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NS0-194 Exam Dumps [Study] Excellent NetApp NS0-194 Study Material

I’m guessing you’re looking for the right NS0-194 study materials to prepare for the NetApp Certified Support Engineer exam, and our latest version of the NS0-194 exam dumps are there to help you learn.

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Exam Code: NS0-194 NCSE
Exam Title: NetApp Certified Support Engineer
Exam Price: $150
Duration: 90 minutes
Passing score: 63%
Free questions: see below
Number of questions: 60
Official resources:

  • Introduction to NetApp Storage System Basic Components (WBT)
  • Introduction to Clustered Data ONTAP Architecture (WBT)
  • Introduction to Aggregates and FlexVols in Clustered Data ONTAP (WBT)
  • Introduction to Networking in Clustered Data ONTAP (WBT)
  • Introduction to High-Availability in Clustered Data ONTAP (WBT)
  • Introduction to Data Protection in Clustered Data ONTAP (WBT)

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NS0-194 free dumps questions answers


You received the “CLUSTER ERROR: DISK/SHELF COUNT MISMATCH” AutoSupport message from an ONTAP cluster. When analyzing this message, which two should be inspected? (Choose two.)

A. drive paths
B. IOM firmware
C. drive firmware
D. SAS cabling

Correct Answer: AC


A volume was accidentally deleted two hours ago by another administrator. No backups exist. In this scenario, what do you do to restore the data?

A. Use the ONTAP System Manager to recover the volume.
B. Use a volume snapshot to return the data to the active file system.
C. Use the volume recovery queue to restore the volume.
D. Use an aggregate snapshot to revert the aggregate to an earlier state.

Correct Answer: C

Reference: http://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-cm-vsmg%2FGUIDD4E85AB5-EEBB-44B4-A648-5B1B04FD5F85.html


You have determined that an SFP+ has failed on one of your storage controllers. In this scenario, what do you use to determine which SFP+ should be replaced by NetApp Support?

A. NetApp Active IQ
B. Interoperability Matrix Tool
C. NetApp Documentation Center
D. Hardware Universe

Correct Answer: D


While troubleshooting client access issues to a CIFS share, you notice that the issue only occurs when the data LIF that the clients are accessing is on a specific node in the cluster. In this scenario, which configuration should you review to determine why this issue is happening?

A. cluster health
B. Kerberos
C. share path
D. export policies

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMLP2426787


You observe cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors on a network port from a node in the cluster.
Which two components would you consider reseating or replacing before you perform actions on the physical port where the errors are reported from the node? (Choose two.)

B. cluster interconnect switch
C. up-stream switch
D. cable

Correct Answer: CD


Your customer\’s MetroCluster has generated a “DISK REDUNDANCY FAILED” message.
Tue Jan 14 04:12:12 CET [netapp-EmA:cf.rv.notConnected:error]: HA interconnect: Connection for \’cfo_rv\’ failed.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:13 CET [netapp-EmA:rv.connection.torndown:info]: HA interconnect: cfo_rv1 is torn down on NIC 1.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:13 CET [netapp-EmA:cf.rv.notConnected:error]: HA interconnect: Connection for \’cfo_rv\’1 failed.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:15 CET [netapp-EmA:rv.connection.torndown:info]: HA interconnect: cfo_rv2 is torn down on NIC 1.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:18 CET [netapp-EmA:cf.rv.notConnected:error]: HA interconnect: Connection for \’cfo_rv\’2 failed.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:19 CET [netapp-EmA:bridge.removed:info]: FC-to_SAS bridge siteB_2:13.126L0 [ATTO
FibreBridge6500N 1.61] S/N [FB7500N111161] was removed Tue Jan 14 04:12:19 CET [netappEmA:bridge.removed:info]: FCto_SAS bridge siteB_2:5.126L0 [ATTO FibreBridge6500N 1.61] S/N [FB7500N111160] was removed

Tue Jan 14 04:12:12 CET [netapp-EmB:cf.rv.notConnected:error]: HA interconnect: Connection for \’cfo_rv\’ failed.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:12 CET [netapp-EmB:rv.connection.torndown:info]: HA interconnect: cfo_rv2 is torn down on NIC 1.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:13 CET [netapp-EmB:rv.connection.torndown:info]: HA interconnect: cfo_rv1 is torn down on NIC 1.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:13 CET [netapp-EmB:cf.rv.notConnected:error]: HA interconnect: Connection for \’cfo_rv\’1 failed.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:18 CET [netapp-EmB:cf.rv.notConnected:error]: HA interconnect: Connection for \’cfo_rv\’2 failed.

