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2022: Huawei H13-624 Exam Dumps Free 12 H13-624 Questions Answers (P1)

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[Huawei H13-624 practice test] H13-624 exam questions, answers 1-12 free


A colleague suggests using SmartMigration to improve write performance on certain LUNs. This is:

A. Not possible in any situation.
B. Possible in all situations.
C. Possible in some situations.
D. Only a temporary solution.


Which are the basic rules for routine maintenance of Huawei OceanStor Distributed Storage?

A. Make a reliable backup plan.
B. Preserve spare parts at the site for timely replacement.
C. Use resources and software provided by the original vendor.


When creating disk domains select the option “All available disks” and then manually select disks.

A. True
B. False


Which of the following statements are true about Huawei SmartQuota?

A. A directory quota limits the maximum space for all files under a directory.
B. Huawei SmartQuota supports the configuration of directory quotas on quota trees only.
C. A default directory quota is configured for a file system and applies to all quota trees.
D. A default directory quota does not record or update the usage status.


During a Power Module replacement, we should consider the following:

A. Decreased performance
B. Cache processing capability
C. Decreased reliability
D. Service interruption


Which of the following are Fibre Channel network topologies?

A. Point-to-point
B. Arbitrated loop
C. Switched fabric
D. Bridging

Which of the following statements about the quota feature of Huawei OceanStor 9000 is false?
A. Quotas can be set for users.
B. Quotas can be set for user groups.
C. Quotas can be set for directories.
D. Quotas can be set for files.


Which of the following statements about the quota feature of Huawei OceanStor 9000 is false?

A. Quotas can be set for users.
B. Quotas can be set for user groups.
C. Quotas can be set for directories.
D. Quotas can be set for files.


SmartCache can support both SAN and NAS services.
A. True
B. False


IOPS is the key performance indicator for a storage system. Which of the following does NOT affect the IOPS of a
storage system?
A. Disk type
B. RAID level
C. I/O characteristics
D. Hot spare space


HyperClone supports writing to both the primary and secondary LUN.
A. True
B. False


Huawei hyper-converged storage supports parallel and fast data reconstruction. Data is fragmented in the resource pool. A disk failure triggers automatic and parallel reconstruction of the actual data by the entire resource pool without requiring hot spare disks.

A. True
B. False


What type of backup networking has the following features?
1. Occupies large network bandwidth;
2. Has restricted backup performance;
3. Adversely affects host applications.

A. LAN-Base
B. LAN-Free
C. Server-Less
D. Server-Free

Post correct answer


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Huawei H12-821 dumps pdf practice questions sharing

 HCIP-Datacom-Core Technology V1.0

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HCIP-Datacom-Core Technology V1.0 Exam Description:

Exam   Code
Exam   Name
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Exam   Duration
Qualified   Score/Total
HCIP-Datacom-Core   Technology V1.0
Pearson   VUE
90   min

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HCIP-Datacom-Core Technology V1.0 Q&As


As shown in the following figure, a new AP is deployed In dual-link MSB networking (load balancing mode). Which AC
will they connect to?

A. AC1
B. Random access
C. None
D. AC2

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following statements regarding an IP prefix are true?

A. An IP prefix filter is used to filter IP address prefixes and cannot match an IP prefix number and a prefix length at the
same time.
B. An IP prefix filter cannot be used to filter data packets.
C. An IP prefix filter is used to filter IP address prefixes and can match an IP prefix number and a prefix length at the
same time.
D. An IP prefix filter can be used to filter data packets.

Correct Answer: D


Which Of the following IEEE 802.11 standards is also known as Wi-Fi 6?

A. 802.11ac
B. 802.11n
C. 802.11ax
D. 802.11b

Correct Answer: A


When two routers exchange LSDB information using DD packets, a master/slave relationship is formed first, the router
with a larger router ID is the master, and determine the MS bit.


Correct Answer: B


Which of the following statements is false?

