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Which description is correct about the operational state of the FastEthernet 0/0 interface on the basis of the exhibit below?

A. The interface is generating protocol errors.
B. The interface has failed because of a media error.
C. The interface is operational and currently handling traffic.
D. The interface requires a no shutdown command to be issued.
Correct Answer: C
Two certways routers are connected as shown below:
certways1 configuration exhibit:
certways2 configuration exhibit:
Two routers named certways1 and certways2 are connected by their serial interfaces as shown in the
exhibit, but there is no data connectivity between them. The certways1 router is known to have a correct
configuration. Given the partial configurations shown in the exhibit, what is the problem on the certways2
router that is causing the lack of connectivity?

A. A loopback is not set.
B. The IP address is incorrect.
C. The subnet mask is incorrect.
D. The serial line encapsulations are incompatible.
Correct Answer: B
You work as a network technician at P4S. Please study the exhibit carefully.
The router console screen is rapidly displaying line after line of output similar to what is shown in the
exhibit. The help desk has called to say that users are reporting a slowdown in the network. What will solve
this problem while not interrupting network operation?
A. Enter the no debug all command.
B. Save the configuration and reboot the router.
C. Press the CTRL+C keys.
D. Use the show processes command.
Correct Answer: A
According to the exhibit below. Information about P4S-RA, including platform and IP addresses, should not be accessible from the Internet due to security reasons. However, this information needs to be accessible to devices on the internal networks of P4S-RA. Which command or series of commands will achieve these goals?

A. P4S-RA(config)#no cdp enable
B. P4S-RA(config)#interface s0/0 P4S-RA(config-if)#no cdp run
C. P4S-RA(config)#no cdp run
D. P4S-RA(config)#interface s0/0 P4S-RA(config-if)#no cdp enable
Correct Answer: D
Which will be the result of adding this command to a router already configured for dynamic routing? ip route
A. It configures the router to block routing updates from being sent to IP address
B. It configures the router to drop all packets for which the destination network is unknown.
C. It configures the router as a firewall, blocking all packets from IP address
D. It configures the router to send all packets to IP address if the packets match no other entry in the routing table.
Correct Answer: D
Look at the picture: A.

Correct Answer:
Look at the following exhibit. You are a network administrator for certways. You need to install a network device in the place of the icon labeled Network Device to accommodate a leased line attachment to the Internet. To meet the minimum requirements for this installation, which network device and interface configuration would you use?

A. a router with two Ethernet interfaces
B. a switch with two Ethernet interfaces
C. a switch with one Ethernet and one serial interface
D. a router with one Ethernet and one serial interface
Correct Answer: D
You are a network technician for certways Ltd. Study the graphic carefully, you are tasked to connect a Cisco router to a Catalyst switch as displayed and you are also working on a computer connected to the management console of the switch. In order to configure the default gateway for the switch, you should learn the IP address of the attached router interface. Which IOS command will provide this information in the absence of Layer 3 connectivity?

A. ping switch_ip_address
B. show ip rarp
C. ping router_ip_address
D. show cdp neighbors detail
Correct Answer: D
Which command would configure a default route to any destination network not found in the routing table?
A. P4S-R(config)# ip route s0
B. P4S-R(config)# ip default-route s0
C. P4S-R(config)# ip default-route s0
D. P4S-R(config)# ip route s0
Correct Answer: D
According to the exhibit below. P4S-PC1 pings P4S-PC2. Which three things will P4S-CORE router do with the data received from P4S-PC1? (Choose three.)

A. The data frames will be forwarded out interface FastEthernet0/1 of P4S-CORE router.
B. The data frames will be forwarded out interface FastEthernet1/0 of P4S-CORE router
C. P4S-CORE router will place the MAC address of P4S-PC2 in the destination MAC address of the frames.
D. P4S-CORE router will put the MAC address of the forwarding FastEthernet interface in the place of the source MAC address.
Correct Answer: BCD
According to the exhibit below. Configuring P4S-R1 and P4S-R3 with RIPv2. What are the minimum network commands required on P4S-R2 for all networks to converge?

