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“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 30 Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam Select the correct statement about Secure Internal Communications (SIC) Certificates. SIC Certificates are created:
A. And used for securing internal network communications between SmartView Tracker and an OPSEC device.
B. For the Security Management Server during the Security Management Server installation.
C. For Security Gateways during the Security Gateway installation.
D. To decrease network security by securing administrative communication among the Security Management Servers and the Security Gateway.
Correct Answer: B
Select the correct statement about Secure Internal Communications (SIC) Certificates. SIC Certificates:
A. Increase network security by securing administrative communication with a two-factor challenge response authentication.
B. Uniquely identify machines installed with Check Point software only. They have the same function as RSA Authentication Certificates.
C. Are for Security Gateways created during the Security Management Server installation.
D. Can be used for securing internal network communications between the Security Gateway and an OPSEC device.

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following statements regarding SecureXL and CoreXL is TRUE?
A. SecureXL is an application for accelerating connections.
B. CoreXL enables multi-core processing for program interfaces.
C. SecureXL is only available in R75.
D. CoreXL is included in SecureXL.

Correct Answer: A
Beginning with R75, Software Blades were introduced. One of the Software Blades is the IPS Software Blade as a replacement for SmartDefense. When buying or upgrading to a bundle, some blades are included, e.g. FW, VPN, IPS in SG103. Which statement is NOT true?
A. The license price includes IPS Updates for the first year.
B. The IPS Software Blade can be used for an unlimited time.
C. There is no need to renew the service contract after one year.
D. After one year, it is mandatory to renew the service contract for the IPS Software Blade because it has been bundled with the license when purchased.

Correct Answer: D
You need to plan the company’s new security system. The company needs a very high level of security and also high performance and high throughput for their applications. You need to turn on most of the integrated IPS checks while maintaining high throughput. What would be the BEST solution for this scenario?
A. You need to buy a strong multi-core machine and run R70 or later on SecurePlatform with CoreXL technology enabled.
B. Bad luck, both together can not be achieved.
C. The IPS does not run when CoreXL is enabled.
D. The IPS system does not affect the firewall performance and CoreXL is not needed in this scenario.

Correct Answer: A
John is the Security Administrator in his company. He needs to maintain the highest level of security on the firewalls he manages. He is using Check Point R75. Does he need the IPS Software Blade for achieving this goal?
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 32 Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam
A. No, all IPS protections are active, but can’t be uploaded without the license like SmartDefense.
B. Yes, otherwise no protections can be enabled.
C. Yes, otherwise the firewall will pass all traffic unfiltered and unchecked.
D. No, the Gateway will always be protected and the IPS checks can’t be managed without a license.

Correct Answer: B
Which command allows you to view the contents of an R75 table?
A. fw tab -x <tablename>
B. fw tab -a <tablename>
C. fw tab -s <tablename>
D. fw tab -t <tablename>

Correct Answer: D
Your R75 enterprise Security Management Server is running abnormally on Windows 2003 Server. You decide to try reinstalling the Security Management Server, but you want to try keeping the critical Security Management Server configuration settings intact (i.e., all Security Policies, databases, SIC, licensing etc.) What is the BEST method to reinstall the Server and keep its critical configuration?
A. 1) Run the latest upgrade_export utility to export the configuration 2) Leave the exported – tgz file in %FWDIR\bin. 3) Install the primary security Management Server on top of the current installation 4) Run upgrade_import to Import the configuration.
B. 1) Insert the R75 CD-ROM. and select the option to export the configuration into a . tgz file 2) Skip any upgrade verification warnings since you are not upgrading. 3) Transfer the. tgz file to another networked machine. 4) Download and run the cpclean utility and reboot. 5) Use the R75 CD_ROM to select the upgrade__import option to import the c
C. 1) Download the latest upgrade_export utility and run it from a \ temp directory to export the Configuration. 2) Perform any requested upgrade verification suggested steps. “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 33 Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam 3) Uninstall all R75 packages via Add/Remove Programs and reboot 4) Use smartUpdate to reinstall the Security Management server and reboot 5) Transfer the .tgz file back to the local \ temp. 6) Run upgrade_import to import the configuration.
D. 1) Download the latest upgrade_export utility and run it from a \ temp directory to export the Configuration. 2) Transferee .tgz file to another network machine 3) Uninstall all R75 packages via Add/Remove Programs and reboot 4) Install again using the R75 CD ROM as a primary security management server 5) Reboot and than transfer the .tgz file back to the local\ tem p 6) Run upgcade_import to import the configuration.

