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Cisco 820-427 Study Material, Most Hottest Cisco 820-427 Exam Dump With New Discount

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What two statements correctly describe vision or mission? (Choose two.)
A. A mission is a statement of the purpose of a company.
B. A vision is what a company wants to become in the mid-term or long-term future.
C. A vision describes actions the organization will take to achieve specific goals.
D. A mission identifies the company’s planned investments to increase revenue.
E. A vision is only used by for-profit companies.
F. A mission is only used by public sector organizations.
Correct Answer: AB
What two statements are true about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? (Choose two.)
A. A KPI is a quantifiable metric of the performance of essential operations and/or processes in an organization.
B. A KPI provides the focal point for identifying how much risk a company can take in trying to avoid government fines.
C. A KPI could reflect the performance of Service Providers in achieving their goals and objectives.
D. KPIs are based on judgment, and therefore should be used carefully when defining the value of a technology solution.
Correct Answer: AC
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

QUESTION 4 Select and Place:

Correct Answer: QUESTION 5 Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Question Set 1
Which is a critical first step when thinking about how to communicate technical content to a senior business manager?
A. Identify a person on her staff who can explain details.
B. Listen to the customer to understand her KPIs.
C. Plan out your message to explain potential options.
D. Draft a high level message using language pulled from the top IT vendors.
Correct Answer: B
Your company wants to increase sales by selling in new countries and by getting more repeat orders and revenue from current customers. What is one technique that can help to communicate how technology solutions can improve business outcomes?
A. Prepare a detailed cause and effect model.
B. Benchmark different technology solutions to identify the best mix of hardware and software.
C. Prepare a visual diagram showing the current business operation and possible future scenarios with different technology solutions in place.
D. Create a document that has a summary of current problems followed by detailed descriptions of technology features that reduce operating costs.
Correct Answer: C
When asked about IT skills gaps, where does “Speak business language” fall in a list of concerns?
A. “Speak business language” would be helpful to improve, but not among the most critcal gaps.
B. The ranking varies depending on the industry and whether the business person is new in their job.
C. “Speak business language” is consistently mentioned as a top concern for IT professionals.
D. “Speak business language” is a very low priority but moving higher because business people need to learn the terms for technologies like cloud.
Correct Answer: C
What is a recommended technique for building a good relationship with someone who has a dominanting or very strong personality?
A. 1. Be direct and clear. 2. Stick to the topic, with little discussion about things outside of work.
B. 1. Use humor to create an informal environment. 2. Use emotional language or speak in extreme terms — like “outstanding” or “I love that idea”.
C. 1. Make sure to get your points out first and explain why they are right. 2. Be prepared for criticism and have a couple of topics ready where you will immediately give in.
D. 1. Discuss the person’s interests outside of work. 2. Limit the conversation to just two topics, since the conversation will likely go into detailed stories about experiences.
Correct Answer: A
Which two communications or interpersonal skills are critical for an Enterprise IT Business Specialist? (Choose two.)
A. Ability to build relationships
B. Ability to explain design decisions in multiple languages
C. Ability to plan and schedule complex data migration
D. Ability to influence others
E. Ability to interpret financial statements
Correct Answer: AD
Which is a critical first step when thinking about how to communicate technical content to a senior business manager?
A. Identify a person on their staff who can explain details to them
B. Gather information and assess their level of interest and knowledge about technical topics
C. Plan out your message to explain the problem, situation and options – before communicating a decision or recommendation
D. Draft a high level message, which uses terms and language pulled from web sites from the top IT vendors
Correct Answer: B
Which is a recommended approach for gaining trust from stakeholders that you understand their needs?
A. Keep the conversations very specific to your areas of technical expertise.
B. Start discussions at a high level before focusing on detailed technical items.
C. Explain how you are fixing problems followed by asking questions such as where lower expenses fall in their list of priorities.
D. Start the discussion by providing examples of what you have done for other departments in the past.
Correct Answer: B Question Set 1
Business departments have each selected one person to represent their needs for an improved reporting system. Which is a recommended way to capture, confirm, and prioritize the requirements of the group of departments?
A. Conduct individual interviews then summarize the inputs.
B. Send out a survey to the representatives and the managers of each department.
C. Conduct one or more workshop sessions.
D. Distribute two industry benchmark reports then run a conference call to hear opinions and answer questions.
Correct Answer: C
What is a primary benefit of asking questions to stakeholders who do not have strong decision authority over project funding, but who do have relevant experience?
A. It shows them that you are interested in their opinions.
B. The more data, the better.
C. It can find requirements or opportunities that are relevant to future discussions.
D. It shows the decision makers you are taking the initiative to get input from people that they might not have identified for interviews.
Correct Answer: C
Which two are characteristics of using effective questions to gather information? (Choose two.)
A. They do not bias or influence the respondent to agree with the interviewer’s opinion.
B. They should be structured for a simple “yes” or “no” response.
C. They provide a scenario, so that the respondent can make assumptions in providing her answer.
D. Each question is independent of other questions that may be asked during an interview.
E. They may be tailored to the audience, or could be a standard set of questions for a group of respondents.
Correct Answer: AE
Which discovery methods or aids are typically free?
A. Unlimited access to all reports from conferences run by research firms
B. Government reports on the availability of access to broadband within different emerging countries
C. Analysis of private company expenditures on technology
D. White papers authored by consultants, industry professionals, analyst firms, or vendors
Correct Answer: D
Which discovery methods or aids typically cost a fee?
A. White papers authored by consultants, industry professionals, analyst firms, or vendors
B. Unlimited access to all reports from conferences run by research firms
C. Primary Research
D. Crowdsharing
Correct Answer: B
Which two are examples of open-ended questions? (Choose two.)
A. What switch models do you currently use in your network?
B. What are the main reasons why customers prefer ordering services from you?
C. What is the planned ROI for this new implementation?
D. What do you think about the future of the Data Center market?
E. What are your working hours?
F. Does your existing infrastructure maintenance become more problematic each year?
Correct Answer: BD
Which two are true of closed questions? (Choose two.)
A. Closed questions are used to retrieve facts.
B. Respondents can answer closed questions more quickly because they seek a limited amount of detail.
C. Closed questions are used to retrieve opinions.
D. Closed questions are used to make decisions based on the data in a report.
E. Closed questions are excellent for workshops where you need people to come to a consensus about a design decision.
Correct Answer: AB

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Cisco 820-427 Study Material, Most Hottest Cisco 820-427 Exam Dump With New Discount


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