A. (config-router)# network
B. (config-router)# network (config-router)# network
C. config-router)# network (config-router)# network (config-router)# network
D. (config-router)# network (config-router)# network (config-router)# network
Correct Answer: C
The command ip route 20 was performed on a router. No
routing protocols or other static routes are configured on the router.
Which statement
best describes this command?

A. The interface with IP address is on this router.
B. The command sets a gateway of last resort for the router.
C. Packets that are destined for host will be sent to
D. The number 20 indicates the number of hops to the destination network.
Correct Answer: C
What does the address stand for on the basis of the following exhibit?

A. the router from which the file startup-config is being transferred
B. the TFTP server from which the file router-confg is being transferred
C. the TFTP server from which the file startup-config is being transferred
D. the TFTP server to which the file router-confg is being transferred
Correct Answer: D
Tom is a network technician for the P4S company. Observe the exhibit carefully. He is trying to use
HyperTerminal to configure a new router by use of the settings presented.
Why Tom can’t
connect to the router?
A. The bits per second should be set to 9600.
B. Parity should be set to mark.
C. The stop bits should be set to 2.
D. The data bits should be set to 6.
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 65
There are three locations in a school district of a large city: P4S-M, P4S-W and P4S-U. The network connection between two of these locations has already functioned. Configure the P4S-M router IP addresses on the E0 and S0 interfaces so that the E0 receives the first usable subnet while the S0 receives the second usable subnet from the network Both interfaces would receive the last available IP address on the proper subnet.

Correct Answer:
Look at the following exhibit. You are a technician for certways. The configurations in the exhibit are pasted into the two new routers shown. Otherwise, the routers are configured with their default configurations. You cannot ping from P4S-Host1 to P4S-Host2, but you can ping the S0/0 interface of P4S-R2 from P4S-Host1. You have verified the configurations of the hosts and they are correct. What caused the problem?

A. The serial cable on P4S-R1 needs to be replaced.
B. P4S-R1 has no route to the network.
C. The interfaces on P4S-R2 are not configured properly.
D. The IP addressing scheme has overlapping subnetworks.
Correct Answer: B
Topic – Explain and select the appropriate administrative tasks required for a WLAN.
Describe standards associated with wireless media (including: IEEE WI-FI Alliance, ITU/FCC)
Identify and describe the purpose of the components in a small wireless network. (including: SSID, BSS,
Identify the basic parameters to configure on a wireless network to ensure that devices connect to the
correct access point
Compare and contrast wireless security features and capabilities of WPA security (including: open, WEP,
Identify common issues with implementing wireless networks Answer & Explanation

