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Which of the following applications are supported on a default installation of Mac OS X v10.4 (an easy install)? (Choose Three)
B. X11
C. Java
D. Windows
E. Mac OS 9
F. Native Carbon and Cocoa
Correct Answer: ACF
What is the primary purpose of the Master Password in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. To allow you to make changes to Admin user accounts.
B. To allow you to reset the password for a File Vault-enabled account.
C. To allow you to perform remote system installations on your network.
D. To allow you to switch to the System Administrator (root) account on a computer that has Fast User Switching enabled.
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following procedures will allow a Mac OS X v10.4 user to view the access permissions on a file, as well as the file ownership? (Choose Two)
A. Run the Is -1 command in Terminal
B. View the file in Column View in the Finder
C. Press the Verify Permissions button in disk utility
D. Select the file and choose Get Info from the File menu.
E. Click the Permissions tab in Apple System Profiler and select the file
Correct Answer: AD

In Mac OS X v10.4, which of the following applications provide the most detail about system processes?
A. System Profiler
B. Activity Monitor
C. Process Manager
D. CPU Monitor Expanded Window
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following statements are true regarding File Vault?
A. Once a user enables File Vault, it cannot be disabled.
B. File Vault can only be enabled on non-administrator user accounts.
C. When a user enables File Vault the user home directory is transformed into an encrypted disk image
D. There is no way to recover a user data from a File Vault-protected account if the login password is lost.
Correct Answer: C
You are in Terminal and have navigated to your Home folder. Which of the following commands will display the contents of a file named CKData that resides in your Home folder? (Choose Three)
A. cat CKData
B. cat ../CKData
C. cat ~ CKData
D. cat ./CKData
E. cat ~/CKData

Correct Answer: ADE
You work as a support technician at Certkiller .com. A freelance writer has just finished an article that he now wants to upload to the Certkiller .com FTP server. The article has been saved as a PDF document.
The freelance writer uses Connect to Server on his Mac OS X v10.4 computer to access the FTP server. However, he finds that he can only download files from the server. He cannot upload any files. How would you resolve this problem?
A. Tell the freelance writer to use an FTP client other than Connect to Server.
B. Tell the freelance writer to enable FTP write access in Finder preferences
C. Tell the freelance writer to enable the FTP Proxy in the Proxies pane of Network preferences
D. Tell the freelance writer to start FTP Access in the Services pane of Sharing preferences on his computer.

Correct Answer: A
You work as an administrator at Certkiller .com. You need to reset an account password in Mac OS X v10.4. Which of the following will allow you to accomplish your goal? (Choose Two)
A. In Accounts preferences, select the account, then enter the current and new passwords.
B. In Terminal, type pwd – username – newpassword, where username is the account name, and newpassword is the new password.
C. Boot the computer with the Mac OS X v10.4 Install DVD and use the Reset Password command to reset the account password.
D. In Keychain Access, delete the item called login passwd?, then click the Password button and create a new item named login passwd? containing the new password.
E. Start the computer in single user mode, mount the drive with the mount -uw / command and delete the user account keychain to force a new password on next login.
Correct Answer: AC
In Mac OS X v10.4, how can you access the command line? (Choose Three)
A. Launch Console
B. Launch Terminal
C. Launch Network Utility
D. Start up in verbose mode
E. Log in remotely using SSH.
F. Start up in single user mode.
G. Choose Command from the Apple menu.

Correct Answer: BEF
You work as a support technician at Certkiller .com. All client computers run Mac OS X v10.4. A Certkiller user complains that she is experiencing problems sending and receiving mail from the Mail application in Mac OS X. What would be your first step in attempting to resolve this problem?
A. Use Connection Doctor in Mail to identify Mail connection problems.
B. Use the Email pan in Network Utility to verify that mail servers are operational.
C. Click the Reset Server Settings button on Mail preferences and re-enter the mail server addresses.
D. Use Network Utility from another computer to perform a port scan on your computer and verify that the POP and SMTP ports are open.