A. If the current DR fails, the current BDR automatically becomes a new DR, and a BDR will be elected again.
B. A device with a higher router priority has a higher election priority.
C. When a router with the highest router priority joins an OSPF network, this router will become the new DR.
D. If two devices have the same router priority, the device with a larger router ID has a higher election priority.

Correct Answer: A


Drag the following VRRP states to the corresponding working mechanisms.
Select and Place:


Which of the following TLVs is used by ISIS to describe the IP address of an interface?

A. 129
B. 131
C. 128
D. 132

Correct Answer: D


An engineer sets the CAPWAP heartbeat detection interval to 20 of the active link before an active/standby switchover

A. 75s
B. the 20s
C. the 60s
D. the 90s

Correct Answer: B


In a route policy, which of the following BGP attributes can be used in applying clauses?

B. AS_Path
C. Tag
D. Local-Preference

Correct Answer: ABD


Which of the following statements regarding the BGP error display of a router is false?

A. The error may be caused by the incorrect neighbor address.
B. The neighbor address of this router is
C. Error Type indicates that the BGP error is caused by the neighbor relationship error.
D. The error occurred at 12:40:39 on March 22, 2010.

Correct Answer: C


The traffic limiting policy feature only supports the number of connections initiated by the specified IP or the number of connections received.


Correct Answer: B


Which of the following PIM protocol packets have unicast destination addresses.

A. Register-Stop
B. Bootstrap
C. Graft
D. Assert

Correct Answer: C

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Learn And Prepare Huawei H13-321 Exam With Actual Questions

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Actual Questions Share | Huawei H13-321 Exam Practice Test


The 19 in VGG19 represents the subordinate sum of the number of layers in the network?

A. Pooling layer
B. Convolutional layer
C. Input layer
D. Fully connected layer

Correct Answer: BD


In the vehicle detection scene of traffic law enforcement, the penalties for vehicles that violate regulations are rather
missed, instead of false alarms, so as not to produce false fines, which of the system\\’s instructions are high?

A. Recall rate
B. confidence
C. Accuracy
D. Correct rate

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following technologies belong to the application of image segmentation?

A. Connected domain segmentation
B. Motion segmentation
C. Target segmentation
D. Threshold division

Correct Answer: ABCD


What is the correct description of the nature of the probability density function?

A. The integral of the probability density function in positive and negative infinity is 0
B. The value of the probability density function is greater than or equal to 0
C. The value of the probability density function can take any value
D. The integral of the probability density function at positive and negative infinity is 1

Correct Answer: AD


Modifying the H component of the HSV color space will change the image?

A. Brightness
B. Saturation
C. Hue
D. Contrast

Correct Answer: C


In the Huawei Cloud Face Recognition Service, users can create multiple face libraries without restrictions.


Correct Answer: B


In natural language processing, the most commonly used deep learning algorithm is CNN, because of its memory


Correct Answer: B


The various indicators of the bilinear interpolation method are better than the nearest neighbor interpolation method.
The nearest neighbor interpolation method has been eliminated by the bilinear interpolation method in practical


Correct Answer: B


Image recognition tasks can be divided into three levels, according to the abstraction of the processing content, from
low to high?

A. Image processing, image analysis, image understanding
B. Image analysis, image understanding, image processing
C. Image understanding. Image analysis. Image Processing
D. Image analysis, image processing, image understanding

Correct Answer: A


What is the correct description of probability and likelihood?

A. If the random variable X follows a certain distribution, the likelihood refers to the possibility of X = x given the
B. If the random variable X follows a certain distribution, the probability refers to the probability of X = x given the
C. If the random variable X follows a certain distribution, the likelihood refers to the truthfulness of a group of parameters under the condition of X = x
D. If the random variable X follows a certain distribution, the probability refers to the fact that a certain set of parameters has a truth size under the condition of X=x

Correct Answer: BC


Through the image algorithm, the foreground, and background of a person who takes a picture taken by an ordinary
mobile phones are segmented, and then the () operation is performed on the () part, which can achieve the same effect
as an SLR camera.

