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Fortinet NSE7_PBC-6.4 Practice Test Q1-Q13 Free Online

What role does FortiWeb play in ensuring PCI DSS compliance?
A. PCI specifically requires a WAF
B. Provides credit card processing capabilities
C. Provide ability to securely process cash transactions
D. Provides load balancing between multiple web servers
Correct Answer: B

When generating a protection configuration from an auto learning report what critical step must you do before
generating the final protection configuration?
A. Restart the FortiWeb to clear the caches
B. Drill down in the report to correct any false positives.
C. Activate the report to create t profile
D. Take the FortiWeb offline to apply the profile
Correct Answer: B

You\\’ve configured an authentication rule with delegation enabled on FortiWeb. What happens when a user tries to
access the web application?
A. FrotiWeb redirects users to a FortiAuthenticator page, then if the user authenticates successfully, FortiGate signals to
FortiWeb to allow access to the web app
B. ForitWeb redirects the user to the web app\\’s authentication page
C. FortiWeb forwards the HTTP challenge from the server to the client, then monitors the reply, allowing access if the
user authenticates successfully
D. FortiWeb replies with a HTTP challenge of behalf of the server, the if the user authenticates successfully, FortiWeb
allows the request and also includes credentials in the request that it forwards to the web app
Correct Answer: A

What capability can FortiWeb add to your Web App that your Web App may or may not already have?
A. Automatic backup and recovery
B. High Availability
C. HTTP/HTML Form Authentication
D. SSL Inspection
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is true about Local User Accounts?
A. Must be assigned regardless of any other authentication
B. Can be used for Single Sign On
C. Can be used for site publishing
D. Best suited for large environments with many users
Correct Answer: A

When integrating FortiWeb and FortiAnalyzer, why is the selection for FortiWeb Version critical? (Choose two)
A. Defines Log file format
B. Defines communication protocol
C. Defines Database Schema
D. Defines Log storage location
Correct Answer: AD

How does an ADOM differ from a VDOM?
A. ADOMs do not have virtual networking
B. ADOMs improve performance by offloading some functions.
C. ADOMs only affect specific functions, and do not provide full separation like VDOMs do.
D. Allows you to have 1 administrator for multiple tenants
Correct Answer: D

How does offloading compression to FortiWeb benefit your network?
A. free up resources on the database server
B. Free up resources on the web server
C. reduces file size on the client\\’s storage
D. free up resources on the FortiGate
Correct Answer: B

Reverse-proxy mode is best suited for use in which type of environment?
A. New networks where infrastructure is not yet defined
B. Environments where you cannot change your IP addressing scheme
C. Flexible environments where you can easily change the IP addressing scheme
D. Small Office/Home Office environments
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following would be a reason for implementing rewrites?
A. Page has been moved to a new URL
B. Page has been moved to a new IP address
C. Replace vulnerable functions.
D. Send connection to secure channel
Correct Answer: A

An e-commerce web app is used by small businesses. Clients often access it from offices behind a router,
where clients are on an IPv4 private network LAN. You need to protect the web application from denial of service attacks that use request floods.
What FortiWeb feature should you configure?
A. Enable “Shared IP” and configure the separate rate limits for requests from NATted source IPs.
B. Configure FortiWeb to use “X-Forwarded-For:” headers to find each client\\’s private network IP, and to block attacks
using that.
C. Enable SYN cookies.
D. Configure a server policy that matches requests from shared Internet connections.
Correct Answer: C

In which operation mode(s) can FortiWeb modify HTTP packets? (Choose two.)
A. Transparent Inspection
B. Offline protection
C. True transparent proxy
D. Reverse proxy
Correct Answer: D

What other consideration must you take into account when configuring Defacement protection A. Use FortiWeb to block
SQL Injections and keep regular backups of the Database
B. Also incorporate a FortiADC into your network
C. None. FortiWeb completely secures the site against defacement attacks
D. Configure the FortiGate to perform Anti-Defacement as well
Correct Answer: D

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