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FLYDUMPS – Take Your Apple 9L0-508 Exam With All New Questions And Answers Download

Exam A
Which statement is true of starting up in Safe Mode in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. Items in /Library/StartupItems are executed.
B. Items in /System/Library/StartupItems are executed.
C. The launchd process launches items in /Library/LaunchDaemons.
D. The launchd process launches items in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons.
Correct Answer: D
What are two reasons to use burn folders rather than disk images to archive files onto CD or DVD? (Choose TWO.)
A. Burn folders take less time to create than disk images.
B. Burn folders take up less hard disk space than disk images.
C. Burn folders are deleted automatically after burning; disk images are not.
D. Contents of unlocked burn folders can be updated; contents of unlock disk images cannot.
E. Burn folders automatically compress files during the burn process; disk images compress files only if a compressedimage format is chosen in advance.
Correct Answer: AB
How do you configure your Mac OS X v10.4 computer to allow other Mac OS X computers to send faxes through your computer?
A. In Printer Setup Utility, choose Enable Sharing from the Fax/Modem menu.
B. Click the checkbox for Fax Sharing in the Services pane of Sharing preferences.
C. Select Printer Sharing in the Services pane of Sharing preferences, and click the Allow fax sharing checkbox.
D. Enable the Let others send faxes through this computer option in the Sharing pane of Print & Fax preferences.
Correct Answer: D
What is one task the Migration Assistant performs in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. Migrates all user data that resides on diverse computers onto a single computer.
B. Configures its host computer with settings from the Mac OS 9 Multiple Users control panel.
C. Prepares its host computer to be reassigned to another user by storing all user information in a disk image.
D. Configures its host computer with user data and settings from another computer attached in target disk mode.
Correct Answer: D

In Mac OS X v10.4, how do you enable printing to a printer shared by a Windows computer?
A. In Printer Setup Utility, select the workgroup and printer from the Default Browser pane in the Printer Browser window,and click Add.
B. From the Printing pane of Print & Fax preferences, choose Windows Printers in the pop-up menu, then select theworkgroup and printer.
C. In the Print dialog, choose the workgroup from the Windows Printer entry in the Printer pop-up menu, then select theprinter from the list.
D. In Printer Setup Utility, click More Printers in the Printer Browser window and choose Windows Printing from the pop-upmenu, then choose the workgroup, select the printer, and click Add.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6
Using Workgroup Manager, you can select and configure Access Control Lists (ACLs) for ________.
A. files and folders
B. users and groups
C. folders and sharepoints
D. all items in a file system

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 7
A user reports that her Mac OS X v10.4 system is speaking every item on the screen. What action is MOST LIKELY to stop this behavior?
A. Restart the computer.
B. Turn down the Alert volume in Sound preferences.
C. Turn off VoiceOver in Universal Access preferences.
D. Turn off Apple Speakable Items in Speech preferences.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 8
Where on a Mac OS X v10.4 client computer is managed client data stored after the user logs in?
A. In /Library
B. In /System/Library
C. In the System keychain
D. In the local NetInfo database

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 9
You are configuring a user account in Workgroup Manager. Which password type should you choose if you want users to authenticate via a Mac OS X Server password server?
A. Crypt
B. Shadow
C. Open Directory
D. Kerberos Distribution

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 10
What feature of Mac OS X Server provides permissions compatibility between Mac OS X clients and Windows NT clients?
A. Samba Windows Registry
B. Access Control Lists
C. POSIX permissions
D. NFS permissions

Correct Answer: B