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Which of the following statements regarding static and dynamic routing is incorrect?

A. The static route can be easily configured and managed on the enterprise network.
B. The use of dynamic routing is more convenient for the administrator to manage the network following network
C. The static route can automatically recover when a link failure is encountered.
D. Dynamic routing will use more resources than static routes.
Correct Answer: C


When an IPsec tunnel is established between two routers, which of the following parameters does not need to be
consistent between IPsec peers?

A. The security protocol used
B. Data encapsulation mode
C. Proposal name
D. Authentication algorithm
Correct Answer: C


What is the number range of a basic ACL?

A. 2000-2999
B. 3000-3999
C. 4000-4999
D. 6000-6031
Correct Answer: A


What is the value of the Type field in RSTP configuration BPDUs?

A. 0×00
B. 0×01
C. 0×02
D. 0×03
Correct Answer: A


If the administrator wants to update the VRP of the AR2200 router, the correct method is (). (multiple choice)
A. The administrator configures the AR2200 as an FTP client to transfer VRP software through FTP.
B. The administrator configures the AR2200 as an FTP server to transmit VRP software through FTP.
C. The administrator configures the AR2200 as a TFTP server and transmits VRP software through TFTP.
D. The administrator configures the AR2200 as a TFTP client to transmit VRP software through TFTP.
Correct Answer: ABD


system-view [Huawei]command privilege level 3 view user save The correct statement about the above configuration
the command is ()

A. Modify the save command of a user to have a permission level of 3
B. Modify the permission level of the save command in the user view to 3
C. Modify the user view command to a permission level of 3 and save the configuration
D. Modify the user\’s permission level to 3 and save the configuration
Correct Answer: B


The ACL configuration shown above is completed on the router RTA, and the following description is correct (). [RTA]acl
2001 Huawei question bank battle report group: 434299778[RTA-acl-basic-2001]rule 20 permit source [RTA-acl-basic-2001]rule 10 deny source

A. The VRP system will automatically adjust the order of the first rule in the order of configuration.
B. The VRP system does not adjust the sequence number, but will first match the rule of the first configuration.
C. Configuration error, the order number of the rule must be from small to large.
D. The VRP system will first match the second rule in order. deny source
Correct Answer: D


When RIPv1 is enabled on the Huawei router, the interface that is advertised to the RIP receives the RIPv1 broadcast
packet, the RIPv2 broadcast packet, and the multicast packet by default.

A. Yes
B. Wrong
Correct Answer: A


Source Destination Protocol Info TCP 50190 > telnet [SYN] Seq=0 Win=8192 Len=0 MSS=1460 TCP telnet>
50190 [SYN, ACK] Seq=0 Ack=1 Win=8192 Len=0 MSS=1460 TCP 50190 > telnet [ACK] Seq=1
Ack=1 Win=8192 Len=0 Refer to the capture output.

The administrator has captured three packets in the network. Which statement regarding the captured packets is incorrect?

A. These packets represent a TCP three-way handshake process.
B. is the telnet server, while is the telnet client.
C. The three packets contain no application data.
D. uses port 50190 to build the telnet connection.
Correct Answer: B


One of the reasons that segment routing (SR) is introduced is that traditional LDP has some restrictions.
Which of the following statements about LDP restrictions are true?

A. LDP does not support automatic label allocation.
B. LDP supports path computation only based on IGP SPF (minimum cost), not based on traffic engineering.
C. LDP path computation depends on an IGP. If the IGP and LDP are not synchronized, black holes are generated,
affecting services.
D. LDP has 11 types of protocol packets, which greatly increases link bandwidth consumption and device CPU usage.
Correct Answer: CD


For DHCP, the priority of an interface address pool is higher than that of a global address pool.

A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A


The company network engineer has an AR2200 that cannot be started normally. How can the administrator want to
update its VRP?

A. The administrator needs to use the console cable to connect to the router and host, and then enter the BootROM
interface to complete the upgrade.
B. The administrator needs to configure the AR2200 as an FTP client and use FTP to transfer the new
C. The administrator needs to configure the AR2200 to obtain an IP address through DHCP and then obtain the VRP
system file through TFTP.
D. The administrator needs to use telnet on the local host to remotely update the VRP system files of the device.
Correct Answer: B


OSPF allows for “multiple” processes. By default, OSPF selects a process whose number is ( ).

A. 0
B. 1
C. 10
D. 100
Correct Answer: B


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