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Adobe 9A0-150 Testing, Recenty Updated Adobe 9A0-150 Dumps PDF For Sale

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You have an RGB image open.In the Layers panel, you have added a Curves adjustment layer above your
image layer, but you would like to limit this adjustment to only the yellow tones of the image.
What should you do?

A. Adjust only the Blue curve in the Adjustments panel.
B. Select the adjustment layer s mask in the Layers panel, and use the Masks panel s Color Range option.
C. Add a Selective Color adjustment layer, and link it to the Curves adjustment layer.
D. Copy the yellow channel in the Channels panel, and paste it into the Curves adjustment layer mask.

Correct Answer: B
You added a Levels adjustment layer and experimented with different settings. Now you want to start over
again with the default settings.
What should you do?

A. Click the Auto button in the Adjustments panel.
B. Choose Reset Levels from the Adjustments panel menu.
C. Choose Reset Styles from the Styles panel menu.
D. Click the Previous State icon in the Adjustments panel.
Correct Answer: B
Click the Exhibit button.

You want to lighten and bring out detail in the dark statue in this photograph without making the sky too light. You add a Curves adjustment layer and set an anchor point on the curve to protect the highlights. What should you do next?
A. Select the On-image Adjustment tool in the Adjustments panel. Then click on a dark tone in the statue and drag vertically.
B. Select the Black Eyedropper tool in the Adjustments panel. Then click on a dark tone in the statue and drag vertically.
C. Select the Gray Eyedropper tool in the Adjustments panel. Then click on a dark tone in the statue and drag horizontally.
D. Select the White Eyedropper tool in the Adjustments panel. Then hold the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac OS) as you click on a dark tone in the statue and drag horizontally.

Correct Answer: A
You create a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, and want to adjust the hue of a color in the image. After you choose the On-image adjustment tool in the Adjustments panel, what should you do?
A. Click on the color in the image, and drag up or down.
B. Click on the color in the image, and drag left or right. 15 / 28 The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
C. Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) on the color in the image, and drag left or right.
D. Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) on the color in the image, and drag left or right.

Correct Answer: D
You want to convert a photograph to grayscale. When you choose Image > Mode > Grayscale, the
different areas of the image appear too similar in tone.
Which method should you use to get better results?

A. Add a Black & White adjustment layer.
B. Use Hue/Saturation or Curves to adjust the image s color range before converting to grayscale.
C. Choose Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.
D. Choose Filter > Convert for Smart Filters before converting to grayscale.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 65
You have a color image that you want to convert to grayscale. You would like to use a Black & White
adjustment layer to accomplish that, but it is unavailable in the Adjustments panel.
What might be the cause of that?

A. The image is in CMYK mode.
B. The currently selected layer is a shape layer.
C. The currently selected layer is a type layer.
D. The image is in 16 Bits/Channel mode.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 66
What does the Photomerge feature use to blend multiple photographs into a multi-layered panorama?
A. Layer masks
B. Adjustment layers
C. Layer blending modes
D. Layer comps

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 67
You are trying to merge photos into a panorama, but Photomerge is having trouble aligning your photos. What amount of overlap is optimal when shooting photographs for Photomerge to best align them?
A. About 10%
B. About 25%
C. About 40%
D. About 70%

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 68
You are adjusting a combined HDR image in the Merge to HDR Pro dialog box, using the Local Adaptation tone-mapping method. You want to add contrast between the shadow and highlight areas of the image. Which control should you adjust?
A. The Gamma slider
B. The Exposure slider 16 / 28 The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
C. The Vibrance slider
D. The Radius slider

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 69
Which lens-related errors can be corrected in the Auto Correction tab of the Lens Correction filter?
A. Geometric Distortion, Chromatic Aberration, and Vignette
B. Lens flare, Geometric Distortion, and Chromatic Aberration
C. Lens flare, Chromatic Aberration, and Vignette
D. Dust spots, Geometric Distortion, and Vignette

Correct Answer: A
Why might you want to adjust vignetting in the Custom tab of the Lens Correction filter? (Choose two.)
A. To draw the viewers attention to the center of a photograph.
B. To reduce the dark corners in a photograph shot with a wide-angle lens.
C. To increase the contrast from dark to light vertically (top to bottom) or horizontally (left to right) in the image.
D. To correct vertical or horizontal perspective in a photograph.
E. To apply a radial gradient that frames the subject of a photograph.