A. Background, median filtering
B. Foreground, mean filtering
C. Background, mean filtering
D. Foreground, median filter value

Correct Answer: C


A deep neural network is a traditional multi-house perception layer with one or more hidden layers.


Correct Answer: A


Gamma change is processed by (), histogram equalization is processed by (), and mean filtering is processed by ().
(Single choice)

A. Point processing, local processing. Overall handling
B. Local processing, point processing, overall processing
C. Point processing. Overall processing, partial processing
D. Overall processing, point processing, local processing

Correct Answer: C

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Share some Huawei H12-211 exam questions and answers below:


Which of the following forms of DUID can be configured when DHCPv6 is configured in the VRP system? (multiple


Correct Answer: AB


The STP switch sends BPDUs. The correct statement about BPDU is (). (multiple choice)

A. BPDU is a frame using the IEEE802.3 standard
B. BPDU is a frame using the Ethernet II standard
C. The Control field value of the BPDU frame is 3
D. The destination MAC address of the BPDU frame is the broadcast address

Correct Answer: AC


What benefits does port aggregation yield? (Choose three)

A. Improves link bandwidth
B. Implements load sharing
C. Improves network reliability
D. Facilitates data copy for analysis

Correct Answer: ABC


A layer 2 LAN switch generates CAM table entries according to the ( ) of the received frame.

A. Source MAC address
B. Destination MAC address
C. Source IP address
D. Destination IP address

Correct Answer: A


The network administrator wishes to transmit data between two end stations. The network interface cards of both
devices operate at 100Mbps however one supports half-duplex while the other uses full-duplex

What will occur as a result?

A. The end stations cannot communicate.
B. The end stations can communicate, but data may be lost during the transmission of large amounts of traffic.
C. The end stations will operate normally
D. The end stations can communicate, but speed is different during the transmission of large amounts of traffic

Correct Answer: B


InARP resolves the protocol address of the remote device on each virtual circuit, including IP addresses and IPX

A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following are routing protocols? (multiple choice)


Correct Answer: BC


Which of the following port status may exist on an STP-enabled switch?

A. Forwarding
B. Listening
C. Discarding
D. Disabled

Correct Answer: AB


As shown in the figure, after the network administrator finishes the Telnet configuration on the router, it finds that the host cannot establish a connection with the router through Telnet. Which options can help solve this problem? (multiple choice)

A. Check if the host\’s ARP cache table overflows
B. Check if the switch is configured with the default gateway address.
C. Use ping to check the IP connectivity between the host and router G0/0/0 interface
D. Check if the Telnet configuration on the router is correct.

Correct Answer: CD


Which of the following protocols can be used on a Layer 2 network with redundant links to prevent loops?


Correct Answer: C


Refer to the debug output. Following the configuration of R2, the administrator discovers that the behavior is not as
expected and performs debugging. Based on the output from the debug, what is the source of the problem?

A. R2 has configured an ACL to block the route to network
B. R2 has enabled split horizon.
C. R1 is using authentication, however, R2 is not.
D. R2 is operating using RIPv2, while R1 is using RIPv1.

Correct Answer: D


Which of the following regarding Frame Relay DLCI is correct? (Choose three)

A. DLCI is locally significant
B. DLCI is allocated by DTE
C. The range of DLCI values that can be used is from 16-1007
D. The same DLCI can be configured on different physical interfaces

Correct Answer: ACD


SNMP packets are encapsulated in TCP packets.

A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B

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Huawei H35-660 practice test q1-q13 questions and answers online


During 5G Standardization, which of the following is the SA (standalone) architecture developed in? -SC

A. Phase1.2
B. Phase 2.1
C. Phase 2.2
D. Phase 1.1


With the network slicing technology, operators can increase revenue and reduce expenditure, opening up more service

A. True
B. False


Which of the fowling is a solution for 5G to switch uplink transmission to the sub -3 GHz low-frequency band. Effectively compensating for insufficient uplink coverage of the C – Band? _SC

A. UL and DL decoupling
B. Carrier aggregation
C. Duplex technology
D. Multiple access technique


Which of the following is not an advantage of a thin client in the cloud X service?

