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Certkiller .com has a 15kw load requirement and wants a solution that will provide redundancy and room to
Which solution provides enough capacity for a 15kw load and N+1 internal redundancy?

A. Symmetra PX with two power modules
B. Symmetra PX with three power modules
C. Symmetra Rack Mount with four power modules
D. Symmetra Rack Mount with three power modules
Correct Answer: B

Which diagram provides the best method of cooling the rack enclosures utilizing the Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC)?

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 58
In an InfraStruxure solution, what is the benefit of having two Main Intelligence Modules (MIMs)?
A. high available design
B. cleaner UPS output voltage
C. remote management of the UPS
D. integrated monitoring of distribution breakers

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 59

What type of system is shown?
A. air cooled
B. water cooled
C. glycol cooled
D. remote condensing

Correct Answer: A
A data center has raised-floor air distribution. The equipment racks are aligned in rows facing each other.
An analysis of the power consumption and the installed air conditioners indicates there is plenty of cooling
capacity. However, there are still hot spots in some parts of the room.
Which two solutions will alleviate the hot spot? (choose two)

A. Placing return air vents in the space between the backs of the racks to collect hot air
B. Placing more perforated floor tiles in the space between the backs of the racks to cool the hot equipment exhaust
C. Eliminating all perforated floor tiles in the space between the backs of the racks to keep the cool supply air from mixing with the hot exhaust air
D. Placing return air vents in the space between the fronts of the racks to draw air away from the cooler areas so it can be supplied to the warmer areas.

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 61

Which UPS topology is shown in the exhibit?
A. standby
B. line interactive
C. standby online hybrid
D. online double conversion

Correct Answer: D
What is the advantage of a full enclosure over 2-Post or 4-Post open-frame solutions?
A. cost
B. weight
C. security
D. accessibility

Correct Answer: C
A small company is breaking ground on a new building that will have a computer room. They will start with
30kw of load and double that capacity over the next five years.
What is the most available and flexible power solution?

A. a single-module 80KW three-phase UPS
B. two 80KW single-module three-phase UPSs operating in a parallel redundant configuration
C. an Infrastruxure solution with a symmetra 80kw N+1 UPS, initially populated with 4 power modules to provide 30kw N+1 redundancy
D. a single-module three-phase 40kw with a bypass panel that has room for two 40kw UPSs, which will allow for expansion in the future

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 64
Certkiller .com has a 15kw load requirement and wants a solution that will provide redundancy and room to
Which solution provides enough capacity for a 15kw load and N+1 internal redundancy?

A. Symmetra PX with two power modules
B. Symmetra PX with three power modules
C. Symmetra Rack Mount with four power modules
D. Symmetra Rack Mount with three power modules Correct Answer: B

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Certkiller .com has a requirement for 24×7 monitoring of the physical environment within its rack
Which solution is the most cost-effective?

A. dedicated power bar/outlet strips in each rack enclosure
B. temperature and humidity sensors in each rack enclosure
C. proprietary software to monitor the internal server temperature
D. carry-out thermography service using a thermal imaging camera

Correct Answer: B
The Netshelter VX rack enclosure is compatible with most IT equipment because it compiles with the ____standard, which makes it compatible with 99%of all servers.
A. UL1778
B. EIA310.D
C. EN50091-1
Correct Answer: B
Which three solutions improve airflow in an enclosure in a raised-floor environment?
A. blanking panels
B. rack air distribution unit
C. enclosure with split rear door
D. enclosure with glass front door
E. temperature and humidity sensors
F. cable management brackets and trays

Correct Answer: ABC
An IT server room demands 8kva with an estimated growth of 20%. The company wants an APC UPSs
solution with high availability and serviceability at a low cost.
Which solution would you recommend?

A. a silcon 10 kva
B. a symmetra singl=phase 12 kva LX
C. a symmetra PX with 10 kw of power
D. an infrastructure for small & medium data center solution starting with 10kw

Correct Answer: B
Which two service advantages does a Symmetra UPS within Infrastruxure offer over traditional solutions?
A. Mean time repair is reduced
B. Built-in redundancy reduces component failures
C. The service bypass panel allows isolation of UPS
D. The required a Skill level for troubleshooting is reduced.

Correct Answer: AB
An enterprise data center manager is in charge of 47 production server several switches hubs routers and workstations. The computer room is backed up by a symmetra PX 40KW with an external battery cabinet giving a runtime of about 22 minutes at full load. They do not have a generator. Forty-two of the 47 servers are critical and the manager wants to shut them down gracefully using his LAN, in order to not damage the operating systems. Which application would you recommend?
A. Enterprise MANAGER
B. PowerChute Business Edition
C. PowerChute Network Shutdown
D. PowerChute Professional Edition

Correct Answer: C
An office building has a chiller plant that supplies chilled water throughout the building for general cooling of the occupied spaces. The chilled water is not available outside regular business hours. A tenant is planning to occupy an office in the building,. The new tenant has a computer room for their IT support equipment that occupies 10 racks at an average of 2.7 KW per rack and runs 24 hours a day. Which solution provides the greatest efficiency and reliability for the computer room?
A. roof-top unit
B. chilled-water unit
C. ceiling-mounted unit
D. glycol-cooled unit with economizer
E. refrigerant-based unit with secondary chilled-water cool

Correct Answer: E
A site requires UPS power to feed a combination of desktop computer, existing rack mount server loads, and non-rack loads. Assume 35kw of combined load (20kw for servers and 15kw for PCs.) and a three -phase available sourc. What is the highest available, easy-to=manage and easy-to-maintain solution?
A. all Smart-UPS and Back-UPS
B. one 40kw traditional UPS with one PDU for each load type
C. one 20kw three-phase single-module UPS system for each types of load
D. one 40kw N+1 Symmetra PX with overhead and under floor distribution

Correct Answer: D
The basement air conditioning unit leaks water onto the data center floor. The facility manager wants to install a water sensor in the data center’s basement and received e-mail notification through the company’s LAN when there is water on the floor. The water sensor uses only normally open or normally closed contacts when water is detected. What should the facility manager do?
A. connect a Network MANAGEMENT card for e-mail notification
B. install powernet manager on an available computer for e-mail notification
C. connect a building management card to the water sensor for e-mail notification
D. connect an environmental monitoring unit to the water sensor for e-mail notification

Correct Answer: D
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