Tue Jan 14 04:12:19 CET [netapp-EmB:bridge.removed:info]: FC-to_SAS bridge siteA_2:13.126L0 [ATTO
FibreBridge6500N 1.61] S/N [FB7500N111167] was removed Tue Jan 14 04:12:19 CET [netappEmB:bridge.removed:info]: FCto_SAS bridge siteA_2:5.126L0 [ATTO FibreBridge6500N 1.61] S/N [FB7500N111164] was removed Referring to the messages shown in the exhibit for each node, which component is causing the problem?

A. the ATTO bridge on siteB_2
B. the SAN switch siteA_2
C. the SAN switch siteB_2
D. the ISL between site and site B\

Correct Answer: D


A customer ordered a FAS2720 cluster with 8 TB SATA drives. The customer wants to use the Advanced Drive Partitioning (ADP) feature to avoid consuming the high-capacity drives for the root aggregate. Before you use the cluster setup, you issue the aggr status command and notice that ADP is not being used.

In this scenario, what would you use to implement ADP?

A. loader prompt
B. special boot menu
C. nodeshell
D. SP prompt

Correct Answer: A


A customer will need to perform an upgrade from 9.0 to 9.4. Which feature of ONTAP enables non-disruptive hardware maintenance for this upgrade?

A. aggregate relocation
B. FlexVol
C. FlexGroup

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-cmhacg%2FGUID-519510F4-AE00-4859-9706-217553D05FB9.html


Which NetApp technology enables a volume to span across one or more aggregates and one or more NetApp nodes?

A. FlexVol
B. Flash Pool
C. Flash Cache
D. FlexGroup

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://www.netapp.com/pdf.html?item=/media/17251-tr4571apdf.pdf (3)


Test user “LAB\tester” can perform an operation in the CIFS share “HR” from the SVM “svm1”. However, the rest of the users from the HR department cannot perform the same operation. You want to determine why only “LAB\tester” can perform the operation.

In this scenario, which security trace filter accomplishes this task?

A. vserver security trace filter create -vserver svm1 -index 1 -protocol nfs -unix-name tester -trace-allow no
B. vserver security trace filter create -vserver svm1 -index 1 -protocol cifs -windows- name LAB\tester -trace-allow no
C. vserver security trace filter create -vserver svm1 -index 1 -protocol cifs -windows- name LAB\tester -trace-allow yes
D. vserver security trace filter create -vserver svm1 -index 1 -protocol nfs -unix-name tester -trace-allow yes

Correct Answer: C


In ONTAP 9.6, activity on the command line is found in which log?

A. audit.log
B. messages.log
C. command-history.log
D. mgwd.log

Correct Answer: A



A customer receives the message shown below in their EMS logs.
Tue Jun 27 18:34:18 CEST [netapp-ct1: cp_worker: wafl.cp.too long: error]: Aggregate AG1_NTAP_PROD experienced a long CP. Tue Jun 27 18:37:10 CEST Which two data sources do you use to explain this message? (Choose two.)

A. ONTAP System Manager
B. Performance Archive
C. Active IQ Unified Manager
D. mgwd.log

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Software/ONTAP_OS/First_steps_troubl


What are two reasons to use VLANs in a NetApp storage solution? (Choose two.)

A. to isolate UDP traffic from TCP traffic
B. to isolate management traffic from other IP traffic
C. to isolate iSCSI traffic from NAS traffic
D. to isolate FC traffic from other IP traffic

Correct Answer: AC

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NS0-520 Q&As

Q# 1

You have a SAN host that is only sending traffic to an ONTAP cluster using active non-optimized paths.
In this scenario, over which network type does the node that is hosting the target LUN receive the traffic?

A. cluster network
B. iSCSI network
C. intercluster network
D. Fibre Channel network

Correct Answer: A

Q# 2

Click the Exhibit button.

In an NVMe/FC environment, the host cannot discover the namespace on the AFF system. Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?

A. The NQN is not correct.
B. The host MPIO drivers are not installed.
C. NVMe is not supported on the FC adapter.
D. The NVMe service is not running on the SVM.

Correct Answer: B

Q# 3

You want to move a SAN LIF and preserve its configuration information and avoid rezoning the switch fabric.

In this scenario, which two steps must be performed to fulfill this goal? (Choose two.)

A. Keep the SAN LIF online before it is moved.
B. Take the SAN LIF offline before it is moved.
C. Move the SAN LIFs to another node in a cluster on different storage virtual machines (SVMs).
D. Move the SAN LIFs to another node in a cluster on existing storage virtual machines (SVMs).