A. Easy deployment and management
B. Efficient storage
C. Mobile
D. Low cost


5G can achieve reliable and controllable 5A ubiquitous communication between humans, between humans and things,
between things Other than “anytime” and “Anywhere”. Which other three options are part of the 5G concept?

A. Anyone
B. Anyhow
C. Any device
D. Anything


Which of the following services is the most suitable for terminals to implement DRX?_ SC

A. VR gaming
B. Automated driving
C. Video on-live
D. Intelligent meter reading


With control and user plane separation (CUPS) on the core network, the user can be moved closer to users to reduce
transmission delay.

A. True
B. False


Which of the following key technologies is used to improve data transmission reliability and reduce retransmission
caused by data transmission errors, thereby indirectly improving spectral efficiency? _SC

B. High-order modulation
C. Channel codding
D. Massive MIMO


which of the following chips is the world\\’s first commercial single-chip multi-mode (2g/3g/4g/5g)5g modem? _SC

A. Balog 5000
B. 5X50/X55
C. CXMM-8160
D. Exynos 5510


Which of the following is the key 5G capability required by monitoring applications such as connected intelligent infusion in smart healthcare?

A. Low-power small-packet transmission.
B. Wireless ultra-broadband access.
C. Anytime, anywhere wireless
D. Contiguous coverage


Compared with traditional plat preservation which of the following advantages does drone-based plant preservation
have?_ MC

A. higher efficiency than manual operations
B. 30% less medicine is used, saving water and protecting the environment.
C. precise operation
D. high security due to man-machine separation


Which of the following coding schemes is predominantly used for traffic channels in 5G?

A. parlor code
B. turbo coding
C. convolutional code


Which of the following is the 5G IoV alliance organization?

B. X.lab

Post the answer:


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Which of the following components does the Huawei Virtualization Migration Solution include? (Multiple Choice)

A. Requirement Collection Tool
B. Cloud Assessment Tool
C. Migration Implementation Tool
D. Business Upgrade Tool


Which of the description about the basic concept of FusionStorage is correct? (Multiple choice)

A. The FusionStorage data routing algorithm uses DHT (Distributed Hash Table).
B. The FusionStorage resource pool consists of a set of Partition divisions that corresponds to the DHT ring.
C. FusionStorage uses multiple copies of the data backup mechanism to ensure data reliability, that is, the same data can be copied and saved as 2 to 3 copies.
D. Volume in FusionStorage represents the application volume.


In Huawei\\’s SDN solution, which Overlay modes are supported? (Multiple choice)

A. NVE is deployed on TOR
B. NVE is deployed in FOR
C. NVE is deployed in OVS
D. NVE is deployed on EVS


Which of the following roles\\’ services are used master/standby deployment in FusionSphere OpenStack control
cluster? (Multiple choice)

A. MongoDB
B. GaussDB
C. ZooKeeper
D. RabbitMQ


In the Huawei desktop cloud solution, about the description of the full memory virtual machine, which is incorrect?

A. Full memory virtual machines do not support hot migration
B. Full memory virtual machines do not support snapshots
C. Deployed full memory virtual machine templates allow converting to virtual machines
D. Full memory virtual machine support shutdown reduction


In Huawei FusionSphere business migration solution, using offline mirror transformation function, by importing virtual
machines from third-party virtualization platforms into Huawei Virtualization Platform can support virtualized storage
and non-virtualized storage.

A. True
B. False


Which of the following methods can FusionAccess check for component service status? (Multiple choice)

A. View the status of each service in FusionAccess Portal\’s Alert Management – Status Monitoring.
B. In the Linux component server type the “stareTools” command to run the tool, select “Status” in the interface to view the local service status.
C. Windows component server can be in the start menu input “services. MSC” to view the appropriate service status.
D. Use FusionSphere SOI to view the FusionAccess component server status.


In Huawei cloud data center solutions, what are the network modes that VPC supports?

