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[Free New Dumps Version] First-hand Cisco 210-255 SECOPS Dumps Practice Test With Low Price for CCNA Cyber Ops Certification (Question 1 – Question 20)

Do you want to take advantage of the actual Cisco 210-255 dumps test and save time and money while developing your skills to pass your Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations exam? Pass4isture first-hand Cisco 210-255 SECOPS dumps practice test with low price for CCNA Cyber Ops certification. 210-255 dumps, Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations exam is consists of different types of multiple choice questions and answers. The SECOPS 210-255 dumps exam is crucial to be prepared effectively that certifies the Cisco knowledge and skills of successful candidates. This exam is the second of the two required exams in achieving the associate-level CCNA Cyber Ops certification and prepares candidates to begin a career within a Security Operations Center (SOC), working with Cybersecurity Analysts at the associate level. The SECFND exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills needed to successfully handle the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of an associate-level Security Analyst working in a SOC. The course, Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations (SECOPS) v1.0, will help candidates prepare for this exam, as the content is aligned with the exam topics.

Cisco 210-255 SECOPS exam focuses on knowledge and expertise to tests a candidate’s knowledge of tasks, duties, and responsibilities of an associate-level Security Analyst working in a SOC. The Cisco CCNA Data Center covers the Cisco video topics. The Cisco https://www.pass4itsure.com/210-255.html dumps Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking exam allows students to understand and realize the benefits of certification area. Students who complete Cisco 210-255 dumps may get CCNA Cyber Ops certification. Valid and Updated SECOPS 210-255 Questions Dumps: There are different necessary things for Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations exam which should be considered for passing CCNA Cyber Ops 210-255 vce test otherwise you will not be able to pass this 210-255 exam.

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210-250 dumps

Free Pass4itsure 210-255 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers(1-20)

1. Given: John Smith often telecommutes from a coffee shop near his home. The coffee shop has an 802.11g access point with a captive portal for authentication. At this hotspot, John is susceptible to what types of WLAN attacks?
A. UDP port redirection
B. Wi-Fi phishing
C. Peer-to-peer
D. 802.11 reverse ARP
E. Eavesdropping/packet reassembly
F. Happy AP
210-255 exam Answer: BCE

2. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) allows a WLAN administrator to perform what network function?
A. Provide wireless network access to users through specific access points, based on their 802.11e priority level.
B. Allow access to specific files and applications based on the user’s IP subnet.
C. Allow specific user groups more bandwidth than others.
D. Allow simultaneous support of multiple EAP types on a single access point.
Answer: C

3. RFC 3748 specifies that the EAP-response/identity frame must comply with what criteria?
A. The EAP-response/identity frame must contain the user identity.
B. When TLS-tunneling mode is active, the EAP-response frame must have a blank user identity.
C. The EAP-response/identity frame must not contain a null identity value.
D. The user identity value must be hashed prior to insertion into the EAP-response identity frame.
210-255 dumps Answer: C

4. What option specifies how the 802.11i Group Handshake differs from the 4-Way Handshake?
A. The Group Handshake has four messages like the 4-Way Handshake, except when it is performed after a reauthentication when it exhibits only three messages.
B. The Group Handshake is a 4-Way Handshake, but does not contain EAPoL Key frames.
C. The Group Handshake requires 6 exchanges, including the TCP 3-Way handshake traffic.
D. The Group Handshake has only two messages instead of four.
E. The Group Temporal Key (GTK) is always part of the Group Handshake, but never part of the 4-Way Handshake.
Answer: D

5. Once strong authentication and encryption mechanisms are implemented and tested in a WLAN, what options are needed to maintain a secure WLAN?
B. Internet firewall
D. Personal firewalls
210-255 pdf Answer: CD

6. What protocols allow an administrator to securely transfer a new operating system image to a WLAN switch/controller?
A. SNMPv2c
Answer: BC

7. Given: You manage a wireless network that services 100 wireless users. Your facility requires 7 access points, and you have installed an 802.11i-compliant implementation of 802.1X/LEAP (TKIP) as an authentication and encryption solution. In this configuration, the wireless network is susceptible to what type of attack?
A. Man-in-the-middle
B. Password dictionary
C. Layer 3 peer-to-peer
D. WEP cracking
E. Session hijacking
F. Eavesdropping
210-255 vce Answer: B

8. Given: Most of today’s lightweight (thin) access points support 802.3af and can be placed anywhere in the network infrastructure instead of directly connected to a WLAN switch/controller port. A lightweight access point can make what logical connection to its controller?
A. LLC port connection
B. GRE tunnel
C. RSVP protocol connection
D. HTTPS tunnel
E. Mobile IP connection
Answer: B

