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IBM C2140-819 Practice Exam, Most Popular IBM C2140-819 Study Material On Sale

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Question No : 1
What is the annotation for local interface?
A. @local
B. @localInterface
C. @Interface
D. @ejbLocal

Answer: A
Question No : 2
Which two are Session Bean interfaces? (Choose two.)
A. local interface
B. remote interface
C. provider interface
D. external interface

Answer: A,B
Question No : 3
A developer needs to check the state of one of the JSF Managed Beans when an application is paused. Although all Managed Beans (and other scoped objects) can be found by looking at the FacesContext object available in the Variables view, finding the objects this way can be difficult and time consuming. What is the simplest way for a developer to check the state of scoped objects and view attributes?
A. create matches for scoped objects and view attributes and view the values at the Expression window
B. print the report of the scoped objects and view attributes, then filter the scoped object out of the list
C. execute the pauseTime.bat under the install_root/eclipse/plug-ins/scopedValue, which will print the values of the scoped objects and view attributes
D. enable the runtime JVMPI values for the variables

Answer: A Question No : 4
A developer needs to debug an application. What can the developer do to get the debug perspective on Rational Application Developer?
A. select Window -> Open Perspective -> (Other) -> Debug
B. select Window -> New Perspective -> Open -> Debug
C. select Window -> Debug
D. select Window -> Application -> Open -> Debug

Answer: A
Question No : 5
What is an example of an application component type?
A. Applet
B. Web Module
C. Resource Adapter
D. Deployment Descriptor

Answer: A
Question No : 6
Web 2.0 technologies improve the user interface of web-based applications and RAD8 provides support for several of these technologies. Which two technologies supported by RAD8 are provided to make Web 2.0 easier? (Choose two.)
A. Dojo Javascript library
B. Web Security Editor
C. Ajax Proxy
D. Dynamic Page Template support (Tiles)

Answer: A,C Question No : 7
A development team is starting a new web application project and building a set of servlets for the first time. Which two methods can be used to create an initial set of servlets for the project? (Choose two.)
A. take an existing Java class and select the Refactor to servlet option and follow the wizard screens to configure the project and servlet parameters
B. create a new class that extends java.com.servlet in a Java project and add the project to the web project as a Java utility project
C. create a new class that extends java.com.servlet and add a “servlet” entry to the web application deployment descriptor
D. create a new class that extends java.com.servlet and add a “servlet” annotation

Answer: C,D
Question No : 8
Which statement is true about displaying perspectives in a Rational Application Developer workbench window?
A. Multiple perspectives can be open, but you can interact with only one in each workbench window.
B. Perspectives can be arranged and viewed simultaneously in the workbench.
C. Perspectives can be tiled into a single view.
D. A single perspective per workbench can be open.

Answer: A
Question No : 9
A developer needs to debug the application RAD8EJBWeb containing redbank.jsp on the server using Rational Application Developer. What can be done to accomplish this task?
A. right-click redbank.jsp and select Debug As -> Debug on Server
B. create a software analyzer configuration and run it
C. right-click redbank.jsp and select Profile As -> Profile on Server
D. Open the Debug perspective as it automatically starts a debug session

Answer: A
Question No : 10
What is WSDL?
A. Web Service Description Language
B. Web Server Description Language
C. Web Simple Description Language
D. Web Service Data Language

Answer: A
Question No : 11
A developer wants to create a Java project in the current workspace. To accomplish this using the workbench menu options, what does the developer do?
A. selects File > New > Java class and types in the Java project name, Workspace name, Package name, and Class name
B. selects File > New > Java project, types in a project name, and selects “Use default location”
C. selects Project > Generate Java project, and types in a name for the project
D. selects Workspace > New Java project

Answer: B
Question No : 12
What are the two JMS destination types available when creating a Message Driven Bean in RAD 8? (Choose two.)
A. Queue
B. Subscription
C. Bean Managed
D. Container Managed
E. Topic

Answer: A,E
Question No : 13
A web application uses a set of Java classes, which are also used by several other web applications. The application designers want to separate out this logic into its own component to allow reuse and still give the developers the ability to edit the code in those classes as the project progresses. What is the best way to achieve this?
A. create a new Java project, export it as a JAR, and import it into the web project into the lib folder
B. copy the Java source code into the web project as into the Java folder
C. create a new Java project and add this project to the deployment assembly list
D. encapsulate the Java logic in an EJB and invoke this from the web project

Answer: C
Question No : 14
Which web services client type can you create in RAD 8?
A. Java Proxy
B. Service Proxy
C. Web Proxy
D. EJB Proxy

Answer: A
Question No : 15
A developer needs to debug a javascript on Rational Application Developer with Firefox with firebug as the default web browser. What does the developer do to debug the javascript?
A. set breakpoint on the javascript and debug on the server
B. on the Firefox window, select Preferences -> IDE -> Accept breakpoints -> Enable breakpoints C. on the Firefox window when the page loads, press F5 to enable breakpoints on the javascript
D. on the Firefox window, select Preferences -> Accept breakpoints -> Enable breakpoints

Answer: A
Question No : 16
How does a developer use the Rational Application Developer workbench capabilities to display the Javadoc comments of a class in the Java editor?
A. open a browser and use Google
B. select File > Class > Information
C. select Window > Show View > Javadoc
D. double-click the class in the editor

Answer: C
Question No : 17
To create a new database connection using the Rational Application Developer, which view must be opened?
A. Connection Explorer
B. Data Source Explorer
C. Package Explorer
D. Project Explorer

Answer: B
Question No : 18
A project designer is considering using Dojo as the mechanism for building a Web 2.0 interface. What are three benefits of using the Dojo toolkit with Rational Application Developer? (Choose three.)
A. provides a large set of pre-built Dojo widgets that can be used in web pages B. provides full support for all browsers even without javascript
C. provides support for several data exchange mechanisms depending on the server side implementation
D. provides the capability to develop your own Dojo widgets
E. provides libraries for web application security

Answer: A,C,D
Question No : 19
Each server profile created with Rational Application Developer has its own what?
A. libraries
B. runtime scripts
C. administrative console
D. Java runtime environment

Answer: C
Question No : 20
Which attribute must be defined in JPA Explorer to test JPA entities within UTC?
A. JPA project name
B. JPA test project name
C. name of a created JPA entity
D. persistence-unit name

Answer: D
Question No : 21
A developer has completed a web project but has not applied any security mechanism. Currently all the pages are open for anyone to access. Which two can be configured using the RAD8 Security Editor? (Choose two.)
A. a list of roles and the resources the roles can access
B. the web page to use for login and error
C. the user authentication mechanism used for the application
D. the link between the web application and an external directory (e.g., Microsoft Active Directory)

Answer: A,C
Question No : 22
An organization is considering using Web 2.0 technologies in all projects in order to improve their web applications. Which application would benefit most from the use of Web
2.0 technologies?
A. a web services project
B. an EJB application that implements a banking backend application
C. an existing JSF-based application that has been completed but has serious performance problems
D. an existing web-based application where the user interface is being revitalized

Answer: D
Question No : 23
With Rational Application Developer workbench, what can a developer open only one at a time?
A. workspace
B. view
C. perspective
D. window

Answer: A
Question No : 24
Which term refers to the set of files that defines the runtime environment of a WebSphere Application Server?

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IBM C2140-819 Practice Exam, Most Popular IBM C2140-819 Study Material On Sale


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