Correct Answer: BD

Q# 4

You need to migrate boot LUNs from a third-party array onto a NetApp FAS8700. Which three actions are required to complete this task? (Choose three.)

A. Convert every FC target port on each controller to an FC initiator port.
B. Create zoning between the third-party array to the FAS8700.
C. Convert a single FC port on each controller to an FC initiator port.
D. Verify third-party array support by using the Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT).
E. Reboot the third-party SAN to prepare for the LUN import.

Correct Answer: BCE

Q# 5

You are planning on implementing a new SAN on AFF A400 controllers. The data set consists of unique 1 KB files that will be encrypted before being written to the SAN.

In this scenario, which ONTAP inline storage efficiency will provide 4:1 savings for this workload?

A. auto grow
B. deduplication
C. compression
D. compaction

Correct Answer: B

Q# 6

You have implemented FabricPool on your AFF ASA ONTAP 9.8 cluster. An archived database has become very active, and it requires FabricPool adjustments.

Which two steps are required to address this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Set the space guarantee on the volume.
B. Set the tiering policy to none.
C. Use the promote cloud-retrieval-policy.
D. Remove all Snapshot copies.

Correct Answer: AB

Q# 7

Which FC service is used by a host for discovery service to locate FC targets that are available?

A. the fabric zone server
B. the fabric configuration server
C. the fabric name service
D. the fabric security server

Correct Answer: C

Q# 8

Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, which security feature would guarantee that the Host A system that is mapped to LUN XYZ on the NetApp storage system is the only host that accesses the LUN?

A. igroup setup with the IQN of the iSCSI software initiator on Host A
B. CHAP configured on Host A and the NetApp Storage System
C. IPsec configured on both Host A and the NetApp storage system
D. igroup setup with no IQNs

Correct Answer: A

Q# 9

A database administrator needs to ensure that Snapshot copies of database files across multiple LUNs are taken at the same point in time.

Which action achieves this outcome?

A. Create each LUN on the same FabricPool aggregate.
B. Add each LUN volume to the same snapshot schedule.
C. Create each LUN within the same FlexVol volume.
D. Create each LUN within the same FlexGroup volume.

Correct Answer: C

Q# 10

You created a LUN in a new volume on your NetApp ONTAP cluster. You enabled the default Snapshot schedule and enabled Snapshot to autodelete on the volume.

In this scenario, in which three situations does the Snapshot autodelete feature automatically delete Snapshot copies in the volume? (Choose three.)

A. The aggregate is nearly full.
B. The Snapshot reserve space is nearly full.
C. The LUN is nearly full.
D. The volume is nearly full.
E. The overwrite reserve space is full.

Correct Answer: BCD

Q# 11

You are reconfiguring a VMware vSphere host for FC access to a NetApp ONTAP cluster.
In this scenario, which two tasks does NetApp recommend performing on the vSphere host? (Choose two.)

A. Use the NetApp Virtual Storage Console to configure the host settings.
B. Set the queue depth on the host to 8.
C. Update the HBA driver.
D. Zone the host by using the host WWNNs.

Correct Answer: AD

Q# 12

An administrator enabled the FCP protocol on an SVM and created a boot LUN for a Windows Server 2019 server host.

The host is attached using multiple paths to the storage SVM. After correctly adding the LUN to the igroup and setting its LUN ID to 1, the host is unable to boot using the installed FC HBA.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?

A. During the boot process, using FCP is not supported by NetApp.
B. During the boot process, using FCP is not supported by Microsoft.
C. The LUN ID must be set to 0.
D. The LUN ID must be set to 255.

Correct Answer: B

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Important NetApp NS0-175 practice questions free share


What are the three requirements for all FlexPod Datacenter solutions? (Choose three.)

A. two NetApp storage controllers in a high-availability (HA) pair configuration
B. a separate 100 Mbps Ethernet/1 Gbps Ethernet out-of-band management network
C. a pair of Fabric Extenders in a redundant configuration
D. two Cisco UCS 6200, 6300, or 6400 Series Fabric Interconnects in a redundant configuration
E. redundant boot-from-SAN LUN paths

Correct Answer: CDE


Your environment currently has a 12-node NetApp cluster serving iSCSI. You need to add at least four more nodes to
serve FC to your environment. In this scenario, what should you do?

A. You can safely add up to 4 more storage controllers in the current cluster
B. You can safely add up to 6 more storage controllers in the current cluster
C. You must create a new cluster with the new storage controllers
D. You can safely add up to 12 more storage controllers in the current cluster

Correct Answer: A


You want to ensure the uniqueness of the Cisco UCS WWNNs and WWPNs in the SAN for a FlexPod solution. In this
the situation, Cisco recommends using which WWN prefix for all blocks in a pool?

