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Valid Apple 9L0-401 Download IT Exam Study Flydumps To Pass Exam Easily

Exam A
A user reports that USB devices intermittently stop responding when connected to his PowerBook, but work properly when connected to another Macintosh. Which step would be MOST LIKELY to help you isolate the source of the problem?
A. Launch Activity Viewer and watch to see if any device drivers stop responding.
B. Disconnect all non-USB devices to reduce power consumption on his computer.
C. Restart his computer in verbose mode to see if the USB kernel extension is loading.
D. Unplug all his USB devices, then reconnect and test following a split-half search method.

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
Your Macintosh has been exhibiting system problems, so you need to perform troubleshooting and maintenance. Which two tasks can you execute from another Macintosh after booting your system in FireWire Target Disk Mode? (Choose TWO.)
A. Run Repair Disk from Disk Utility.
B. Run Repair Disk Permissions from Disk Utility.
C. Partition drive (non-destructive) from Disk Utility.
D. Run Secure Erase from Disk Utility to defragment the drive.
E. Enable System Administrator (root) login in NetInfo Manager.

Correct Answer: AB Section: (none) Explanation
Which two utilities can display information about a wide range of system components? (Choose TWO.).
A. Console
B. Setup Assistant
C. System Profiler
D. Internet Connect
E. Network Diagnostics

Correct Answer: AC Section: (none) Explanation
Which three are dynamic service discovery protocols supported by Mac OS X v10.4? (Choose THREE.)
A. Active Directory
B. AppleTalk
C. Bonjour
D. NetInfo

Correct Answer: BCF Section: (none) Explanation
Authorization verifies ________.
A. a file’s creator and type
B. a user’s name and password
C. a computer’s membership in a computer list
D. a resource availability to a given user account

Correct Answer: D Section: (none)Explanation
How can you configure Mac OS X to get authentication information from an LDAP server? (Choose TWO.)
A. Enter the IP address of an LDAP server in the LDAP pane of Network preferences.
B. Use Directory Access to configure Mac OS X to get LDAP information from a DNS server.
C. Use the default configuration, which allows Mac OS X to use a DHCP-supplied LDAP server.
D. Use Sharing preferences to configure Mac OS X to use an Active Directory server as an LDAP server.
E. Use Directory Access to configure Mac OS X with the IP address, type, and search base of a specific LDAP server.

Correct Answer: CE Section: (none) Explanation
Fred wants to upload PDF files to a printing company FTP server. He uses Connect to Server in Mac OS X v10.4 to access the FTP server, and he is able to download files from the server, but he is not able to upload his files. How can Fred resolve this issue?
A. Use an FTP client other than Connect to Server.
B. Enable FTP write access in Finder preferences.
C. Enable the FTP Proxy in the Proxies pane of Network preferences.
D. Start FTP Access in the Services pane of Sharing preferences on his computer.

Correct Answer: A Section: (none)Explanation
Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 8
Network users often have multiple passwords, a distinct password for each network service they access. Which is NOT a valid way to simplify this situation for users in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. Set up a Kerberos environment on the network.
B. Have users store their login information for different servers in Keychain.
C. Set up a directory service to make user and password information available to all computers.
D. Have users enable the Single Sign-on option in the Authentication pane of Network preferences.

Correct Answer: D Section: (none)Explanation
In Mac OS X v10.4, you CANNOT turn off the ________ service discovery protocol.
C. Bonjour
D. AppleTalk

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
You are having issues sending and receiving mail from the Mail application in Mac OS X. Which is a valid troubleshooting step?
A. Use Connection Doctor in Mail to identify Mail connection problems.
B. Use the Email pane in Network Utility to verify that mail servers are operational.
C. Click the Reset Server Settings button in Mail preferences and re-enter the mail server addresses.
D. Use Network Utility from another computer to perform a port scan on your computer and verify that the POP and SMTP ports are open.

Correct Answer: A