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following Mac OS X v10.4 utilities provides access to Password Assistant? (Choose Two)
A. NetInfo Manager
B. Keychain Access
C. Security preferences
D. Accounts preferences
E. Setup Assistant on the Mac OS X install DVD

Correct Answer: BD
In Terminal, which of the following shortcuts can be used? (Choose Three)
A. Press Tab to complete an unambiguous path.
B. Type ~~/to go to the System Administrator home folder
C. Drag a Finder item into the Terminal window to auto-enter its path.
D. Press the Up Arrow key to reuse a previously executed command.
E. Type a command and press F9 to see the man page for that command in a new window
F. Type?? and press Return to see all commands you have entered in your current Terminal session.
Correct Answer: ACD
With regard to Authorization, which of the following statements is true?
A. Authorization verifies a file’s creator and type.
B. Authorization verifies a user’s name and password.
C. Authorization verifies a computer’s membership in a computer list.
D. Authorization verifies resource availability to a given user account.
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following can you perform in Accounts preferences?
A. Configuring an account to have Read only access
B. Configuring an account to be regulated by Parental Controls
C. Configuring an account to recognize multiple valid password
D. Configuring an account to allow the user to log in via SSH only

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 25
In Terminal, which of the following commands will allow you to move to the top level of your hard drive from any location in the file system?
A. cd ~
B. cd /
C. cd \
D. cd ..

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 26
Which of the following service discovery protocols CANNOT be disabled in Mac OS X v10.4.
C. Bonjour
D. AppleTalk

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 27
Which of the following methods can you use to increase security on a Mac OS X v10.4 computer? (Choose Three)
A. Click the Lock button in System Profiler to prevent remote users from collecting information from the computer.
B. Disable automatic login and remove the Restart and Shut Down buttons from the login window.
C. Press options-Escape on startup to prohibit non-administrator user logins.
D. Define a strong password policy and use strong passwords consistently.
E. Use Password Assistant to encrypt user passwords.
F. Enable File Vault in Security preference

Correct Answer: BDF QUESTION 28
Which of the following is NOT a valid reason for using the command line rather than the Finder?
A. Commands executed at the command line can be combined for efficiency.
B. It is easier to execute undo at the command line than to undo commands in the Finder.
C. Commands executed at the command line can be executed from a different user account more easily than their Finder equivalents.
D. Some file system commands executed at the command line, such as chown and chmod, have options for which there are no equivalents in the Finder

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 29
With regard to Kerberos, which of the following statements is true?
A. Kerberos uses tickets.
B. Kerberos requires LDAP.
C. Kerberos requires service discovery.
D. Kerberos is not supported on UNIX systems.

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following can you configure in Security preferences? (Choose Two)
A. Limit concurrent logins.
B. Create master Password
C. Override Firewall passwords.
D. Allow login for admin user only.
E. Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver

Correct Answer: BE
Which of the following computers meet the minimum hardware requirements for Mac OS X v10.4?(Choose Two)
A. iMac 233 MHz (revision B)/256 MB RAM / 4 GB available disk space
B. iMac DV SE G3 (CRT) / 512 MB RAM / 4 GB available disk space
C. Power Macintosh G3 / 128 MB RAM /3 2GB available disk space
D. Power Macintosh G5 / 512 MB RAM / 2GB available disk space
E. iBook G3 (Firewire) /320 MB RAM / 3 GB available disk space

Correct Answer: BE
Which of the following dynamic services discovery protocols does Mac OS X v10.4 support? (Choose Three)
A. Active Directory
B. Apple Talk
E. Bonjour
F. NetInfo

Correct Answer: BDE
How can amount of disk space used by a folder and its contents be reduced in Mac OS X v10.4? (Choose Two)
A. Remove all file system journal entries for the folder
B. Build a package from the folder, and then delete the original folder.
C. Create an encrypted disk image of the folder, then delete the original folder
D. Create a compressed disk image of the folder, then delete the original folder
E. Create an archive of the folder using the Finder Create Archive feature, then delete the original folder

Correct Answer: DE

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