A. 30:00:00:25:B5:XX:XX:XX
B. 40:00:00:25:B5:XX:XX:XX
C. 20:00:00:25:B5:XX:XX:XX
D. 60:00:00:25:B5:XX:XX:XX

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/ucs-manager/GUI-User-Guides/Storage


A customer wants to use a Cisco Nexus 93180YC-FX switch to support the FC protocol for booting from SAN without
having to deploy additional Cisco 900 Series MDS switches in their FlexPod Datacenter configuration. In this scenario,
what is required for this solution?

A. The customer must enable the FC license on the 93180YC-FX switch
B. The customer must deploy the 93180YC-FX switch as part of a Cisco ACI fabric
C. The customer must directly connect the NetApp AFF system to the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects
D. The customer must add an expansion FC module to the 93180YC-FX switch

Correct Answer: C



A customer is verifying that they have separation on their FC switch fabric to protect their FlexPod solution from their
other storage devices. Which two technologies enable the customer to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. WWPN zoning
C. IQN igroup

Correct Answer: AD


A customer with a FlexPod solution wants to expand their NetApp ONTAP 9.7 switchless cluster. The new hardware
must support expansion slots. In addition, they will also upgrade to a 100 Gbps-capable cluster interconnect switch for
future growth.

In this scenario, which two additional components will satisfy the requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Nexus 3232C
B. Nexus N3132Q-V
C. NetApp FAS2720
D. NetApp AFF A400

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: https://docs.netapp.com/us-en/flexpod/pdfs/sidebar/FlexPod_Datacenter_Technical_Specifications.pdf (26)


During a design meeting, a customer states that their goal is to deliver continuous availability across both network and
storage during business continuity events. The customer has two data centers that are 80 km apart, and they want the
configuration to be as logically unified across both sites as possible.

In this scenario, which FlexPod data protection solution achieves this goal?

A. FlexPod with NetApp Cloud Sync
B. FlexPod with NetApp SnapCenter
C. FlexPod with NetApp MetroCluster IP
D. FlexPod with NetApp FabricPool

Correct Answer: C


A customer is performing a server refresh of their FlexPod solution to accommodate business growth. The customer is
interested in using Cisco C-Series servers, and supporting multiple 40 Gbps links to each server, upgrading from the
existing 10 Gbps links.

Which two VICs support these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco UCS 1480 VIC
B. Cisco UCS 1497 VIC
C. Cisco UCS 1495 VIC
D. Cisco UCS 1440 VIC

Correct Answer: AD



You have taken over the management of an existing FlexPod system as part of a new job role. You want to find details of existing support and service contracts available for the system. Which two resources would you use to find this
information? (Choose two.)

A. NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool
B. Cisco Device Coverage Checker Tool
C. NetApp Support website
D. FlexPod.com website

Correct Answer: AC


A customer wants to replace their Cisco UCS 6248UP with the current Cisco UCS 6454. They are currently using six 16
Gbit uplinks per Fabric Interconnect for FC and do not want to change the speed and number of ports used. In this
scenario, what is the minimum number of unified ports that must be configured for FC for a comparable configuration?

A. 8
B. 6
C. 16
D. 12

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/ucs-manager/GUI-User-Guides/NetworkMgmt/4-0/b_UCSM_Network_Mgmt_Guide_4_0/b_UCSM_Network_Mgmt_Guide_4_0_chapter_0100.html


A customer has decided to deploy Red Hat OpenShift on a FlexPod solution, based on a published Cisco Validated
Design. The customer intends to use the NetApp Trident to attach persistent storage to the customer\\’s containers from the customer\\’s NetApp AFF controllers.

In this scenario, which two storage protocols are supported? (Choose two.)


Correct Answer: BC


Which two support account levels are minimally required when you deploy a FlexPod Datacenter solution? (Choose

A. NetApp SupportEdge Expert NBD
B. Cisco SmartNet Total Care 24x7x4
C. NetApp SupportEdge Advisor 24x7x4
D. Cisco Solution Support 24x7x4

Correct Answer: CD


You are asked to evaluate SaaS-based monitoring solutions for your FlexPod environment. Other than being SaaSdelivered, selection criteria include full lifecycle management, environment automation, and the ability to monitor third-party storage that is slated for retirement.

In this scenario, which product satisfies the requirements?

