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You have a centralized data center running NetApp ONTAP. Your business is deploying a new IoT solution directly
managed by the Azure IoT hub. You want to store data in the cloud for use with data analytics.
Whish NetApp solution would accomplish this task?
A. Cloud Secure
B. Cloud Volumes ONTAP
C. Cloud Backup Service
D. Cloud Insights
Correct Answer: B

Your business has access to on-premises applications and decides to distribute some of the workloads onto a public
cloud provider.
In this scenario, what is this architecture called?
A. hybrid cloud
B. public cloud
C. community cloud
D. private cloud
Correct Answer: A

Which two StorageGRID features provide data durability for large unstructured datasets? (Choose two.)
A. erasure coding
B. storage tiering
C. object replication
D. S3 API compatibility
Correct Answer: BC

Your users require both NFS and SMB file services. You do not want to manage the storage using OnCommand
System Manager or the command-line interface.
In this scenario, which three products would satisfy these requirements? (Choose three.)
A. Azure NetApp Files
B. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
C. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS
D. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for GCP
E. Amazon S3 Glacier
Correct Answer: ABD

What are the two functions of FlexGroup volumes? (Choose two.)
A. massive capacity
B. ability to hold LUNs
C. nondisruptive scale out
D. ideal for small workloads
Correct Answer: BC

What is an elastic IP?
A. an Internet routable address
B. a nonroutable address
C. a peering route
D. a load-balanced IP address
Correct Answer: A

What are two node types within a Kubernetes cluster? (Choose two.)
A. storage node
B. gateway node
C. worker node
D. master node
Correct Answer: CD

Which two statements describe the benefits of using public clouds? (Choose two.)
A. Applications are always less expensive to run in the public cloud.
B. Public clouds are always used for hosting tier 1 and financial applications.
C. Public clouds provide an environment for development, testing, and disaster-recovery applications.
D. Public clouds support multi-regional applications without the expense of collocating data centers.
Correct Answer: CD

What is the primary interface to manage a NetApp HCI cluster?
A. VMware vCenter
B. OnCommand System Manager
C. OnCommand Unfired Manager
D. VMware Horizon
Correct Answer: A

What are two reasons to enable high availability? (Choose two.)
A. performance management
B. fault tolerance
C. nondisruptive operation
D. load balancing
Correct Answer: BC

What is a group of one or more containers in a Kubernetes cluster?
A. helm
B. pilot
C. node
D. pod
Correct Answer: D

What are two methods to subscribe to Cloud Insights? (Choose two.)
A. NetApp Cloud Central
B. NetApp Sales
C. NetApp Support Site
D. AWS Marketplace
Correct Answer: BD

You are currently performing all the important administrator and maintenance tasks for your system, and need to
delegate work to the staff so that you can attend to other issues.
Which approach will you take to ensure that your systems are safe?
A. Provide all users with power user access.
B. Employ mandatory integrity control.
C. Provide all users with administrator access.
D. Employ the principle of least privilege.
Correct Answer: C

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