A. Directly connected networks
B. Routing network
C. Internal network
D. Expand the network


Which of the following are HA scenarios that FusionCompute supports? (Multiple choice)

A. HA after a host failure
B. HA after storage link interruption
C. HA after the network link is interrupted
D. HA after virtual machine blue screen


Which of the following network planes is not the network plane that Huawei backup planning and design needs to

A. Management plane, including backup management plane and production environment management plane
B. The internal communication plane between the backup server and agent
C. Heartbeat network plane
D. Storage plane


What virtualization platform migration does Huawei business migration tool Rainbow support? (Multiple choice)
B. XenServer
D. Hyper-V


In FusionSphere solutions, the VSA ManageDVS network is in the plane of the network with management can not be

A. True
B. False


FusionStorage key modules MDC, OSD, and VBS must be independently deployed as virtual machines and can not run
as a process on Huawei FusionStorage-compatible host operating systems.
A. True
B. False

Correct answer:


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The maximum number of layers supported by the location topology in Huawei eSight is a layer.

A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10


In the 802.11 frames, what type of frame does the STA\\’s association request and authentication request belong to?

A. Data frame
B. Control frame
C. Management frame
D. Data frame, control frame, management frame have this function


Which of the following AP modes does not belong to the WDS network?

A. Root AP
B. Middle AP
C. Bridge AP
D. Leaf AP


Huawei AP6310AP is an outdoor AP that supports WDS and implements point-to-multipoint wireless bridging.

A. True
B. False


In Huawei eSight, the method of adding WLAN devices includes (Select 3 Answers).

A. Add manually
B. Add automatically
C. Add in batches
D. Add script


The following is a description of TKIP encryption. The error is.

A. The length of the IV used in A. TKIP encryption is 24bits.
B. TKIP encryption uses the same encryption algorithm as WEP encryption.
C. The motivation for developing TKIP encryption is to upgrade the security of legacy WEP hardware.
D. Added the mechanism of key generation, management, and delivery in TKIP encryption.


If an enterprise wireless network networking mode is direct forwarding, the thin AP can convert the 802.11 data packet
into an Ethernet packet, and then encapsulate the packet into a CAPWAP encapsulation and transmit the data packet to the AC through the CAPWAP tunnel.

A. True
B. False


Regarding the functional characteristics of the AP6010SN, the following statement is correct (Select 2 Answers).

A. AP6010SN is an indoor distributed AP that only supports working in the 2.4GHz band.
B. The AP6010SN has an Ethernet interface that supports 802.3af PoE power supply standards.
C. AP6010SN supports WDS function, which can realize point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless bridging
D. AP6010SN not only has a built-in antenna but also can be installed with an external antenna.


BSS is called Basic Service Set, and BSS can be divided into Independent BSS and Infrastructure BSS.

A. True
B. False


If an 802.11n AP supports 2*2 MIMO technology, what is the theoretical rate of this AP?

A. 150 Mbps
B. 300 Mbps
C. 450 Mbps
D. 600 Mbps


Which of the following options is the maximum rate supported by the 802.11g protocol?

A. 11Mbps
B. 22Mbps
C. 54Mbps
D. 108Mbps


For outdoor long-distance point-to-point backhaul, the antenna should be selected.

A. High gain, small lobe width
B. High gain, large lobe width
C. Omnidirectional
D. Low gain, large lobe width


The following description of the splitter and coupler is correct.

A. Power splitter and coupler are equal power allocation
B. Power splitter is equal power distribution, the coupler is an unequal power distribution
C. Power splitter is unequal power distribution, the coupler is an equal power distribution
D. Power splitter and coupler are unequal power distribution

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Source-Specific Multicast (SSM)is being used throughout the HW IP Multicast network. Which of the following three
statements about SSM are true? (Choose three.)

A. SSM uses Shortest-Path Trees Only

B. There are no RPs to worry about

C. SSM is best suited for applications that are of the Many-to-Many category

D. SSM uses shared Trees only

E. The use of SSM is recommended when there are many sources and it is desirable to keep the amount of route
state in the routers in the network to a minimum.