9. Given: ABC Company wants to install an 802.11g WLAN that supports fast roaming for 802.11b IP phones. A requirement is the ability to troubleshoot reassociations that are delayed or dropped during roaming. What is the most cost-effective system ABC Company can implement to meet the troubleshooting requirement?
A. WLAN protocol analyzer software on laptop computers
B. WLAN switch with integrated WIPS
C. WLAN switch with dual lightweight 802.11a/b/g radios
D. Autonomous (thick) access points with a WIDS overlay system
E. Hybrid WLAN switch with integrated RF planning tool
210-255 exam Answer: B

10. Given: This network diagram implements an 802.1X/EAP-based wireless security solution. What device functions as the EAP Authenticator?
A. LDAP database
B. Client computer
C. Access point
D. RADIUS server
E. Ethernet switch
Answer: C

11. For WIPS to describe the location of a rogue WLAN device, what requirement must be part of the WIPS installation?
A. The predictive site survey results must be imported into the WIPS.
B. A GPS system must be installed including the coordinates of the building’s corners.
C. All authorized AP radios must be placed in RF monitor mode so that the WIPS knows where the authorized APs are in relation to the WIPS sensors.
D. A graphical floor plan diagram must be imported into the WIPS.
210-255 dumps Answer: D

12. Given: XYZ Company has recently installed a WLAN switch and RADIUS server and needs to move authenticated wireless users from various departments onto their designated network segments. How should this be accomplished?
A. The RADIUS server coordinates with an authenticated DHCP server.
B. Manually map each wireless user’s MAC address to a VLAN number in the Ethernet switch.
C. Implement multiple 802.1Q VLANs in both the WLAN and Ethernet switches.
D. RADIUS will send a return list attribute with the GRE tunnel number to the WLAN switch.
E. The WLAN user must contact the network administrator at step 4 of the 802.1X/EAP authentication process to receive a network number.
Answer: C

13. Given: The Wi-Fi Alliance implemented TKIP as an upgrade to WEP as part of WPA. The illustration shows an expanded TKIP MPDU. What features were included in TKIP to enhance the security of WEP?
D. Extended IV
E. Encrypted PDU
210-255 pdf Answer: CD

14. Given: A new access point is connected to an authorized network segment and is detected by a WIPS. What does the WIPS apply to the new access point?
A. Default security policy
B. FIPS values
C. Site survey template
D. User property profile
E. Updated firmware
Answer: A

15. Given: Your company has just completed installation of a WLAN switch/controller with 10 lightweight (thin) access points. The Chief Security Officer has specified 802.11i compliant PEAPv0/EAP-MSCHAPv2 as the only authorized WLAN authentication and encryption scheme. Where must the x.509 server certificate reside in this network?
A. Supplicant devices
B. LDAP server
C. RADIUS server
D. WLAN switch/controller
E. Lightweight access points
210-255 vce Answer: AC

16. What wireless authentication technologies build a TLS-encrypted tunnel between the supplicant and the authentication server before passing client authentication credentials to the authentication server?
Answer: DF

17. How does a wireless network management system (WNMS) discover WLAN usernames?
A. The WNMS finds the MAC address of the wireless client device in the authentication database and parses the username from the entry.
B. The WNMS polls access points using SNMP.
C. The client device sends the username to the WNMS on port 113 (ident service) after successful authentication.
D. The RADIUS server sends the username to the WNMS after the wireless device successfully authenticates.
E. The WNMS captures the username by sniffing the wireless network during the authentication process.
210-255 exam Answer: B

18. What is illustrated by this Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)
A. 802.11a access points on channels 34, 38, 42, and 46
B. Wideband RF jamming attack
C. Only channels 9, 10, and 11 are enabled on the access point
D. An access point on channel 6
E. Use of channels 12-14 is not allowed
Answer: B

19. Given: A university is installing a WLAN switch/controller and one thousand 802.11a/g lightweight access points. In this environment, how should the WLAN switch/controller connect to the Ethernet network?
A. The WLAN switch/controller should connect between every Layer 3 distribution Ethernet switch and every Layer 2 access Ethernet switch by having one port in each VLAN.
B. The WLAN switch/controller should connect to the core Layer 3 switch via a gigabit (or faster) Ethernet segment.
C. The WLAN switch/controller should be connected between the Layer 3 core Ethernet switch/controller and the corporate Internet firewall using a 100 Mbps connection.
D. The WLAN switch/controller should connect to a Layer 3 distribution switch in a wireless VLAN using a gigabit (or faster) connection.
210-255 dumps Answer: B

20. What type of WLAN attack is illustrated on the 802.11 protocol analyzer screenshot?
A. Man-in-the-middle
B. Frame injection
C. RF jamming
D. Authentication flood
E. Hijacking
Answer: C
210-250 dumps

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210-250 dumps

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Exam Code: 210-250
Exam Name: Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Updated: Aug 19, 2017
Q&As: 80