A. NetApp Cloud Insights
B. NetApp OnCommand Insight
C. Cisco UCS Manager
D. Cisco Intersight

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://cloud.netapp.com/hubfs/WP-7302-Cloud-Insights-Monitoring-Guide.pdf


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You have an ESXi cluster with VMware VMFS LUNs on an AFF A400 system. After troubleshooting performance
issues, you determine that timeout best practices are not set on the hosts.

In this scenario, which NetApp tool would apply the best practice settings?

A. SnapManager
B. SAN Host Utilities
C. SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere
D. Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://docs.netapp.com/vapp-96/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.vsc-dsg%2FGUIDEAD6C97BA9E4-4C07-BAD8-790ACEE0897B.html


Which two statements are true about NVMe? (Choose two.)

A. NQNs are added to namespaces
B. LUNs are mapped to initiator groups
C. Namespaces are mapped to subsystems
D. NQNs are added to subsystems

Correct Answer: CD

Reference: http://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-cmsanag%2FGUID52A6B6A1-61F8-4845-91CB-B13A1526CC30.html


You want to enable the internal ONTAP engine that quickly identifies the file and directory differences between two
Snapshot copies. In this scenario, which feature would accomplish this task?

A. SnapCenter
B. SnapDiff
C. SnapVault
D. SnapLock

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1196874/html/GUIDC2793E0D-0AB5-40FD-9F36324F3178FF6F.html


Your company has purchased two NetApp AFF A400 HA pairs. During deployment, how many root aggregates are

A. 8
B. 6
C. 2
D. 4

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://www.netapp.com/fr/media/13482-tr4375.pdf


You want to add SSDs to existing HDD aggregates.
Which NetApp tool helps you to validate how many SSDs would improve performance?

A. OnCommand Workflow Automation
B. Active IQ Unified Manager
C. ONTAP System Manager
D. Automated Workload Analyzer

Correct Answer: C


Click the Exhibit button.

You have an ONTAP 9.8 cluster. After network maintenance, the LIF that is shown in the exhibit is not always on a
correct port and is unreachable by users until the LIFs are moved to port e0c or e0d on either storage node.
In this scenario, which action should you take to ensure that the LIF only fails over to the correct ports?

A. Change the LIF\\’s failover policy to sfo-partner-only
B. Split the broadcast domain
C. Create a DNS load balancing zone
D. Create an IPspace

Correct Answer: A


A volume is set to use Adaptive QoS with the default policy.
In this scenario, which change would affect the QoS throughput ceiling?

A. The volume is resized
B. Disks are added to the volume\\’s aggregate
C. Data is added to the volume
D. More clients access the volume

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://www.flackbox.com/netapp-storage-qos-tutorial


You need to configure data-at-rest encryption for your NetApp ONTAP 9.8 cluster. Your company does not have Key
Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) services are available but must require a passphrase to be entered when a node is rebooted.

In this scenario, which two actions should be performed to satisfy these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Enable onboard key management
B. Enable common criteria mode
C. Configure an external key management server
D. Enable cluster-wide FIPS-compliant mode

Correct Answer: AD

Reference: https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/topic/com.netapp.doc.pow-nve/Encryption%20of%20data%


You are asked to deploy a 2-node ONTAP Select cluster. The physical hardware is located in two different locations and
you want the aggregates mirrored synchronously between the two data centers. You must ensure high availability and
automated switchover.

In this scenario, which two steps would you take to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Use the ONTAP Mediator service to make sure that you have a quorum for the two nodes
B. Use ONTAP Select Deploy to install the nodes on the physical hardware
C. Ensure that the ONTAP Select Deploy VM resides at a third location other than the two data centers
D. Install the SnapMirror Sync license on the cluster

Correct Answer: BC


Click the Exhibit button.

You are adding a NetApp AFF A400 system to an existing 4-node cluster and want to know which ports you would use
to expand your cluster.

Referring to the exhibit, which tool would you use to accomplish this task?

A. NetApp Interoperability Matrix (IMT)
B. NetApp Hardware Universe (HWU)
C. Active IQ Unified Manager
D. Active IQ Config Advisor

Correct Answer: B


Click the Exhibit button.

You are caching on-premises ONTAP volumes into the cloud with Cloud Volumes ONTAP as shown in the exhibit.
In this scenario, which two protocols are supported? (Choose two.)


Correct Answer: CD

Reference: https://docs.netapp.com/us-en/occm/pdfs/sidebar/Manage_Cloud_Volumes_ONTAP.pdf


You are attempting to establish a SnapMirror relationship between your ONTAP cluster (AcmeClus01) and a partner
company\\’s ONTAP cluster (WidgetsClus01). The clusters are unable to establish a peering relationship. You perform a
packet capture on WidgetsClus01 and do not see any packets from AcmeClus01. You also discover that the IP subnet
that is used for WidgetsClus01\\’s intercluster LIFs overlaps with a local subnet at your company.

