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Adobe 9A0-094 Questions And Answers, Most Hottest Adobe 9A0-094 Demo With Accurate Answers

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You want to print a hard proof on your local printer to see how your image will appear when it is printed on
a printing press. In the Color Management options of the Print dialog box you have selected the option for
Proof. Which setting should you choose in the Color Handling list?

A. Printer Manages Colors
B. Photoshop Manages Colors
C. Separations
D. No Color Management

Correct Answer: B
In the Save for Web & Devices dialog box you have chosen to save an image in GIF format and have
turned on Transparency. Which dithering mode will eliminate any seams?

A. No Dither
B. Diffusion
C. Pattern
D. Noise

Correct Answer: D
You are saving your file for Web output. Which two file formats support transparency? (Choose two.)
Select all that apply.


Correct Answer: AB
You have a Photoshop document that has areas of transparency. You have chosen Save for Web &
Devices. You have selected JPEG as your output format. Which option should you set to determine the fill
color for the transparent pixels?

A. Progressive
B. Optimized
C. Blur
D. Matte

Correct Answer: D
How do you export a JPEG image with all metadata deleted other than copyright and contact information? Options:
A. Select Optimized in the settings section
B. Select Edit Output Settings from the settings pop-up menu
C. Select Copyright and Contact Info from the Metadata pop-up menu
D. Select None from the Metadata pop-up menu

Correct Answer: C
Which command lets you export an animation as an animated GIF file? Options:
A. File > Save As (then choose CompuServe GIF from the Format pop-up menu)
B. File > Save for Web & Devices
C. Convert to Frame Animation on the Animation panel menu
D. Export > Render Video
Correct Answer: B
You have created frame-based animations by modifying image layers using the Animation panel. You want
to save the animation so that it can be played in a Web browser. Which command and file format should
you use to save the file?

A. File > Save As, GIF
B. File > Save for Web & Devices, GIF
C. File > Save A, PNG-8
D. File > Save for Web & Devices, PNG-8

Correct Answer: B
You are preparing to slice your Photoshop document to prepare it for Web output. Which type of slice will
update if you move or edit layer content?

A. User slice
B. Auto slice
C. Layer slice
D. Guide slice

Correct Answer: C
You are working with a Curves adjustment layer. Which should you choose in the Curves dialog box to be
able to lighten or darken a specific area of the image by dragging?

A. the black point eyedropper
B. the white point eyedropper
C. the pencil tool
D. the On-image adjustment tool

Correct Answer: D
You are viewing an image in Photoshop with no current selection. You click on a color adjustment icon in
the Adjustments panel. How will the color adjustment affect the image?

A. Photoshop applies the adjustment directly to the entire image layer.
B. Photoshop applies the adjustment to the portion of the image layer viewable in the document window.
C. Photoshop creates an adjustment layer and applies the adjustment to the entire adjustment layer.
D. Photoshop creates an adjustment layer that includes a layer mask that will be black by default.

Correct Answer: C
You are using a Curves adjustment to adjust the color of an image. You have set the Curves to display
light levels rather than percentages. Moving the point in the top portion of the curve has the greatest affect
on which pixels in the image?

A. highlights
B. midtones
C. shadows
D. fill light

Correct Answer: A
In the Adjustments panel which method should you use to increase color saturation while preventing skin
tones from being oversaturated?

A. Select Relative in Selective Color
B. Increase Vibrance value in Vibrance
C. Increase the Gamma setting in Exposure
D. Select Preserve Luminosity in Color Balance

Correct Answer: B
When using the Brush tool, which blending mode will allow you to paint with the hue and saturation of your
blend color while preserving the luminance of the base color?

A. Hue
B. Color
C. Saturation
D. Luminosity

Correct Answer: B
You are painting on a layer using the Brush tool with the airbrush option turned off, a flow of 20% and an
opacity of 50%. Which action will result in the building up of the swatch color to a specific area of the
image beyond the flow percentage but not exceeding the opacity setting?

A. Keeping the mouse button depressed while holding the mouse still.
B. Dragging over the same area of the image repeatedly without lifting the mouse button.
C. Holding down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and dragging over the same area of the image repeatedly without lifting the mouse button.
D. Holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) and dragging over the same area of the image repeatedly without lifting the mouse button.

Correct Answer: B
You are painting with the Brush tool. You would like the paint to build up when you hold down the mouse
button. What should you do?

A. Set the blending mode to Darken
B. Set the blending mode to Multiply
C. Turn off the Airbrush

D. Turn on the Airbrush
Correct Answer: D
You are creating a custom brush by using the Brushes panel. What do Jitter percentages specify? Options:
A. The randomness of various brush attributes.
B. The direction of a brush tip on its x or y-axis.
C. The fade of a brush attributes over a set number of steps.
D. The variance of brush attributes based on pen pressure.

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