Correct Answer: AB
You have a photograph open and have opened the Basic view of the Smart Sharpen dialog box. You
notice that your adjustments have added too much noise in the shadow areas. You switch to Advanced
What should you do there?

A. Increase the Fade Amount setting in the Shadow tab.
B. Change the Remove option to Lens Blur in the Sharpen tab.
C. Check the More Accurate option in the Sharpen tab.
D. Decrease the Fade Amount setting in the Highlight tab.

Correct Answer: A
You want to sharpen a photograph.
What should you do to prevent significant color shifts?

A. Sharpen each channel separately.
B. Sharpen only the Blue channel.
C. Use the Reduce Noise filter on each channel before sharpening.
D. Duplicate the layer, set it to the Luminosity blending mode, and sharpen it.

Correct Answer: D
You are using the Healing Brush tool to reduce dark undereye circles in a photograph of a face. Which is the best blending mode to choose from the Mode menu in the Options bar?
A. Lighten
B. Screen
C. Luminosity
D. Replace 17 / 28 The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

Correct Answer: A
You are retouching a portrait, and you want your changes to be located on a separate layer so you can
hide or show them.
Which retouching tool allows this?

A. The Patch tool
B. The Spot Healing Brush tool
C. The Color Replacement tool
D. The Red Eye tool

Correct Answer: B
You have shot overlapping photographs of a wide landscape and then used Photomerge to align and
merge the photographs into a panorama. The result has large areas of transparent pixels at the top and
bottom of the image.
Which is the best way to eliminate those blank areas without deleting any part of the image?

A. Select the transparent pixels; then choose Edit > Fill and choose Content-Aware from the Use menu.
B. Select the transparent pixels, choose Select > Inverse, and then choose Image > Crop.
C. Select the transparent pixels. Then select the Patch tool, enlarge the brush tip, and click and drag inside the selection.
D. Select the Spot Healing Brush tool, and choose the Content-Aware and Replace options in the options bar. Paint over the transparent pixels.
Correct Answer: A
Click the Exhibit button.

You want to remove the palm fronds at the top of the photograph on the left to achieve the result on the
Which is likely to be the most effective feature to use?

A. Content-Aware Fill
B. Content-Aware Scale
C. The Patch tool
D. The Healing Brush tool 18 / 28 The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

Correct Answer: A
Which task is Puppet Warp mode most useful for?
A. Retouching a profile of a model to make his nose appear less prominent
B. Creating a logo by warping an editable type layer to follow a curved path
C. Transforming a horizontal (“landscape”) photograph into a vertical (“portrait”) photograph
D. Creating a navigation bar of web buttons in which the shape of one button is automatically applied to the other buttons

Correct Answer: A
You shot a photograph of a model for a magazine ad. Your client wants you to make her look more
Which features are best for accomplishing this task? (Choose two.)

A. Puppet Warp
B. The Liquify filter
C. The Healing Brush tool
D. The Distort command
E. The Displace filter

Correct Answer: AB
You are adjusting a raw photograph in Camera Raw, and you want to increase contrast in the midtones of
the photograph.
Which Camera Raw control should you use?

A. The Clarity slider
B. The Fill Light slider
C. The Brightness slider
D. The Recovery slider

Correct Answer: A
You want to adjust the brightness of the lightest highlights in a raw photograph. Which control should you use in Camera Raw?
A. Exposure
B. Brightness
C. White Balance
D. Contrast
Correct Answer: A

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