Correct Answer: C
Your primary Security Management Server runs on SecurePlatform. What is the easiest way to back up your Security Gateway R75 configuration, including routing and network configuration files?
A. Using the upgrade_export command.
B. Copying the $FWDIR/conf and $FWDIR/lib directory to another location.
C. Run the pre_upgrade_verifier and save the .tgz file to the /temp directory.
D. Using the native SecurePlatform backup utility from command line or in the Web based user interface.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 84
You need to back up the routing, interface, and DNS configuration information from your R75 SecurePlatform Security Gateway. Which backup-and-restore solution do you use?
A. SecurePlatform backup utilities
B. upgrade_export and upgrade_import commands
C. Database Revision Control
D. Manual copies of the $FWDIR/conf directory

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 85
Your R75 primary Security Management Server is installed on SecurePlatform. You plan to schedule the Security Management Server to run fw logswitch automatically every 48 hours.
How do you create this schedule?
A. Create a time object, and add 48 hours as the interval. Open the primary Security Management Server object’s Logs and Masters window, enable Schedule log switch, and select the Time object.
B. Create a time object, and add 48 hours as the interval. Open the Security Gateway object’s Logs and Masters window, enable Schedule log switch, and select the Time object.
C. Create a time object, and add 48 hours as the interval. Select that time object’s Global Properties > Logs and Masters window, to schedule a logswitch.
D. On a SecurePlatform Security Management Server, this can only be accomplished by configuring the fw logswitch command via the cron utility.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 86
Which of the following methods will provide the most complete backup of an R75 configuration?
A. Policy Package Management
B. Copying the $PWDIR\conf and $CPDIR\conf directories to another server
C. upgrade_export command
D. Database Revision Control

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 87
Which of the following commands can provide the most complete restoration of an R75 configuration?
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 35 Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam
A. Cpconfig
B. Upgrade_import
C. fwm dbimport -p
D. cpinfo -recover

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 88
When restoring R75 using the command upgrade > Port. Which of the following items is NOT restored?
A. Licenses
B. Global properties
C. SIC Certificates
D. Route tables

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 89
Your organization’s disaster recovery plan needs an update to the backup and restore section to reap the benefits of the new distributed R75 installation. Your plan must meet the following required and desired objectives:
Required Objective: The Security Policy repository must be backed up no less frequently than every 24
Desired Objective: The R75 components that enforce the Security Polices should be blocked up at least
once a week.

Desired Objective: Back up R75 logs at least once a week
Your disaster recovery plan is as follows:
Use the cron utility to run the upgrade_ export command each night on the Security Management Servers.
Configure the organization’s routine backup software to back up the files created by the upgrade_
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 36

Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam
export command.
Configure the SecurePlatform backup utility to back up the Security Gateways every Saturday night
Use the cron utility to run the upgrade export: command each Saturday niqht on the log servers
Configure an automatic, nightly loqswitch
Configure the organization’s routine backup software to back up the switched logs every night
Upon evaluation, your plan:

A. Meets the required objective but does not meet either desired objective.
B. Does not meet the required objective.
C. Meets the required objective and only one desired objective.
D. Meets the required objective and both desired objectives.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 90
Your company is running Security Management Server R75 on SecurePlatform, which has been migrated through each version starting from Check Point 4.1. How do you add a new administrator account?
A. Using SmartDashboard, under Users, select Add New Administrator
B. Using the Web console on SecurePlatform under Product configuration, select Administrators
C. Using SmartDashboard or cpconf ig
D. Using cpconftg on the Security Management Server, choose Administrators

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 91
Which of the following tools is used to generate a Security Gateway R75 configuration report?
A. ethereal
B. cpinfo “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 37 Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam
C. licview
D. infoview

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 92
Which of the following is a CLI command for Security Gateway R75?
A. fwm policy_print <policyname>
B. fw shutdown
C. fw merge
D. fw tab -u

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 93
What information is provided from the options in this screenshot?

(i)Whether a SIC certificate was generated for the Gateway
(ii)Whether the operating system is SecurePlatform or SecurePlatform Pro
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 38 Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam (iii)Whether this is a standalone or distributed installation
A. (i), (ii) and (iii)
B. (i) and (iii)
C. (i) and (ii)
D. (ii) and (iii)

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 94
Peter is your new Security Administrator. On his first working day, he is very nervous and sets the wrong password three times. His account is locked. What can be done to unlock Peter’s account? Give the BEST answer.
A. You can unlock Peter’s account by using the command fwm unlock_admin -u Peter on the Security Gateway.
B. It is not possible to unlock Peter’s account. You have to install the firewall once again or abstain from Peter’s help.
C. You can unlock Peter’s account by using the command fwm lock_admin -u Peter on the Security Management Server.
D. You can unlock Peter’s account by using the command fwm unlock_admin -u Peter on the Security Management Server.