F. SSM is best suited for applications that are of the one-to-many category


Regarding the logical model of the MPLS TTL pair, is the following description correct?

A. Pipe IP MPLS IP TTL 1 In MPLS TTL mode, when the message passes through the network, it is mapped to the field
at the ingress point.

B. MPLS TTL IP TTL MPLS A label, which has the same function as the header, can prevent the network from routing
the loop (as it is)

C. Uniform IP MPLS IP TTL 1 MPLS TTL mode is simulated. When the message passes through the network, the entry
point is reduced and the field is fixed to the value.

D. In the case of the MPLS VPN MPLS Ingress uniform, the private network text can be used in the reporting mode.


HW has a Frame Relay network with two sites (a headquarters site and a remote site) connected by a single PVC. RIP
version 2 is running in the network. A new remote site is added and HW has ordered a second PVC between this site
and the headquarters site. All Frame Relay interface IP addresses are in a single subnet.

The customer configured Frame Relay DLCI mappings and can successfully ping from the new remote to the headquarters site as well as to the other remote site. However, the new router does not have a route in its route table to the other remote site\’s LAN, and cannot ping the LAN interface or any hosts on that LAN.

What is most likely causing the problem?

A. Triggered updates should be configured on the headquarters router, to directly forward routing updates between the two remote sites

B. The headquarters site router has split-horizon enabled on the frame-relay interface

C. Neighbor statements are not configured on the two remote sites, pointing to all other sites

D. The frame-relay IP to DLCI mappings are incorrectly configured

E. RIP cannot propagate routing updates over a partial mesh frame-relay configuration, so another routing protocol
should be selected


Synchronization between LDP and IGP suppresses reachable IGP route advertisement to implement network
convergence and ensure LDP and IGP are along the same path. This minimizes traffic loss and improves network



As shown in the figure, the R1 R2 ISIS R1 R2 ? neighbor relationship is established, and the data synchronization
the process with it is correct.

A. The message sent by the R1 R2 PSNP is a message.
B. The message sent by R1 R2 CSNP is a message.
C. The message sent by the R1 R2 LSP is a packet.
D. The message sent by R1 R2 Hello is the message.


The configurations of two routers in a company are shown. Which of the following statements regarding the routing table of R1 is true?

A. The IP routing entries whose destination network segment is on R1 can be generated through OSPF only
when the IS-IS preference of R2 is changed to 5

B. If the IS-IS preference of R1 is changed of R1 is changed to 5, the IP routing entries whose destination network
the segment is on R1 are generated through OSPF

C. If the IS-IS preference of R1 is changed to 5, the IP routing entries whose destination network segment is
on R1 are generated through IS-IS

D. If the IS-IS preference of R2 is changed to 5, the IP routing entries whose destination network segment is
on R1 are generated through IS-IS


Which of the following are key differences between RIP version 1 and RIP version 2? (Multiple Choice)

A. RIP version 2 uses multicasts while RIP version 1 does not

B. RIP version 1 supports authentication while RIP version 2 does not

C. RIP version 1 does not support VLSM while RIP version 2 does

D. RIP version 1 is distance vector while RIP version 2 is not

E. RIP version 1 uses hop counts as the metric while RIP version 2 uses bandwidth information


Routers and routers are running. Both routers are in R1 R2 BGP AS 65234 R2 R1 BGP. The router\\’s route
exists on the router\\’s path.
By the table, but not in the router\\’s routing table. R1 IP So what caused the problem?

A. Synchronization is turned off
B. BGP Down neighbor relationship
C. Router is not enabled R1 BGP Multi-hop
D. Routing is not the best


In the shared network, which mechanism is used to prevent duplicate traffic PIM-SM?