In this scenario, which feature would enable AcmeClus01 and WidgetsClus01 to peer with each other?

B. broadcast domains
C. IPspaces
D. ONTAP subnets

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://www.google.com/url?sa=tandrct=jandq=andesrc=sandsource=webandcd=andved=2ahUKEwj0166P


You want to configure Active Directory domain controller access for NetApp ONTAP cluster administration.
In this scenario, which two actions would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. Configure an authentication tunnel through an admin SVM
B. Use the server active-directory create command to create a computer account on the domain for a CIFS SVM
C. Configure an authentication tunnel through an existing CIFS SVM
D. Use the server active-directory create command to create a computer account on the domain for a non-CIFS SVM

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/topic/com.netapp.doc.pow-adm-auth-rbac/Administrator%

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Your users require both NFS and SMB file services. You do not want to manage the storage ONTAP System Manager
or the command-line interface.

In this scenario, which two products would satisfy these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Amazon S3 Glacier
B. Azure Blob Storage
C. Azure NetApp Files
D. Cloud Volumes Service


Which two protocols are supported with an E-Series system? (Choose two.)



Which two tools would you use to manage your NetApp SolidFire SDS storage cluster? (Choose two.)

A. NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager
B. NetApp Element UI
C. NetApp Element Plug-in for VMware vCenter Server
D. NetApp Cloud Manager


When creating a StorageGRID solution with two sites, how many storage nodes are rewired?

A. at least three nodes per site
B. at least one node per site
C. at least two nodes per site
D. at least four nodes in total


Which three benefits of using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS? (Choose three.)

A. automatic tiering to Amazon S3 for cost reduction
B. automatic replication to Cloud Volumes Service with SnapMirror
C. ONTAP thin provisioning for space efficiency and over-provisioning
D. NetApp Aggregate Encryption (NAE) with Onboard Key Manager
E. ONTAP data reduction mechanisms with compression and deduplication


You are asked to create and manage working environments in NetApp Cloud Manager. In this scenario, which user role
would enable you to perform this assignment?

A. Cluster Admin
B. Compliance Viewer
C. Storage Admin
D. Account Admin


Cloud Manager would be used to manage which two NetApp storage resources? (Choose two.)

A. NetApp StorageGRID
B. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
C. NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF)
D. NetApp E-Series


Which two enable you to tier data that is stored in an ONTAP system to an object store? (Choose two.)

A. FlexGroup
B. CloudSync
C. FabricPool
D. Cloud Tiering


What provides dynamic storage orchestration services for Kubernetes workloads?

A. Ansible
B. SANtricity OS
C. Trident
D. ONTAP software


Which software references NetApp ONTAP Snapshot metadata to create writable, point-in-time copies of a volume?

A. SnapVault
B. FlexClone
C. SnapLock
D. FlexCache


Which two NetApp features encrypt the storage data? (Choose two.)

A. Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
B. Encrypted File System (EFS)
C. NetApp Volume Encryption
D. NetApp Storage Encryption


Which attribute of a host is used to route packs to a non-local subnet?

A. VLAN trunk
B. default gateway
C. NTP server
D. DNS server


You want your developers to be able to request storage on private and public cloud locations using a single API

In this scenario, which NetApp service provides this capability?

A. Cloud Manager
B. Cloud Sync
C. Cloud Volumes ONTAP
D. Cloud Volumes Services

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Correct Answer!

Q1,Q2, Q3, Q4,Q5,Q6,Q7,Q8,Q9,Q10,Q11,Q12,Q13
Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-netapp-files/azure-netapp-files-faqs
Reference: https://docs.netapp.com/sgws-111/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.sgadmin%2FGUID4982C9E3-7D7B-460C-83E1-8514BD12C1A9.html
Reference: https://docs.netapp.com/us-en/occm38/pdfs/sidebar/Get_started_with_Cloud_Manager.pdf (page 6)Reference: https://cloud.netapp.com/hubfs/OnCommand_Cloud_Manager_solution_brief-1.pdfReference: https://thinksystem.lenovofiles.com/storage/help/topic/
Reference: https://netapp.io/persistent-storage-provisioner-for-kubernetes/Reference: https://netapp.io/persistent-storage-provisioner-for-kubernetes/

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NetApp NS0-173 Practice Test Q1-Q13 Free

