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When synchronizing clusters, which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. User Authentication connections will be lost by the cluster
B. An SMTP resource connection using CVP will be maintained by the cluster
C. Only cluster members running on the same OS platform can be synchronized
D. In the case of a failover, accounting information on the failed member may be lost despite a properly working synchronization

Correct Answer: B
Identify the correct steps performed by SmartUpdate to upgrade a remote Security Gateway. After selecting “Packages: add?from CD”, the:
A. Entire Contents of the CD are copied to the packages directory on the selected remote security gateway
B. Selected Package is copied to the packages directory on the selected remote security gateway
C. Selected package is copied to the package repository on the SmartCenter Server
D. Entire contents of the CD are copied to the Package Repository on the SmartCenter Server

Correct Answer: C
What is the command in SecurePlatform Expert shell used to add routes without the use of sysconfig or the WebUI?
A. ip route
B. sysconfig route
C. ifroute
D. ifconfig

Correct Answer: A
You want to upgrade a cluster with two members to VPN-1 NGX R65. The SmartCenter server and both
members are version VPN-1/Firewall-1 NG FP3, with the latest Hotfix.
What is the correct upgrade procedure?

Change the version, in the General Properties of the gateway-cluster object

Upgrade the SmartCenter Server and reboot after upgrade

Run cpstop on one member, while leaving the other member running. Upgrade one member at a time and reboot after upgrade

Reinstall the Security Policy:
A. 3,2,1,4
B. 2,3,1,4
C. 1,3,2,4
D. 2,4,3,1
Correct Answer: B
Which utility allows you to configure the DHCP service on SecurePlatform from the command line?
A. Cpconfig
B. WebUI
C. Ifconfig
D. Sysconfig
Correct Answer: D
In ClusterXL, which of the following processes are defined by default as critical devices?
A. fwd
B. assid
C. cpp
D. fwm

Correct Answer: A
Which command line interface utility allows the administrator to verify the name and timestamp of the Security Policy currently installed on a firewall module?
A. fw stat
B. fw ctl pstat
C. cpstat fwd
D. fw ver

Correct Answer: A
The command fw fetch causes the:
A. Security gateway to retrieve the compiled policy and inspect code from the SmartCenter Server and install it to the kernel
B. SmartCenter Server to retrieve the debug logs of the target security gateway
C. SmartCenter Server to retrieve the IP addresses of the target security gateway
D. Security Gateway to retrieve the user database information from the tables on the SmartCenter Server

Correct Answer: A
Where is it necessary to configure historical records in SmartView Monitor to generate Express reports in Eventia Reporter?
A. In Eventia Reporter, under Standard > Custom
B. In Eventia Reporter, under Express> Network Activity
C. In SmartView Monitor, under Global Properties > Log and Masters
D. In SmartDashboard, the SmartView Monitor page in the VPN-1 Security Gateway object
Correct Answer: D
SmartCenter Server
A. Purges the current log file and starts a new log file
B. Saves the current log file names the log file by data and time and starts a new log file
C. Prompts you to enter a filename, then saves the log file
D. Purges the current log and prompts you for the new log’s mode
Correct Answer: B
Central License Management allows a Security Administrator to perform which of the following functions?
A. 2,3,4,5
B. Attach and/or delete only NGX Central Licenses to a remote module (not Local Licenses)
C. 2,5,6
D. Check for expired licenses
E. 1,2,5,6
F. Sort licenses and view license properties
G. Delete both NGX Local licenses and Central licenses from a remote module
H. 1,2,3,4,5
I. Add or remove a license to or from the license repository
J. Attach both NGX Central Local licenses to a remote module

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is NOT true for clientless VPN?
A. The Gateway accepts any encryption method that is proposed by the client and supported in the VPN
B. Secure communication is provided between clients and servers that support HTTP
C. User Authentication is supported
D. The Gateway can enforce the use of strong encryption

Correct Answer: B
Control connections between the SmartCenter Server and the Gateway are not encryptd by the VPN Community. How are these connections secured?
A. They are not encrypted but are authenticated by the Gateway
B. They are secured by PPTP
C. They are encrypted and authenticated using SIC
D. They are not secured

Correct Answer: C
Which VPN-1 NGX R65 component displays the number of packets accepted, rejected and dropped on a specific Security Gateway, in real time?
A. Eventia Analyzer
B. SmartView Status
C. SmartUpdate
D. SmartView Monitor
Correct Answer: A
What happens when you select File > Export from the SmartView Tracker Menu?
A. Current logs are exported to a new *.log file
B. Exported log entries are deleted from fw.log
C. Logs in fw.log are exported to a file that can be opened by Microsoft Excel
D. Exported log entries are still viewable in SmartView Tracker
Correct Answer: C
Where do you enable popup alerts for SmartDefense settings that have detected suspicious activity?
A. In SmartView Monitor, Select Tools > Alerts
B. In SmartView Tracker, Select tools > Custom commands
C. In SmartDashboard, select global properties > Log and Alert > Alert commands
D. In SmartDashboard, edit the gateway object, select SmartDefense > Alerts

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 127
Which of the following command is a CLI command for VPN-1 NGX R65?
A. fw tab -u
B. fw merge
C. fw shutdown
D. fwprint

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 128
Which SmartConsole component can administrators use to track remote administrative activities?
A. Eventia Reporter
B. SmartView Monitor
C. SmartView Tracker
D. The WebUI

Correct Answer: D

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