A. Register mechanism
B. BSR/RP mechanism
C. Assert mechanism
D. Join/Prune mechanism


LAND\\’s attack means that the attacker sends a source address and a destination address to the target host. The target is marked as the source port and the destination port. SYN-ACK TCP report text, the receiving end is waiting for the sending end of the final message, and the connection is always connected in a semi-connected state, causing the
receiver to receive limited resources. Waste

A. Correct
B. Error


In a basic network packet layer, which information can be included (more?)

A. Data Road Department Chain Head
B. Upper data layer
C. Network Department
D. Path record
E. net tail layer


One of the VXLAN BD VNIs can have multiple correspondences
A. Correct
B. Error


An OSPF router is connected to Area 0 and Area 1, and Area 1 is configured as a stub area. Which type of LSAs are in
Area 1?

A. Type 1, Type 2, and Type 5 LSAs
B. Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 LSAs
C. Type 3 and Type 4 LSAs
D. Type 7 LSA
E. Type 1 and Type 2 LSAs

The correct answer is here:

Q1: ABF, Q2: B, Q3: B, Q4: A, Q5: B, Q6: C, Q7: AC, Q8: B, Q9: C, Q10: B, Q11: BC, Q12: B, Q13: B


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Which statements about the MUX VLAN configuration are true? (Choose two.)

A. VLAN 10 is the principal VLAN
B. VLAN 11 is the principal VLAN
C. VLAN 12 is the subordinate separate VLAN


Which of the following indicators are performance indicators of the Eudemon? (Choose three.)

A. Throughput of large-sized or small-sized packets
B. Number of the interface
C. VPN performance
D. Process delay


Which of the following statements about STP Designated Port is true?

A. Each of the bridge can have one Designated Port only.
B. Designated Port is responsible for forwarding packets to its connected network segments.
C. The only path leading to the Root Bridge is through Designated Port.
D. Designated Port forwards the data packet from its corresponding switch to the Root Switch.


According to the MSTP protocol, each MST instance calculates an independent spanning tree by using the RSTP

A. True
B. False


Which of the following statements regarding the MPLS forwarding process is false?

A. If an LSP fails to forward data, the MPLS control plane responsible for LSP setup can detect this error.
B. The main function of MPLS forwarding plane can add labels or delete labels from an IP packet, and forward the
received packets based on the label forwarding table. The forwarding plane is connection-oriented.
C. After an IP packet enters the MPLS network, the ingress LER will analyze the IP packet and add proper labels to the
D. MPLS can use Ping or Traceroute to detect LSP errors and locate faulty nodes.


Which of the following statements about the Smart Link group is false?

A. A Smart Link group has two interfaces at most. The two interfaces if configured are an active interface and a standby
B. Among the two interfaces in a Smart Link group, one is in the active state and the other one in the standby state in
normal situations.
C. When the active interface goes down, the Smart Link group automatically blocks it and changes the status of the
standby interface to active.
D. When the active interface recovers from a fault, traffic will be switched back to it immediately.


As shown in the figure, port 1 of switch A is configured with the Fixed mode, and other ports are configured with the
Normal mode. The trunk interfaces allow all VLANs. Which VLANs are registered on port 1 of switch C? (Choose

B. VLAN 5 to VLAN 10
C. VLAN 15 to VLAN 20
D. VLAN 25 to VLAN 30


Which statements about VLAN aggregation are true? (Choose three.)

A. “multiple” VLANs (broadcast domains) are on the same physical network; therefore, different VLANs belong to the
same subnet.
B. VLAN aggregation can save IP addresses.
C. Only the super VLAN requires an IP address, but sub-VLANs do not need.
D. The VLAN that is used to separate broadcast domains is called super VLAN.


The urgent pointer in the flag field of an IPv4 packet header is generally used for OOB data transmission.
A. True
B. False


When configuring VLAN mapping, you must set the priority of outer VLAN ID.

A. True
B. False


Which methods can be used to import local routes to BGP? (Choose two.)
A. Run the network command.
B. Receive routes from peers.
C. Run the summary automatic command.
D. Run the import command.


Which statement about VLAN is false?

