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CheckPoint 156-110 PDF Download, Helpful CheckPoint 156-110 Practice Exam Latest Version PDF&VCE

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A security administrator implements Secure Configuration Verification (SCV), because SCV: (Choose THREE.)
A. Does not enable the administrator to monitor the configuration of remote computers.
B. Can block connectivity for machines that do not comply with the organization’s security policy.
C. Enables the administrator to monitor the configuration of remote computers.
D. Prevents attackers from penetrating headquarters’ Security Gateway.
E. Confirms that a remote configuration complies with the organization’s security policy.

Correct Answer: BCE
Which of the following is likely in a small-business environment?
A. Most small businesses employ a full-time information-technology staff.
B. Resources are available as needed.
C. Small businesses have security personnel on staff.
D. Most employees have experience with information security.
E. Security budgets are very small.

Correct Answer: E
ABC Corporation’s network is configured such that a user must log in individually at each server and access control. Which type of authentication is in use?
A. Role-based access control
B. Three-factor authentication
C. Single sign-on
D. Hybrid access control
E. Mandatory sign-on

Correct Answer: E
Which type of Business Continuity Plan (BCP) test involves shutting down a primary site, bringing an alternate site on-line, and moving all operations to the alternate site?
A. Parallel
B. Full interruption
C. Checklist
D. Structured walkthrough
E. Simulation
Correct Answer: B
A(n) _______ is the first step for determining which technical information assets should be protected.
A. Network diagram
B. Business Impact Analysis
C. Office floor plan
D. Firewall
E. Intrusion detection system

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is an example of a simple, physical-access control?
A. Lock
B. Access control list
C. Background check
D. Token
E. Firewall

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following best describes an external intrusion attempt on a local-area network (LAN)?
A. Internal users try to gain unauthorized access to information assets outside the organizational perimeter.
B. External-intrusion attempts from sources outside the LAN are not granted permissions or rights to an organization’s information assets.
C. External users attempt to access public resources.
D. External intruders attempt exploitation of vulnerabilities, to remove their own access.
E. Internal users perform inappropriate acts on assets to which they have been given rights or permissions.

Correct Answer: B
Maintenance of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) must be integrated with an organization’s _______________ process.
A. Change-control
B. Disaster-recovery
C. Inventory-maintenance
D. Discretionary-budget
E. Compensation-review
Correct Answer: A
Which types of security solutions should a home user deploy? (Choose TWO.)
A. Managed Security Gateway
B. Access control lists on a router
C. Personal firewall
D. Network intrusion-detection system
E. Anti-virus software
Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 90
You are a system administrator for a pool of Web servers. The vendor who sells your Web server posts a patch and sample exploit for a newly discovered vulnerability. You will take all of the actions listed below. Which of the following actions should you take first?
A. Run the sample exploit against a test server.
B. Run the sample exploit against a production server.
C. Apply the patch to all production servers.
D. Test the patch on a production server.
E. Test the patch on a non-production server.

Correct Answer: A
_______ is a method of tricking users into revealing passwords, or other sensitive information.
A. Dumpster diving
B. Means testing
C. Social engineering
D. Risk
E. Exposure

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following equations results in the Single Loss Expectancy for an asset?
A. Asset Value x % Of Loss From Realized Exposure
B. Asset Value x % Of Loss From Realized Threat
C. Annualized Rate of Occurrence / Annualized Loss Expectancy
D. Asset Value x % Of Loss From Realized Vulnerability
E. Annualized Rate of Occurrence x Annualized Loss Expectancy

Correct Answer: B
Which encryption algorithm has the highest bit strength?
B. Blowfish
E. Triple DES

Correct Answer: A
_________________ is a type of cryptography, where letters of an original message are systematically rearranged into another sequence.
A. Symmetric-key exchange
B. Steganography
C. Transposition cipher
D. Asymmetric-key encryption
E. Simple substitution cipher
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 95
Which of the following are appropriate uses of asymmetric encryption? (Choose THREE.)
A. Authentication
B. Secure key-exchange mechanisms
C. Public Web site access
D. Data-integrity checking
E. Sneaker net

Correct Answer: ABD
What is the purpose of resource isolation?
A. To reduce the level of broadcast traffic on physical segments.
B. To ensure that anyone accessing a resource has appropriate integrity.
C. To automate the creation of access control lists and Trusted Computing Bases.
D. To enforce access controls, and clearly separate resources from each other.
E. To make people buy more computers than they really need.

Correct Answer: D
Why should user populations be segmented?
A. To allow resources to be shared among employees
B. To allow appropriate collaboration, and prevent inappropriate resource sharing
C. To prevent appropriate collaboration
D. To provide authentication services
E. To prevent the generation of audit trails from gateway devices

Correct Answer: B
A(n) _______________ is an abstract machine, which mediates all access subjects have to objects.
B. Reference monitor
C. State machine
E. Router
Correct Answer: B
Who should have physical access to network-connectivity devices and corporate servers?
A. Customers and clients
B. Accounting, information-technology, and auditing staff
C. Managers and C-level executives
D. Only appropriate information-technology personnel
E. Only the maintenance staff
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following represents a valid reason for testing a patch on a nonproduction system, before applying it to a production system?
A. Patches may re-enable services previously disabled.
B. Patches are a kind of virus.
C. Patches always overwrite user data.
D. Only patches on vendor-pressed CDs can be trusted.
E. Patches usually break important system functionality.

Correct Answer: A
How do virtual corporations maintain confidentiality?
A. Encryption
B. Checksum
C. Data hashes
D. Redundant servers
E. Security by obscurity

Correct Answer: A
Enterprise employees working remotely require access to data at an organization’s headquarters. Which of the following is the BEST method to transfer this data?
A. Standard e-mail
B. Faxed information
C. Dial-in access behind the enterprise firewall
D. Virtual private network
E. CD-ROMs shipped with updated versions of the data

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is NOT a concern for enterprise physical security?
A. Network Intrusion Detection Systems
B. Social engineering
C. Dumpster diving
D. Property theft
E. Unauthorized access to a facility
Correct Answer: A
A(n) _______________ is an abstract machine, which mediates all access subjects have to objects.
B. Reference monitor
C. State machine
E. Router
Correct Answer: B
Digital signatures are typically provided by a ____________________, where a third party verifies a key’s authenticity.
A. Network firewall
B. Security administrator
C. Domain controller
D. Certificate Authority
E. Hash function

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is a cost-effective solution for securely transmitting data between remote offices?
A. Standard e-mail
B. Fax machine
C. Virtual private network
D. Bonded courier
E. Telephone

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is the MOST important consideration, when developing security- awareness training materials?
A. Training material should be accessible and attractive.
B. Delivery mechanisms should allow easy development of additional materials, to complement core material.
C. Security-awareness training materials should never contradict an organizational security policy.
D. Appropriate language should be used to facilitate localization, should training materials require translation.
E. Written documentation should be archived, in case of disaster.
Correct Answer: C
Why should the number of services on a server be limited to required services?
A. Every open service represents a potential vulnerability.
B. Closed systems require special connectivity services.
C. Running extra services makes machines more efficient.
D. All services are inherently stable and secure.
E. Additional services make machines more secure.
Correct Answer: A

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CheckPoint 156-110 PDF Download, Helpful CheckPoint 156-110 Practice Exam Latest Version PDF&VCE


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