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Which of the following components does the Huawei Virtualization Migration Solution include? (Multiple Choice)

A. Requirement Collection Tool
B. Cloud Assessment Tool
C. Migration Implementation Tool
D. Business Upgrade Tool


Which of the description about the basic concept of FusionStorage is correct? (Multiple choice)

A. The FusionStorage data routing algorithm uses DHT (Distributed Hash Table).
B. The FusionStorage resource pool consists of a set of Partition divisions that corresponds to the DHT ring.
C. FusionStorage uses multiple copies of the data backup mechanism to ensure data reliability, that is, the same data can be copied and saved as 2 to 3 copies.
D. Volume in FusionStorage represents the application volume.


In Huawei\\’s SDN solution, which Overlay modes are supported? (Multiple choice)

A. NVE is deployed on TOR
B. NVE is deployed in FOR
C. NVE is deployed in OVS
D. NVE is deployed on EVS


Which of the following roles\\’ services are used master/standby deployment in FusionSphere OpenStack control
cluster? (Multiple choice)

A. MongoDB
B. GaussDB
C. ZooKeeper
D. RabbitMQ


In the Huawei desktop cloud solution, about the description of the full memory virtual machine, which is incorrect?

A. Full memory virtual machines do not support hot migration
B. Full memory virtual machines do not support snapshots
C. Deployed full memory virtual machine templates allow converting to virtual machines
D. Full memory virtual machine support shutdown reduction


In Huawei FusionSphere business migration solution, using offline mirror transformation function, by importing virtual
machines from third-party virtualization platforms into Huawei Virtualization Platform can support virtualized storage
and non-virtualized storage.

A. True
B. False


Which of the following methods can FusionAccess check for component service status? (Multiple choice)

A. View the status of each service in FusionAccess Portal\’s Alert Management – Status Monitoring.
B. In the Linux component server type the “stareTools” command to run the tool, select “Status” in the interface to view the local service status.
C. Windows component server can be in the start menu input “services. MSC” to view the appropriate service status.
D. Use FusionSphere SOI to view the FusionAccess component server status.


In Huawei cloud data center solutions, what are the network modes that VPC supports?

A. Directly connected networks
B. Routing network
C. Internal network
D. Expand the network


Which of the following are HA scenarios that FusionCompute supports? (Multiple choice)

A. HA after a host failure
B. HA after storage link interruption
C. HA after the network link is interrupted
D. HA after virtual machine blue screen


Which of the following network planes is not the network plane that Huawei backup planning and design needs to

A. Management plane, including backup management plane and production environment management plane
B. The internal communication plane between the backup server and agent
C. Heartbeat network plane
D. Storage plane


What virtualization platform migration does Huawei business migration tool Rainbow support? (Multiple choice)
B. XenServer
D. Hyper-V


In FusionSphere solutions, the VSA ManageDVS network is in the plane of the network with management can not be

A. True
B. False


FusionStorage key modules MDC, OSD, and VBS must be independently deployed as virtual machines and can not run
as a process on Huawei FusionStorage-compatible host operating systems.
A. True
B. False

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