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Citrix 1Y0-400 Exam Demo, Most Popular Citrix 1Y0-400 Practise Questions On Sale

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Scenario: An architect is designing a NetScaler solution that implements GSLB. The solution must provide StoreFront access through a single URL worldwide and maintain a highly available configuration globally as well as locally.
How many StoreFront servers are recommended to implement this configuration?
A. Six, one site for each store
B. Six, two in each datacenter
C. Three, one in each datacenter
D. Four, two in the primary and two in the backup datacenter Correct Answer: B QUESTION 22
Scenario: Personnel are being trained using a test XenDesktop site. They must be restricted to accessing this site only while on company premises. Which StoreFront configuration should the architect recommend?
A. Enable the Domain pass-through authentication method on the store.
B. Disable the Pass-through from NetScaler authentication method on the store.
C. Configure the StoreFront servers with a separate store for this site, NOT enabled for remote access.
D. Install a certificate issued by the internal Windows Certificate Services server on the StoreFront servers.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 23
Which two design decisions should the architect recommend to improve the user experience? (Choose two.)
A. Configure Clipboard policy
B. Configure Drive encryption
C. Configure Flash redirection
D. Configure Media redirection Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 24
Which two manually performed tasks can be streamlined by implementing a Citrix environment? (Choose two.)
A. Database backup
B. Application patching
C. Security assessment
D. Certificate management
E. Operating system installation Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 25
The company’s HDX policies must apply to a pooled virtual desktop environment without affecting any virtual applications.How should an architect apply the HDX policies?
A. By using a SmartAccess filter
B. By using a client name policy filter
C. By using a delivery group type policy filter
D. By giving the virtual desktop policy a higher priority than the virtual application policy Correct Answer: C QUESTION 26
Scenario: HR staff have a requirement to print confidential information to USB-attached printers in their offices. Any printer model may be used for this purpose. Which two recommended options should the architect consider for this solution? (Choose two.)
A. Configuring ‘Client printer names’
B. Configuring ‘Auto-create client printers’
C. Configuring ‘Universal print driver usage’
D. Enabling ‘Automatic installation of in-box printer drivers’

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 27
The architect should recommend a Universal License because it is required for __________. (Choose the phrase that correctly completes the sentence.)
A. ICA Proxy
B. SmartAccess
C. two-factor authentication
D. SSL access inside the network Correct Answer: B QUESTION 28
An architect recommends full SSL VPN connections for remote users. Which type of NetScaler license should be applied for these users?
A. User
B. Device
C. Platform
D. Universal

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 29
Which action should an architect avoid recommending when designing a monitoring solution?
A. Installing vendor-supplied tools to monitor physical hardware
B. Installing Command Center to monitor NetScaler appliances
C. Installing agents onto NetScaler appliances to monitor utilization
D. Installing Citrix Director to monitor the XenDesktop environment Correct Answer: C QUESTION 30
An architect is explaining options for profile management. What is one issue that the architect must address in the current environment?
A. Folder redirection is implemented.
B. Roaming users have local profiles.
C. Startup scripts are used in the environment.
D. PositivelyFinance does NOT work with roaming profiles.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 31
Which tool should the architect use in preparation for migration to Windows Server 2012 to determine application compatibility and suitability for virtualization?
B. App-V Sequencer
C. EdgeSight for End Points
D. Windows Upgrade Advisor Correct Answer: A QUESTION 32
All nurses currently use Windows XP workstations to access critical medical applications and require different applications depending on their role.Which two delivery models meet the nurses’ requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Local VM deployment with streamed applications
B. Streamed VHD deployment with streamed applications
C. Hosted server OS deployment with locally installed applications
D. Hosted desktop OS deployment with locally installed applications

Correct Answer: CD
In the new environment, the PositivelyFinance application will be deployed as a server OS- hosted application.Which two policy settings should an architect recommend to prevent data leakage from the PositivelyFinance application? (Choose two.)
A. HDX policy setting with Client drive mapping set to `Prohibited’
B. HDX policy setting with Client Clipboard Redirection set to `Prohibited’
C. HDX policy setting with File redirection on Client Network drives set to ‘Prohibited’
D. Active Directory group policy with the Do not allow clipboard redirection setting set to `Disabled’
E. Active Directory group policy with the Prevent access to drives setting set to `Restrict all drives’

Correct Answer: AB
An architect is evaluating the user profile management solution for the desktop and application virtualization solution.Which two pieces of information should the architect collect? (Choose two.)
A. User time zone
B. User profile size
C. Installed language pack
D. Client device CPU/RAM
E. Application compatibility of profile type

Correct Answer: BE
Which IOPS figures must an architect take into account when determining the IOPS requirements for a user group?
A. logical, logon, and raw
B. functional, logoff, and boot
C. steady state, boot, and raw
D. steady state, logon, and boot

Correct Answer: D
Which three statements are true regarding the Radiology group? (Choose three.)
A. Mobility is important to Radiology users.
B. Mobility is unimportant to Radiology users.
C. Virtualization resource requirements are high.
D. Smooth Roaming is important to Radiology users.
E. Virtualization resource requirements are moderate.
F. Smooth Roaming is unimportant to Radiology users.

Correct Answer: BCD
An architect recommends using the monitoring function of Citrix Director to determine if users can connect to applications.Which Windows service should the architect also include in the monitoring solution?
A. Citrix Configuration Service on the Delivery Controller
B. Citrix Configuration Replication on the StoreFront server
C. World Wide Web Publishing Service on the StoreFront server
D. World Wide Web Publishing Service on the server OS machine

Correct Answer: C
An architect is designing a solution that minimizes the storage footprint by utilizing thin provisioning in the datacenter.Which solution should the architect recommend for XenServer shared storage?
D. Fibre Channel

Correct Answer: A
Scenario: The company is considering replacing the Windows XP computers with new devices as part of the new solution. The new devices should require minimal support and administration, while providing a centrally managed desktop solution.
Which two methods should an architect consider to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Client OS desktop delivery group accessed from thin-client devices by using Citrix Receiver
B. Server OS desktop delivery group accessed from thin-client devices by using Citrix Receiver
C. Client OS desktop delivery group accessed from Windows-based physical desktops by using Citrix Receiver
D. Server OS application delivery group accessed from Windows-based physical desktops by using Citrix Receiver

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 40
Scenario: Some contractors require access to various corporate applications. They must also be able to install their own applications within the environment for testing purposes.
Which two delivery methods fulfill these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Hosted server OS with Profile Management enabled
B. Pooled hosted desktop OS with Personal vDisk enabled
C. Hosted server OS with persistent server operating system
D. Assigned hosted desktop OS with persistent desktop operating system

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 41
An architect is recommending an antivirus policy for Provisioning Services servers that are being used to provision pooled desktops. Which two options should the architect recommend for optimal performance? (Choose two.)
A. Enable scan on read
B. Prohibit write cache scanning
C. Increase scheduled scanning frequency
D. Exclude scanning of the target device drivers

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 42
An architect needs to design a solution that optimizes resource usage for Call Center users. How do server OS machines achieve this goal?
A. By offering optimal performance
B. By providing rapid application rollouts
C. By ensuring the greatest security level by design
D. By accommodating high user density on each server

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 43
The company’s security officer has stated that for compliance reasons, all internal and external network traffic must be encrypted. Which additional type of encryption should the architect recommend?
A. SecureICA
B. IPsec
C. SSL and SecureICA
D. L2TP Correct Answer: C

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Citrix 1Y0-400 Exam Demo, Most Popular Citrix 1Y0-400 Practise Questions On Sale


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