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Why study from a valid Huawei H12-224 exam dumps before the examWhy study from a valid Huawei H12-224 exam dumps before the exam

H12-224 exam

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Which statements about the MUX VLAN configuration are true? (Choose two.)

A. VLAN 10 is the principal VLAN
B. VLAN 11 is the principal VLAN
C. VLAN 12 is the subordinate separate VLAN


Which of the following indicators are performance indicators of the Eudemon? (Choose three.)

A. Throughput of large-sized or small-sized packets
B. Number of the interface
C. VPN performance
D. Process delay


Which of the following statements about STP Designated Port is true?

A. Each of the bridge can have one Designated Port only.
B. Designated Port is responsible for forwarding packets to its connected network segments.
C. The only path leading to the Root Bridge is through Designated Port.
D. Designated Port forwards the data packet from its corresponding switch to the Root Switch.


According to the MSTP protocol, each MST instance calculates an independent spanning tree by using the RSTP

A. True
B. False


Which of the following statements regarding the MPLS forwarding process is false?

A. If an LSP fails to forward data, the MPLS control plane responsible for LSP setup can detect this error.
B. The main function of MPLS forwarding plane can add labels or delete labels from an IP packet, and forward the
received packets based on the label forwarding table. The forwarding plane is connection-oriented.
C. After an IP packet enters the MPLS network, the ingress LER will analyze the IP packet and add proper labels to the
D. MPLS can use Ping or Traceroute to detect LSP errors and locate faulty nodes.


Which of the following statements about the Smart Link group is false?

A. A Smart Link group has two interfaces at most. The two interfaces if configured are an active interface and a standby
B. Among the two interfaces in a Smart Link group, one is in the active state and the other one in the standby state in
normal situations.
C. When the active interface goes down, the Smart Link group automatically blocks it and changes the status of the
standby interface to active.
D. When the active interface recovers from a fault, traffic will be switched back to it immediately.


As shown in the figure, port 1 of switch A is configured with the Fixed mode, and other ports are configured with the
Normal mode. The trunk interfaces allow all VLANs. Which VLANs are registered on port 1 of switch C? (Choose

B. VLAN 5 to VLAN 10
C. VLAN 15 to VLAN 20
D. VLAN 25 to VLAN 30


Which statements about VLAN aggregation are true? (Choose three.)

A. “multiple” VLANs (broadcast domains) are on the same physical network; therefore, different VLANs belong to the
same subnet.
B. VLAN aggregation can save IP addresses.
C. Only the super VLAN requires an IP address, but sub-VLANs do not need.
D. The VLAN that is used to separate broadcast domains is called super VLAN.


The urgent pointer in the flag field of an IPv4 packet header is generally used for OOB data transmission.
A. True
B. False


When configuring VLAN mapping, you must set the priority of outer VLAN ID.

A. True
B. False


Which methods can be used to import local routes to BGP? (Choose two.)
A. Run the network command.
B. Receive routes from peers.
C. Run the summary automatic command.
D. Run the import command.


Which statement about VLAN is false?

A. VLAN tag contains a 3-bit priority field. The priority value ranges from 0 to 7. It is used for differentiated service
B. The priority in the VLAN tag can be mapped to the internal priority of the switch, for differentiated service forwarding.
C. The priority in the VLAN tag can be changed on the switch.
D. The priority in the VLAN tag cannot be changed.


Which of the following statements regarding the physical topology monitoring function of eSight are true? (Choose all
that apply.)

A. eSight displays the layout and status of NEs, subnets, and links on the GUI.
B. eSight supports visualized monitoring of the network-wide running status.
C. eSight displays the architecture of the entire network and relationship between network entities.
D. The physical topology monitoring provides an entry for unified network monitoring, improving OandM efficiency.

The correct answer is as follows:

Q1: AC, Q2: ABC, Q3: B, Q4: A, Q5: A, Q6: D, Q7: ABC, Q8: ABC, Q9: A, Q10: B, Q11: AD, Q12: D, Q13: ABCD


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