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Fortinet NSE6_FWF-6.4 practice test free


Which two statements about distributed automatic radio resource provisioning (DARRP) are correct? (Choose two.)

A. DARRP performs continuous spectrum analysis to detect sources of interference. It uses this information to allow the
AP to select the optimum channel.

B. DARRP performs measurements of the number of BSSIDs and their signal strength (RSSI). The controller then uses
this information to select the optimum channel for the AP.

C. DARRP measurements can be scheduled to occur at specific times.

D. DARRP requires that wireless intrusion detection (WIDS) be enabled to detect neighboring devices.

Correct Answer: AD

RRP (Distributed Automatic Radio Resource Provisioning) technology ensures the wireless infrastructure is always optimized to deliver maximum performance. Fortinet APs enabled with this advanced feature continuously monitor the RF environment for interference, noise, and signals from neighboring APs, enabling the FortiGate WLAN Controller to determine the optimal RF power levels for each AP on the network.

When a new AP is provisioned, DARRP also ensures that it chooses the optimal channel, without administrator intervention.

Reference: http://www.corex.at/Produktinfos/FortiOS_Wireless.pdf


As a network administrator, you are responsible for managing an enterprise secure wireless LAN. The controller is
based in the United States, and you have been asked to deploy a number of managed APs in a remote office in

What is the correct way to ensure that the RF channels and transmission power limits are appropriately configured for
the remote APs?

A. Configure the APs individually by overriding the settings in Managed FortiAPs
B. Configure the controller for the correct country code for Germany
C. Clone a suitable FortiAP profile and change the county code settings on the profile
D. Create a new FortiAP profile and change the county code settings on the profile

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/69a8fa9c-1eaa-11e9b6f6-f8bc1258b856/fortigate-fortiwifi-and-fortiap-configuration-guide-54.pdf


Which statement is correct about security profiles on FortiAP devices?

A. Security profiles on FortiAP devices can use FortiGate subscription to inspect the traffic
B. Only bridge mode SSIDs can apply the security profiles
C. Disable DTLS on FortiAP
D. FortiGate performs inspection the wireless traffic

Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortiap/6.4.0/fortiwifi-and-fortiap-configuration-guide/47321/ fortiap-sbridge-mode-security-profiles


Which two roles does FortiPresence analytics assist in generating presence reports? (Choose two.)

A. Gathering details about on site visitors
B. Predicting the number of guest users visiting on-site
C. Comparing current data with historical records
D. Reporting potential threats by guests on site

Correct Answer: AB


Refer to the exhibits.
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

A wireless network has been created to support a group of users in a specific area of a building. The wireless network is
configured but users are unable to connect to it. The exhibits show the relevant controller configuration for the APs and the wireless network.

Which two configuration changes will resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A. For both interfaces in the wtp-profile, configure set vaps to be “Authors”
B. Disable intra-vap-privacy for the Authors vap-wireless network
C. For both interfaces in the wtp-profile, configure vap-all to be manual
D. Increase the transmission power of the AP radio interfaces

Correct Answer: BC


Which administrative access method must be enabled on a FortiGate interface to allow APs to connect and function?

A. Security Fabric
D. FortiTelemetry

Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortigate/6.2.9/cookbook/788897/configuring-the-rootfortigate-anddownstream-fortigates


Six APs are located in a remotely based branch office and are managed by a centrally hosted FortiGate. Multiple
wireless users frequently connect and roam between the APs in the remote office.

The network they connect to, is secured with WPA2-PSK. As currently configured, the WAN connection between the
branch office and the centrally hosted FortiGate is unreliable.

Which configuration would enable the most reliable wireless connectivity for the remote clients?

A. Configure a tunnel mode wireless network and enable split tunneling to the local network
B. Configure a bridge mode wireless network and enable the Local standalone configuration option
C. Configure a bridge mode wireless network and enable the Local authentication configuration option
D. Install supported FortiAP and configure a bridge mode wireless network

Correct Answer: A


How are wireless clients assigned to a dynamic VLAN configured for hash mode?

A. Using the current number of wireless clients connected to the SSID and the number of IPs available in the least busy
B. Using the current number of wireless clients connected to the SSID and the number of clients allocated to each of the
C. Using the current number of wireless clients connected to the SSID and the number of VLANs available in the pool
D. Using the current number of wireless clients connected to the SSID and the group the FortiAP is a member of

Correct Answer: C
VLAN from the VLAN pool based on a hash of the current number of SSID clients and the number of entries in the VLAN pool.
Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortiap/7.0.1/fortiwifi-and-fortiap-configuration-guide/376326/ configuringdynamic-user-vlan-assignment


Refer to the exhibits.
Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.


A wireless network has been installed in a small office building and is being used by a business to connect its wireless
clients. The network is used for multiple purposes, including corporate access, guest access, and connecting point-ofsale and Io? devices.

Users connecting to the guest network located in the reception area are reporting slow performance. The network
administrator is reviewing the information shown in the exhibits as part of the ongoing investigation of the problem. They show the profile used for the AP and the controller RF analysis output together with a screenshot of the GUI showing a summary of the AP and its neighboring APs.

To improve performance for the users connecting to the guest network in this area, which configuration change is most
likely to improve performance?

A. Increase the transmission power of the AP radios
B. Enable frequency handoff on the AP to band steer clients
C. Reduce the number of wireless networks being broadcast by the AP
D. Install another AP in the reception area to improve available bandwidth

Correct Answer: A


Where in the controller interface can you find a wireless client\’s upstream and downstream link rates?

A. On the AP CLI, using the cw_diag ksta command
B. On the controller CLI, using the diag wireless-controller wlac -d sta command
C. On the AP CLI, using the cw_diag -d sta command
D. On the controller CLI, using the WiFi Client monitor

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibits.
Exhibit A Exhibit B

The exhibits show the diagnose debug log of a station connection taken on the controller CLI. Which security mode is
used by the wireless connection?

A. WPA2 Enterprise
B. WPA3 Enterprise
C. WPA2 Personal and radius MAC filtering
D. Open, with radius MAC filtering

Correct Answer: A
Best security option is WPA2-AES.
Reference: https://www.esecurityplanet.com/trends/the-best-security-for-wireless-networks/


As standard best practice, which configuration should be performed before configuring FortiAPs using a FortiGate
wireless controller?

A. Create wireless LAN specific policies
B. Preauthorize APs
C. Create a custom AP profile
D. Set the wireless controller country setting

Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortiap/6.4.1/fortiwifi-and-fortiap-configuration-guide/547298/ complexwireless-network-example


Refer to the exhibit.

If the signal is set to -68 dB on the FortiPlanner site survey reading, which statement is correct regarding the coverage

A. Areas with the signal strength equal to -68 dB are zoomed in to provide better visibility
B. Areas with the signal strength weaker than -68 dB are cut out of the map
C. Areas with the signal strength equal or stronger than -68 dB are highlighted in multicolor
D. Areas with the signal strength weaker than -68 dB are highlighted in orange and red to indicate that no signal was
propagated by the APs.

Correct Answer: C

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