A. VLAN tag contains a 3-bit priority field. The priority value ranges from 0 to 7. It is used for differentiated service
B. The priority in the VLAN tag can be mapped to the internal priority of the switch, for differentiated service forwarding.
C. The priority in the VLAN tag can be changed on the switch.
D. The priority in the VLAN tag cannot be changed.


Which of the following statements regarding the physical topology monitoring function of eSight are true? (Choose all
that apply.)

A. eSight displays the layout and status of NEs, subnets, and links on the GUI.
B. eSight supports visualized monitoring of the network-wide running status.
C. eSight displays the architecture of the entire network and relationship between network entities.
D. The physical topology monitoring provides an entry for unified network monitoring, improving OandM efficiency.

The correct answer is as follows:

Q1: AC, Q2: ABC, Q3: B, Q4: A, Q5: A, Q6: D, Q7: ABC, Q8: ABC, Q9: A, Q10: B, Q11: AD, Q12: D, Q13: ABCD


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VXLAN is irrelevant to SDN technology.



Congestion management uses queue scheduling to manage and control traffic when traffic congestion occurs.



Which of the following queue scheduling technologies is better in a fair manner?



Which IP precedence value represents the critical service traffic?

A. 0
B. 2
C. 5
D. 6


Which of the following items is not the disadvantage of the traditional congestion avoidance mechanism (tail drop)?

A. Global TCP synchronization
B. High jitter and long delay
C. High cost
D. Packets are discarded without differentiating the priority


How is OPEX defined?

A. Maintenance cost
B. Total cost of ownership (TCO)
C. Operating cost
D. OandM costs


Which of the following statements regarding the trusted and untrusted zones are true? (Multiple Choice)

A. The direction for the access from the trusted zone to the untrusted zone is the outbound direction.
B. The direction for the access from the trusted zone to the untrusted zone is the inbound direction.
C. The security level of the trusted zone is 85.
D. The security level of the untrusted zone is 50.


Which QoS technology is usually used by congestion avoidance?



During configuration of the WRED drop profile, the lower drop threshold and upper drop threshold for AF21 traffic are 35 and 40, the lower drop threshold and upper drop threshold for AF22 traffic are 30 and 40, and the lower drop threshold and upper drop threshold for AF23 traffic are 25 and 40. The maximum drop probability for AF21, AF22, and AF23 traffic is 10%. Before congestion occurs, which type of traffic can obtain bandwidth guarantee?

A. AF21
B. AF22
C. AF23
D. AF21, AF22, and AF23 traffic


Which information of labels is used for simple traffic classification?

A. DSCP priority
B. IP precedence
C. MPLS EXP priority
D. 802.1p priority


BFD is a universal fast detection technology that can implement fast switchover, so BFD does not need to be used with
other fast switching technologies.



Which of the following statements regarding the authentication domain of the Agile Controller are true? (Multiple Choice)

A. Authentication domain are classified into the pre-authentication domain, isolation domain, and post-authentication
B. A pre-authentication domain defines public network resources that users can access before passing identity
authentication in the area, for example, the DNS server, external authentication source, Service Manager, and Service
C. An isolation domain defines resources that end-users passing identity authentication but failing the security check
can access. These resources such as the patch server and antivirus server can help end-users eliminate violations.
D. A post-authentication domain defines controlled network resources that end users can access after passing identity
authentication and security check, for example, the ERP system, financial system, and database.


Which of the following statements regarding VRRP load balancing are true? (Multiple Choice)

A. Multiple virtual routers can be configured on an interface of a router so that the router functions as the master of the virtual router and the backup of another virtual router.
B. In load balancing mode, multiple routers transmit service at the same time, so at least two or more virtual routers are required.
C. In load balancing mode, two or more VRRP groups are created, and multiple routers transmit services.
D. During priority configuration, the VRRP master of the three virtual routers can be on different routers.

Correct answer

Q1: A, Q2: A, Q3: A, Q4: C, Q5: B, Q6:A, Q7: AC, Q8: D, Q9: A, Q10: C, Q11: B, Q12: ABCD, Q13: CD


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