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210-250 dumps

Free Pass4itsure Cisco 210-250 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Consider a FileMaker Pro 11 database with the following tables and fields:
Assuming only the above relationships between table occurrences, using sorting if necessary, which two
actions can be performed? (Choose two.)
A. create a value list that shows all Invoices for a chosen Customer
B. create a value list on a Product layout which displays all Customers
C. find all of the Customers who have ever ordered a specific Product
D. create a portal to display each Product that has been ordered by a Customer
E. display all records from the Customer table in a portal on a layout for an Invoice Item record
210-250 exam Correct Answer: BE
Given the following relationship graph:
Without inspecting the data, what can be assumed about this database?
A. In the Event table, the Event ID has no index.
B. For each Task record there will be exactly one related Volunteer record.
C. Each record in the Task table will represent a unique combination of Volunteer ID and Event ID.
D. The relationship between Task and Event will not allow the Allow creation of records… nor the Delete
related records… settings to be enabled for the Event table.
Correct Answer: A
On the RSTP network as shown in the figure, what RSTP operations will occur after the E1 port of SWB
fails? (Select 3 Answers)
A. SWB deletes the MAC address entries with the E1 port as the destination interface.
B. The spanning tree is recalculated and the E2 port is elected as the new root port.
C. All the interfaces in forwarding state send topology change notifications (TCNs) to notify other switches
of the topology change.
D. All the non-edge ports in forwarding state send TCNs to notify other switches of the topology change.
210-250 dumps Correct Answer: ABD
Which is the port state defined in RSTP?
A. Discarding
B. Learning
C. Forwarding
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: D
RSTP has all functions that STP has and it is backward compatible with STP.
A. True

B. False
210-250 pdf Correct Answer: A
RSTP adopts fast convergence mechanism. So, there is no Forward Delay interval in RSTP.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B
Two switches are directly connected to each other and they are working in full duplex mode. By default,
RSTP will consider the link between the switches as point-to-point link.
A. True
B. False
210-250 vce Correct Answer: A
In RSTP network environment, a port can be set as edge port when it is directly connected with terminal.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following statements about RSTP and STP is true?
A. STP has more port states than RSTP.
B. The port roles used in RSTP is less than the port roles used in STP.
C. Since RSTP adopts fast convergence mechanism, it does not have Learning state which is available in
D. Same as STP, the ports will enter into Listening state once the RSTP has been enabled. Then, the
ports can receive BPDU and calculate the spanning tree.
210-250 exam Correct Answer: A
In a switching network that runs RSTP, the topology change notification message will not be sent when the
switch detects that the Alternate Port is failed.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A
When the topology of a network running RSTP changes, what happens after the change?
A. Flooding on the entire network.
B. The aging time of MAC address entries is changed.
C. Some MAC address entries are deleted.
D. All of the above
210-250 dumps Correct Answer: C
Which ports defined by RSTP cannot work in Forwarding state? (Select 2 Answers)
A. Root Port
B. Designated Port
C. Backup Port
D. Alternate Port
Correct Answer: CD
On an RSTP network, when an edge port is in protected state, what operation is performed after the edge
port receives BPDUs?
A. The edge port forwards BPDUs.
B. The edge port discards BPDUs.
C. The edge port is shut down.
D. The edge port obtains required information from BPDUs.
210-250 pdf Correct Answer: C
In RSTP, the port status can be discarding and learning. Which statements about the port status are true?
(Select 2 Answers)
A. The port in discarding or learning state does not forward data frames.
B. The port in discarding state does not learn MAC addresses.
C. The port in learning state does not learn MAC addresses.
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: AB
On the RSTP network as shown in the figure, what is the port role of SWC E0/1 according to the
configuration? (Select 2 Answers)
A. Designated port
B. Root port
C. Alternate port

D. Edge port
210-250 vce Correct Answer: AD
As shown in the figure, when the link between SWC and LAND is faulty, through which path are TCA
BPDUs sent?
A. From SWA to SWB
B. From SWB to SWC
C. From SWB to SWA
D. From SWC to SWB
Correct Answer: B
As shown in the figure, when the STP network runs properly, which device does the designated port of
LANC reside?
D. None of the above
210-250 exam Correct Answer: B
In STP configuration, which statement about BPDUs is true?
A. BPDUs cannot be sent from the designated port.
B. BPDUs can be sent only from the designated port.
C. BPDUs can be sent from any port.
D. None of the above.
Correct Answer: B
On an STP network, after the network topology changes, which BPDUs are sent during flooding of
topology change information on the entire network?
A. BPDUs with the TCN flag
B. BPDUs with the TCA flag
C. BPDUs with the TC flag
D. All of the above
210-250 dumps Correct Answer: D
After an STP switch starts, it considers itself as the root switch. Which statements about BDPU parameter
setting are true? (Select 3 Answers)
A. The switch is the designated root.
B. The designated cost is 0.

C. The switch is the designated bridge.
D. The designated port is 0.
Correct Answer: ABC

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