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Ace Secret To Pass Huawei H12-311 Exam: H12-311 Practice TestAce Secret To Pass Huawei H12-311 Exam: H12-311 Practice Test

Ace Secret To Pass Huawei H12-311 Exam

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The maximum number of layers supported by the location topology in Huawei eSight is a layer.

A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10


In the 802.11 frames, what type of frame does the STA\\’s association request and authentication request belong to?

A. Data frame
B. Control frame
C. Management frame
D. Data frame, control frame, management frame have this function


Which of the following AP modes does not belong to the WDS network?

A. Root AP
B. Middle AP
C. Bridge AP
D. Leaf AP


Huawei AP6310AP is an outdoor AP that supports WDS and implements point-to-multipoint wireless bridging.

A. True
B. False


In Huawei eSight, the method of adding WLAN devices includes (Select 3 Answers).

A. Add manually
B. Add automatically
C. Add in batches
D. Add script


The following is a description of TKIP encryption. The error is.

A. The length of the IV used in A. TKIP encryption is 24bits.
B. TKIP encryption uses the same encryption algorithm as WEP encryption.
C. The motivation for developing TKIP encryption is to upgrade the security of legacy WEP hardware.
D. Added the mechanism of key generation, management, and delivery in TKIP encryption.


If an enterprise wireless network networking mode is direct forwarding, the thin AP can convert the 802.11 data packet
into an Ethernet packet, and then encapsulate the packet into a CAPWAP encapsulation and transmit the data packet to the AC through the CAPWAP tunnel.

A. True
B. False


Regarding the functional characteristics of the AP6010SN, the following statement is correct (Select 2 Answers).

A. AP6010SN is an indoor distributed AP that only supports working in the 2.4GHz band.
B. The AP6010SN has an Ethernet interface that supports 802.3af PoE power supply standards.
C. AP6010SN supports WDS function, which can realize point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless bridging
D. AP6010SN not only has a built-in antenna but also can be installed with an external antenna.


BSS is called Basic Service Set, and BSS can be divided into Independent BSS and Infrastructure BSS.

A. True
B. False


If an 802.11n AP supports 2*2 MIMO technology, what is the theoretical rate of this AP?

A. 150 Mbps
B. 300 Mbps
C. 450 Mbps
D. 600 Mbps


Which of the following options is the maximum rate supported by the 802.11g protocol?

A. 11Mbps
B. 22Mbps
C. 54Mbps
D. 108Mbps


For outdoor long-distance point-to-point backhaul, the antenna should be selected.

A. High gain, small lobe width
B. High gain, large lobe width
C. Omnidirectional
D. Low gain, large lobe width


The following description of the splitter and coupler is correct.

A. Power splitter and coupler are equal power allocation
B. Power splitter is equal power distribution, the coupler is an unequal power distribution
C. Power splitter is unequal power distribution, the coupler is an equal power distribution
D. Power splitter and coupler are unequal power distribution

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