A customer with a FlexPod Express configuration is currently operating Linux servers. The company wants to move to a
The windows-centralized access method for the NetApp storage component.
In this scenario, which two ONTAP features must be configured? (Choose two.)
A. Active Directory security model
B. SVM with the SMB protocol enabled
C. Workgroup security model
D. SVM with the NFS protocol enabled
Correct Answer: AB

A customer is designing a FlexPod solution with VMware 6.x in a SAN boot environment using FCoE. The customer has
predetermined the WWPN values for the NetApp LIFs and the UCS vHBAs. The customer is now working on the design
workflow for the SAN boot process.
In this scenario, which three FlexPod environment objects are required for SAN connectivity? (Choose three.)
A. NetApp export policies
B. UCS boot policies
C. UCS IQN pools
D. initiator groups
E. FC zones
Correct Answer: ABC

You are configuring Cisco UCS servers for FC SAN boot and want to perform zoning on your Cisco Nexus 5000 series
In this scenario, which statement is correct?
A. The corresponding FC ports on your NetApp storage array must be configured in LACP mode.
B. An iSCSI license on the NetApp storage controller is required.
C. SAN links are required between the Cisco Fabric Interconnects and the Nexus 5000 switches.
D. FC zoning on the Nexus series switches is not supported; zoning can be done only on the Cisco Fabric
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/sw/gui/config/guide/2-2/b_UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_2_2/b_UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_2_2_chapter_011011.html

A customer is using a FlexPod implementation that has 10 Gbps uplinks from the B-Series chassis to the fabric
interconnect. The customer wants to upgrade the links to 40 Gbps.
In this scenario, which model of Cisco UCS server IOM is required?
A. 2204XP.
B. 2208XP
C. 2232
D. 2304
Correct Answer: A
The Cisco UCS 2204XP Fabric Extender (Figure 7) has four 10 Gigabit Ethernet, FCoE-capable, SFP+ ports that
connect the blade chassis to the fabric interconnect. Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/servers-unified-computing/ucs-b-series-blade-servers/spec_sheet_c17644224.pdf

Click the Exhibit button.

NS0-173 exam questions-q5

A customer wants to ensure that FlexPod Datacenter connections to the storage layer are highly available. Which two
configurations shown in the exhibit satisfy the customer\\’s requirements? (Choose two.)
A. I.
B. II.
Correct Answer: CD

Which command would a FlexPod administrator use to determine whether an FC initiator has logged on to the fabric?
A. MDS9148>show fcfwd
B. MDS9148>show fcdomain
C. MDS9148>show fcc
D. MDS9148>show flogi database
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.ciscolive.com/c/dam/r/ciscolive/us/docs/2017/pdf/BRKDCN-1121.pdf

You are designing a FlexPod solution with a 2-node storage system, multiple compute chassis and ACI.
In this scenario, which two network switches are required? (Choose two.)
A. leaf switch
B. core switch
C. cluster interconnect switch D. spine switch
Correct Answer: AD
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/data-center-virtualization/applicationcentricinfrastructure/white-paper-c11-737909.html

A customer has deployed a FlexPod Datacenter with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. The Cinder storage
volumes that are attached to the Nova instances are not available.
Based on the terms of the cooperative support model, which three companies would the customer use to open a
support case? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco
B. VMware
C. Microsoft
D. NetApp
E. Red Hat
Correct Answer: ADE
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/UCS_CVDs/flexpod_openstack_osp6_design.html

Your customer has a FlexPod solution with a 2-node switchless ONTAP system, Cisco Nexus 93108 switches, and
Cisco UCS B-Series servers. The customer wants to expand to a 4-node ONTAP storage cluster.
Which configuration is valid for expansion?
A. Use the existing Nexus 93108 switches for the cluster interconnect.
B. Add two Nexus 3232C switches for the cluster interconnect.
C. Add two Nexus 93108 switches for the cluster interconnect.
D. Add one Nexus 3232C switch for the cluster interconnect.
Correct Answer: B

A customer is designing a FlexPod Datacenter with Cisco UCS C-Series servers. They intend to manage the solution
with the Cisco UCS Manager. They want to cable the servers to the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects.
In this scenario, which three configurations are supported? (Choose three.)
A. Cluster mode
B. Direct Connect mode
C. SingleConnect mode
D. DualWire Management mode
E. Multipath mode
Correct Answer: BCD
Dual-wire Management (Shared LOM): Shared LAN on Motherboard (LOM) ports on the rack server are used
exclusively for carrying management traffic. A separate cable connected to one of the ports on the PCIe card carries the
data traffic. Using two separate cables for managing data traffic and management traffic is also referred to as dual-wire
management. SingleConnect (Sideband): Using Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI), the Cisco VIC card
connects one cable that can carry both data traffic and management traffic. This feature is referred to as SingleConnect.
Direct Connect Mode: Cisco UCS Manager supports an option to connect the Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server
directly to the FIs. This option enables Cisco UCS Manager to manage the Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers
using a single cable for both management traffic and data traffic. The Cisco UCS VIC connects to the FI of the system.
This connection uses a single connection from each VIC to each FI.
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/c-series_integration/ucsm4-0/b_CSeriesIntegration_UCSM4-0/b_C-Series-Integration_UCSM4-0_chapter_01.html

Click the Exhibit button.

