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New Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 dumps to start your exam planning

NSE7_OTS-6.4 exam planning

Planning the Fortinet NSE 7 – OT Security 6.4 exam but don’t know where to start? You’re lucky to see this blog. I’m going to share something that you’re all about: How to prepare for the NSE7_OTS-6.4 exam? What’s the use of getting certified…

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Latest NSE7_OTS-6.4 dumps pdf

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Planning for exam with genuine NSE7_OTS-6.4 dumps practice questions

Fortinet NSE 7 – OT Security 6.4


An OT supervisor needs to protect their network by implementing security with an industrial signature database on the
FortiGate device.

Which statement about the industrial signature database on FortiGate is true?

A. A supervisor must purchase an industrial signature database and import it to the FortiGate.
B. An administrator must create their own database using custom signatures.
C. By default, the industrial database is enabled.
D. A supervisor can enable it through the FortiGate CLI.

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.

Given the configurations on the FortiGate, which statement is true?

A. FortiGate is configured with forwarding domains to reduce unnecessary traffic.
B. FortiGate is configured with forwarding domains to forward only domain controller traffic.
C. FortiGate is configured with forwarding domains to forward only company domain website traffic.
D. FortiGate is configured with forwarding domains to filter and drop non-domain controller traffic.

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.

In the topology shown in the exhibit, both PLCs can communicate directly with each other, without going through the

Which statement about the topology is true?

A. PLCs use the IEEE802.1Q protocol to communicate with each other.
B. An administrator can create firewall policies in the switch to secure between PLCs.
C. This integration solution expands VLAN capabilities from Layer 2 to Layer 3.
D. There is no micro-segmentation in this topology.

Correct Answer: D


Which three common breach points can be found in a typical OT environment? (Choose three.)

A. Global hat
B. Hard hat
C. VLAN exploits
D. Black hat
E. RTU exploits

Correct Answer: CDE


An OT network architect must deploy a solution to protect fuel pumps in an industrial remote network. All the fuel pumps must be closely monitored from the corporate network for any temperature fluctuations.
How can the OT network architect achieve this goal?

A. Configure a fuel server on the remote network, and deploy a FortiSIEM with a single pattern temperature security rule on the corporate network.
B. Configure a fuel server on the corporate network, and deploy a FortiSIEM with a single pattern temperature
performance rule on the remote network.
C. Configure a fuel server on the remote network, and deploy a FortiSIEM with a single pattern temperature
performance rule on the corporate network.
D. Configure both fuel server and FortiSIEM with a single-pattern temperature performance rule on the corporate

Correct Answer: B


An OT network administrator is trying to implement active authentication.
Which two methods should the administrator use to achieve this? (Choose two.)

A. Two-factor authentication on FortiAuthenticator
B. Role-based authentication on FortiNAC
C. FSSO authentication on FortiGate
D. Local authentication on FortiGate

Correct Answer: AB


What are two benefits of a Nozomi integration with FortiNAC? (Choose two.)

A. Enhanced point of connection details
B. Direct VLAN assignment
C. Adapter consolidation for multi-adapter hosts
D. Importation and classification of hosts

Correct Answer: AB


Which three methods of communication are used by FortiNAC to gather visibility information? (Choose three.)


Correct Answer: ACD


You are investigating a series of incidents that occurred in the OT network over the past 24 hours in FortiSIEM.
Which three FortiSIEM options can you use to investigate these incidents? (Choose three.)

A. Security
C. List
D. Risk
E. Overview

Correct Answer: CDE


An OT administrator deployed many devices to secure the OT network. However, the SOC team is reporting that there
are too many alerts and that many of the alerts are false positive. The OT administrator would like to find a solution that eliminates repetitive tasks, improves efficiency, saves time, and saves resources.

Which products should the administrator deploy to address these issues and automate most of the manual tasks done
by the SOC team?

A. FortiSIEM and FortiManager
B. FortiSandbox and FortiSIEM
C. FortiSOAR and FortiSIEM
D. A syslog server and FortiSIEM

Correct Answer: C


When you create a user or host profile, which three criteria can you use? (Choose three.)

A. Host or user group memberships
B. Administrative group membership
C. An existing access control policy
D. Location
E. Host or user attributes

Correct Answer: ADE


What can be assigned using network access control policies?

A. Layer 3 polling intervals
B. FortiNAC device polling methods
C. Logical networks
D. Profiling rules

Correct Answer: D

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