtered to only display those artifacts?
A. Name and Last modified on
B. Name and Status
C. Last modified on and Last modified by
D. Created on and Created by
Answer: C
Which three OSLC link types would be used in a Saved Filter to get Lifecycle Traceability across the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution from Rational Requirements Composer? (Choose three.)
A. Tracked by
B. Validated by
C. Implemented by
D. Developed by
E. Tested by
Answer: A,B,C

After an artifact is embedded in another artifact, which two controls can be used to manipulate the embedded requirement? (Choose two.)
A. hide
B. show
C. maximize
D. delete
E. minimize
Answer: C,E
A requirements collection has been completed by the business analysts, and is now ready for the development team to start working. What should the business analyst link to?
A. Requirement Implementation plan
B. Development plan
C. Test plan
D. User Story
Answer: B

Which lifecycle states do both formal and informal reviews have?
A. New, In progress, Reviewed, Complete
B. Draft, In progress, Paused, Reviewed, Finalized
C. New, Under review, Reviewed, Finalized
D. Draft, Under review, Paused, Complete, Finalized
Answer: B

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IBM C2140-822 New Questions, New Updated IBM C2140-822 Exam Q&As Free Dowload Online


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