NS0-173 exam questions-q11

You are designing a FlexPod Datacenter solution for Microsoft Windows 2012 with Hyper-V. All hosts will boot from the
SAN, including management hosts. The management hosts are Cisco C-Series servers.
Referring to the exhibit, which adapters are required to boot the management servers from the SAN?
A. two 1GbE NICs
B. two 10GbE CNAs
C. two 10GbE NICs
D. two 8Gb HBAs
Correct Answer: C

Which port type would you configure when you connect a chassis to the Cisco Fabric Interconnects?
A. Ethernet uplink ports
B. FC storage ports
C. server ports
D. appliance ports
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.netapp.com/media/12424-tr4036.pdf (16)

An architect is designing a FlexPod environment with Cisco Nexus 5000 switches to SAN boot all of the ESXi hosts over
In this scenario, what should the LUN ID number be?
A. LUN 2
B. LUN 3
C. LUN 0
D. LUN 1
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/UCS_CVDs/flexpod_50_M3.html

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NetApp NS0-002 Practice Test Q1-Q13 Free

You have a centralized data center running NetApp ONTAP. Your business is deploying a new IoT solution directly
managed by the Azure IoT hub. You want to store data in the cloud for use with data analytics.
Whish NetApp solution would accomplish this task?
A. Cloud Secure
B. Cloud Volumes ONTAP
C. Cloud Backup Service
D. Cloud Insights
Correct Answer: B

Your business has access to on-premises applications and decides to distribute some of the workloads onto a public
cloud provider.
In this scenario, what is this architecture called?
A. hybrid cloud
B. public cloud
C. community cloud
D. private cloud
Correct Answer: A

Which two StorageGRID features provide data durability for large unstructured datasets? (Choose two.)
A. erasure coding
B. storage tiering
C. object replication
D. S3 API compatibility
Correct Answer: BC

Your users require both NFS and SMB file services. You do not want to manage the storage using OnCommand
System Manager or the command-line interface.
In this scenario, which three products would satisfy these requirements? (Choose three.)
A. Azure NetApp Files
B. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
C. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS
D. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for GCP
E. Amazon S3 Glacier
Correct Answer: ABD

What are the two functions of FlexGroup volumes? (Choose two.)
A. massive capacity
B. ability to hold LUNs
C. nondisruptive scale out
D. ideal for small workloads
Correct Answer: BC

What is an elastic IP?
A. an Internet routable address
B. a nonroutable address
C. a peering route
D. a load-balanced IP address
Correct Answer: A

What are two node types within a Kubernetes cluster? (Choose two.)
A. storage node
B. gateway node
C. worker node
D. master node
Correct Answer: CD

Which two statements describe the benefits of using public clouds? (Choose two.)
A. Applications are always less expensive to run in the public cloud.
B. Public clouds are always used for hosting tier 1 and financial applications.
C. Public clouds provide an environment for development, testing, and disaster-recovery applications.
D. Public clouds support multi-regional applications without the expense of collocating data centers.
Correct Answer: CD

What is the primary interface to manage a NetApp HCI cluster?
A. VMware vCenter
B. OnCommand System Manager
C. OnCommand Unfired Manager
D. VMware Horizon
Correct Answer: A

What are two reasons to enable high availability? (Choose two.)
A. performance management
B. fault tolerance
C. nondisruptive operation
D. load balancing
Correct Answer: BC

What is a group of one or more containers in a Kubernetes cluster?
A. helm
B. pilot
C. node
D. pod
Correct Answer: D

What are two methods to subscribe to Cloud Insights? (Choose two.)
A. NetApp Cloud Central
B. NetApp Sales
C. NetApp Support Site
D. AWS Marketplace
Correct Answer: BD

You are currently performing all the important administrator and maintenance tasks for your system, and need to
delegate work to the staff so that you can attend to other issues.
Which approach will you take to ensure that your systems are safe?
A. Provide all users with power user access.
B. Employ mandatory integrity control.
C. Provide all users with administrator access.
D. Employ the principle of least privilege.
Correct Answer: C

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