Correct Answer: C
Which CLI command verifies the number of cores on your firewall machine?
A. fw ctl pstat
B. fw ctl core stat
C. fw ctl multik stat
D. cpstat fw -f core

Correct Answer: C
John currently administers a network using NGX R65.4 on the Security Management Server and NGX R65.2.100 (the VOIP release with the VOIP plug-ins enabled). He wants to upgrade to R75 to get the benefits of Check Point’s Software Blades. What would be the best way of doing this?
A. This can not be done yet as R75 can not manage NGX R65 Gateways due to SmartDefense and IPS mismatch problems.
B. Run upgrade_export on R65 management, then install R75 on this machine and run upgrade_import and re-license the systems to use software blades.
C. Just insert the R75 CD-ROM and run the in-place upgrade.
D. This is not supported today as currently the VOIP Software Blade and VOIP plug-in is not available in R75.

Correct Answer: D
John currently administers a network using single CPU single core servers for the Security Gateways and is running R75. His company is now going to implement VOIP and needs more performance on the Gateways. He is now adding more memory to the systems and also upgrades the CPU to a modern quad core CPU in the server. He wants to use CoreXL technology to benefit from the new performance benchmarks of this technology. How can he achieve this?
A. Nothing needs to be done. SecurePlatform recognized the change during reboot and adjusted all the settings automatically.
B. He just needs to go to cpconfig on the CLI and enable CoreXL. Only a restart of the firewall is required to benefit from CoreXL technology.
C. He needs to reinstall the Gateways because during the initial installation, it was a single-core CPU but the wrong Linux kernel was installed. There is no other upgrade path available.
D. He just needs to go to cpconfig on the CLI and enable CoreXL. After the required reboot he will benefit from the new technology.

Correct Answer: D
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 40 Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam You are running a R75 Security Gateway on SecurePlatform. In case of a hardware failure, you have a server with the exact same hardware and firewall version installed. What backup method could be used to quickly put the secondary firewall into production?
A. upgrade_export
B. manual backup
C. snapshot
D. backup

Correct Answer: C
Before upgrading SecurePlatform, you should create a backup. To save time, many administrators use the command backup. This creates a backup of the Check Point configuration as well as the system configuration.
An administrator has installed the latest HFA on the system for fixing traffic problem after creating a backup file. There is a mistake in the very complex static routing configuration. The Check Point configuration has not been changed. Can the administrator use a restore to fix the errors in static routing?
A. The restore can be done easily by the command restore and selecting the appropriate backup file.
B. A backup cannot be restored, because the binary files are missing.
C. The restore is not possible because the backup file does not have the same build number (version).
D. The restore is done by selecting Snapshot Management from the boot menu of SecurePlatform.

Correct Answer: A
Which operating systems are supported by a Check Point Security Gateway on an open server?
A. Check Point SecurePlatform and Microsoft Windows
B. Sun Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Check Point SecurePlatform, IPSO, Microsoft Windows
C. Check Point SecurePlatform, IPSO, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows
D. Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Sun Solaris, IPSO “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” 41 Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam

Correct Answer: A
You intend to upgrade a Check Point Gateway from R65 to R75. Prior to upgrading, you want to backup the Gateway should there be any problems with the upgrade. Which of the following allows for the Gateway configuration to be completely backed up into a manageable size in the least amount of time?
A. Backup
B. Snapshot
C. Upgrade_export
D. Database_revision

Correct Answer: A
Your network is experiencing connectivity problems and you want to verify if routing problems are present. You need to disable the firewall process but still allow routing to pass through the Gateway running on an IP Appliance running IPSO. What command do you need to run after stopping the firewall service?
A. fw fwd routing
B. ipsofwd on admin
C. fw load routed
D. ipsofwd slowpath
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 103
Where can you find the Check Point’s SNMP MIB file?
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 42 Checkpoint 156-215.75 Exam
A. $FWDIR/conf/snmp.mib
B. It is obtained only by request from the TAC.
C. $CPDIR/lib/snmp/chkpt.mib
D. There is no specific MIB file for Check Point products.

Correct Answer: C
You want to generate a cpinfo file via CLI on a system running SecurePlatform. This will take about 40 minutes since the log files are also needed. What action do you need to take regarding timeout?
A. Log in as the default user expert and start cpinfo.
B. No action is needed because cpshell has a timeout of one hour by default.
C. Log in as Administrator, set the timeout to one hour with the command idle 60 and start cpinfo.
D. Log in as admin, switch to expert mode, set the timeout to one hour with the command, idle 60, then start cpinto.

Correct Answer: C
Many companies have defined more than one administrator. To increase security, only one administrator should be able to install a Rule Base on a specific Firewall. How do you configure this?
A. Define a permission profile in SmartDashboard with read/write privileges, but restrict it to all other firewalls by placing them in the Policy Targets field. Then, an administrator with this permission profile cannot install a policy on any Firewall not listed here.
B. In the General Properties of the object representing the specific Firewall, go to the Software Blades product list and select Firewall. Right-click in the menu, select Administrator to Install to define only this administrator.
C. Put the one administrator in an Administrator group and configure this group in the specific Firewall object in Advanced / Permission to Install.
D. Right-click on the object representing the specific administrator, and select that Firewall in Policy Targets.
Correct Answer: C

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