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Following are some new H11-879 exam questions(free):


The U1900 system is connected to the PSTN through a digital trunk. In U1900, phone A cannot call user B\\’s On a mobile phone, user B can call back phone A normally.

Which of the following reasons may cause this failure? () (single choice)
A. The digital trunk connection between U1900 and PSTN is faulty.
B. Phone A is not registered properly.
C. Phone A outbound call permission restriction
D. Phone A has been added to the system\\’s blacklist of called parties
Correct Answer: C


In the U1900+SC solution, eSpace 8950 is used to call the conference access number of the video conference system.

When the conference list page appears on the phone screen, which statement is correct ()
A. You can select the conference B you want to join through the touch screen of the 8950 phones.
B. You can use the arrow keys on the 8950 phones to select the conference you want to join
C. The number key 2468 of the 8950 phones can be used to select the conference to join
D. You can use the microphone of the 8950 phones to select the conference you want to join by voice.
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following conference control operations are not supported by the sub-conferences of a multilevel
conference? () Multiple choice
A. Multi-picture polling
B. Chairman polling
C. Timed broadcast
D. Voice control switch
Correct Answer: ABCD


Phone A has been successfully registered to the U1900 system. At some point, unplug the network cable. At this time,
log in to the U1900 system to check the registration status of phone A. The following statement is wrong ()
A. The registration status of phone A in the U1900 system may change immediately
B. The registration status of phone A in the U1900 system may remain unchanged
C. The registration status of phone A in the U1900 system may change after a period of time
D. The registration status of phone A in the U1900 system is updated, only after the network cable of phone A is
unplugged, the change occurs after half of the registration period of phone A has passed
Correct Answer: D


When the number of bills exceeds the limit of the number of bill pools of the U1900 unified gateway, which statement is correct? () (multiple choice)
A. can be set to choose to overwrite old bills
B. can be set to discard new bills
C. It may cause the unified gateway to fail to register new users
D. May cause all users to be unable to initiate calls
Correct Answer: ABD


Huawei TE series terminals make point-to-point calls, and the video-related settings are all “automatic”, the following
statement. The correct one () (multiple choice)
A. In the case of sufficient bandwidth, the main video is given priority to the 1080P60 format.
B. In the case of sufficient bandwidth, the main video is given priority to the 1080P30 format
C. In the case of sufficient bandwidth, 720P60 format is preferred for the main video
D. In the case of sufficient bandwidth, 720P30 format is preferred for the main video
Correct Answer: ABD


In the U1900 series unified gateways, what is the correct statement about the prefix? ()
A. The prefix is divided into an intra-office prefix and outgoing prefix
B. intra-office prefix refers to the prefix used when dialing between different extensions of the same company
C. Since prefix 28 includes prefix 289, the system performs the called number according to the maximum matching
principle Analysis, the call with the called number 28901111 should choose prefix 28
D. The prefix must correspond to the office route selection code
Correct Answer: AB


The interconnection between two U1900 series unified gateways can only be achieved through SIP trunking. ()
A. Right
B. Wrong
Correct Answer: B


An enterprise has deployed eight network management, DNS server, and DHCP server on its existing network. For
deploying 200 IP phones, which of the following methods cannot achieve the batch configuration of TR069 parameters? ()
A. Configure the right domain name and IP address mapping in the DNS server
B. Batch delivery via DHCP Option 246 field
C. Use access scan
D. Through the web configuration interface of IP Phone
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following information is contained in the RTP packet () (multiple choice)
A. Type of transmission media
B. Number of lost packets
C. serial number
D. Timestamp
Correct Answer: ACD


In video systems, image processing uses RGB color space. () Right or Wrong
A. Right
B. Wrong
Correct Answer: B


In the Converged Conference 3.0 solution, no matter whether the multimedia cascade mode or the MCU center mode is used, all the audio and video media streams of the Web client need to be forwarded by the USM/MS system as a
proxy? Correct or Wrong
A. Correct
B. Wrong
Correct Answer: A


A single Media board of VP9660 MCU can support up to () 1080P 30 ports?
A. 12
B. 36
C. 24
D. 8
Correct Answer: C


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