Correct Answer:
The protocol that provides the information displayed by the show cdp neighbors command may operate at a layer of the OSI model. Which level is it?
A. network
B. physical
C. transport
D. data link
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 69
In an effort to increase security within the certways wireless network, WPA is being utilized. Which two statements shown below best describe the wireless security standard that is defined by WPA? (Choose two)
A. It specifies use of a static encryption key that must be changed frequently to enhance security.
B. It requires use of an open authentication method.
C. It specifies the use of dynamic encryption keys that change each time a client establishes a connection.
D. It includes authentication by PSK.
Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 70
You work as a network technician for certways and are responsible for this network. And you have chosen WPA over WEP in their wireless network. What is one reason why WPA encryption is preferred over WEP in this network?
A. WPA key values remain the same until the client configuration is changed.
B. A WPA key is longer and requires more special characters than the WEP key.
C. The access point and the client are manually configured with different WPA key values.
D. The values of WPA keys can change dynamically while the system is used.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 71
While moving from one access point to another, which wireless LAN design ensures that a mobile wireless client would not lose connectivity?
A. configuring all access points to use the same channel
B. recommended overlap in cell coverage is 15 to 20%
C. utilizing MAC address filtering to allow the client MAC address to authenticate with the surrounding APs
D. using adapters and access points manufactured by the same company
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 72
The Wi-Fi logo is a registered mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. When the Wi-Fi logo appears on a wireless access point or client adapter, which two of these does it signify? (Choose two.)
A. The Wi-Fi Alliance has tested this device and determined that it meets IEEE WLAN standards.
B. The access point or client adapter has been manufactured by the Wireless Fidelity company.
C. The manufacturer of the equipment has paid the Wi-Fi Alliance to market its products.
D. The Wi-Fi Alliance has verified that the device can interoperate with other devices using the same standards.
Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 73
As the certways network administrator, you need to troubleshoot an interference issue with the certways wireless LAN. Which two devices can interfere with the operation of this network because they operate on similar frequencies? (choose two)
A. AM radio
B. microwave oven
C. toaster
D. cordless phone
Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 74
Install and configure three access points to cover a small office. Which one of the following terms defines the wireless topology?
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 75
You are a network technician. You have just installed a single 802.11g access point in the center of a square office. Some wireless users come across slow performance and drops when most users are operating at peak efficiency. Which three items most likely cause this problem? (Choose three.)
A. mismatched TKIP encryption
B. cordless phones
C. metal file cabinets
D. antenna type or direction
Correct Answer: BCD QUESTION 76
Which encryption type will be used by WPA2?
D. PPK via IV
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 77
Refer to the exhibit. What two facts can be determined from the WLAN diagram? (Choose two.)

A. The area of overlap of the two cells represents a basic service set (BSS).
B. The network diagram represents an extended service set (ESS).
C. Access points in each cell must be configured to use channel 1.
D. The two APs should be configured to operate on different channels.
Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 78
Assuming that you are a network technician, can you tell me which two practices help secure the configuration utilities on wireless access points from unauthorized access? (Choose two.)
A. assigning a private IP address to the AP
B. changing the default SSID value
C. configuring a new administrator password
D. changing the mixed mode setting to single mode
Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 79
Which protocol will be used by a network host to resolve a destination IPv4 address to a destination MAC address?
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 80
Topic – Identify security threats to a network and describe general methods to mitigate those threats.
Explain today’s increasing network security threats and the need to implement a comprehensive security policy to mitigate the threats
Explain general methods to mitigate common security threats to network devices, hosts, and applications Describe the functions of common security appliances and applications Describe security recommended practices including initial steps to secure network devices
Correct Answer:
As a network administrator, you would configure port security on a switch. Why?
A. in order to prevent unauthorized hosts from accessing the LAN
B. in order to prevent unauthorized Telnet access to a switch port
C. in order to protect the IP and MAC address of the switch and associated ports
D. in order to limit the number of Layer 2 broadcasts on a particular switch port
Correct Answer: A
What objective does an IDS accomplish?
A. hide the private IP addressing structure from outside attackers
B. perform stateful firewall functions
C. detect malicious traffic and send alerts to a management station
D. block suspicious network activity from entering the network
Correct Answer: C
The certways administrator is concerned with enhancing network security. To do this, what are two recommended ways of protecting network device configuration files from outside security threats on the network?(Choose two.)
A. Always use Telnet to access the device command line because its data is automatically encrypted.
B. Use a firewall to restrict access from the outside to the network devices.
C. Allow unrestricted access to the console or VTY ports.
D. Use SSH or another encrypted and authenticated transport to access device configurations.
Correct Answer: BD
Choose from the following the effect of using the service password-encryption command.
A. Only the enable password will be encrypted.
B. It will encrypt all current and future passwords.
C. Only the enable secret password will be encrypted.
D. Only passwords configured after the command has been entered will be encrypted.
Correct Answer: B
To protect network device configuration files from outside network security threats, what should you do? (Choose two.)
A. Allow unrestricted access to the console or VTY ports.
B. Use a firewall to restrict access from the outside to the network devices.
C. Use SSH or another encrypted and authenticated transport to access device configurations.
D. Always use Telnet to access the device command line because its data is automatically encrypted.
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