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Which two tasks can you perform using Server Admin in Mac OS X Server? Choose two.
A. Manage share points.
B. Create user accounts.
C. Create NetBoot images.
D. Monitor the servers power usage.
E. Reset the password for a user account.
F. Configure services provided by the Mac OS X Server v10.6 computer.
G. Assign IP addresses to the servers network interfaces.

Correct Answer: AF
Review the image showing eight computers and their specifications, and then answer the question below.

Which two computers meet Apple’s official minimum requirements for installing Mac OS X Server v10.6? Choose two.
A. MacBook (2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) 2 GB RAM 20 GB available disk space
B. iMac (2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo) 4 GB RAM 9 GB available disk space
C. Power Mac G5 (1.8 Ghz) 8 GB RAM 50 GB available disk space
D. Power Mac G4 (867 Mhz) 2 GB RAM 25 GB available disk space
E. Xserve (2,8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon) 4 GB RAM 25 GB availabel disk space
F. Mac Mini (2.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo) 2 GB RAM 12 GB available disk space
G. Mac Pro (2.8 Ghz) 2 GB ram
8 GB available disk space
H. MacBook Pro (2,66 Ghz) 4 GB RAM 2 GB available disk space

Correct Answer: EF
You are installing Mac OS X Server on a remote computer using Server Assistant. Which two passwords
should you use to try to access the remote computer?
Choose two.

A. 12345678
B. The remote computers IP address
C. The local computer’s root password
D. The first eight characters of the remote computer’s serial number
E. The first eight characters of the remote computers Ethernet ID (MAC address)

Correct Answer: AD
You want to combine two hard disks into a RAID configuration that will protect your data from hardware failure. Which RAID type should you choose in Disk Utility?
A. Striped
B. Mirrored
C. Journaled
D. Concatenated

Correct Answer: B
You are setting up a Mac OS X Server computer as the only server in a small business. The server will provide web, file, and mail services only. Which server configuration should you select in Server Assistant to automate the configuration of those services?
A. Standard
B. Advanced
C. Workgroup
D. Small Business

Correct Answer: A
Using Server Admin, which three events can you select to trigger an email alert from a Mac OS X Server
v10.6 computer to a system administrator?
Choose three.

A. A certificat is expired or is about to expire.
B. A user exceed his or her assigned disk quota.
C. The number of users exceeds a specified number.
D. New software update are available for the server.
E. The number of files on the server exceeds a specified number.
F. A disk has less than a specified amount of free space available.
G. An unsuccessful attempt is made to log in with the root account.
Correct Answer: ADF QUESTION 17
You want to remotely install and configure Mac OS X Server on a qualified Xserve computer. Which two pieces of information must you know about the Xserve to perform the remote installation and configuation? Choose two.
A. The Xserve model identifier
B. Whether a RAID card is installed
C. The number of installed hard drives
D. The Xserve computer’s serial number
E. The Ethernet hardware (MAC) address
F. The build number for the version of Mac OS X Server previously installed, if applicable
G. Whether the Xserve is on the same subnet as the computer on which Server Assistant will run

Correct Answer: DE
Review the screenshot of the Permissions pane in Server Admin, and then answer the question below.

You have assigned permissions to a folder, as illustrated. What access does the user, Pat, have to the folder?
A. Pat has read-only access to the folder.
B. Pat has write-only access to the folder.
C. Pat does not have any access to the folder.
D. Pat has both read and write access to the folder.

Correct Answer: D
In Mac OS X Server v10.6, which of these can you create using Workgroup Manager?
A. realms
B. group wikis
C. share points
D. computer group accounts

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 20
Which user account attribute does Mac OS X Server use to identify the POSIX permissions that apply when a user attempts to read a file?
A. user ID
B. password
C. long name
D. short name

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 21
Which is an example of authorization in Mac OS X v10.6 and Mac OS X Server v10.6?
A. The User ID in a user account
B. A ticket-granting ticket in Ticket Viewer
C. The “Connect to Server” dialog in Server Admin
D. The list of available volumes displayed when connecting to a file service

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 22
In Mac OS X Server v10.6, which preferences can be managed for computers and computer groups, but NOT for groups or users?
A. Internet preferences
B. Application preferences
C. Energy Saver preferences
D. Universal Access preferences

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 23
Which user record attribute do ACLs use to identify the user to whom a permission is assigned?
C. short name
D. primary group ID

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 24
Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below.

The highlighted item is called ________.
A. an access control list (ACL)
B. an access control entry (ACE)
C. a defined permissions setting (DPS)
D. a permissions definition entry (PDE)

Correct Answer: B
What feature of Mac OS X Server v10.6 provides file permissions compatibility between Mac OS X clients and Windows NT clients?
A. NFS permissions
B. POSIX permissions
C. Access Control Lists
D. Samba Windows Registry
E. Embedded Permissions Controls
Correct Answer: C

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