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latest questions 1
IPv6 introduces the Solicited-Node address, which is described correctly below (multiple choice)

A. This is a specific address that is used for resolution in ARPv6 The MAC address.
B. The Solicited-Node address on the router interface is automatically generated and can have multiple.
C. If the Solicited-Node address is not configured, the router automatically generates one on each interface.
D. IPv6 introduced the Solicited-Node address to support IPv6 multicast.

Correct Answer: B

latest questions 2

Regarding the description of the permanent multicast address, the error is?

A. All routers running the PIM protocol listen on 22400100
B. All routers listen on 224002
C. All hosts and routers in the network segment listen on 224001
D. All routers running the OSPF protocol listen to 224005

Correct Answer: A

latest questions 3

Regarding the description of the BGP neighbor, the error is:

A. BGP routers that support autodiscovery neighbors
B. BGP establishing neighbors must be configured with MD5 authentication
C. BGP needs to establish a UDP connection before establishing a neighbor
D. BGP to establish a neighbor relationship needs to first interact with the link state information

Correct Answer: ABCD

latest questions 4

The following about BGP routing, describing the error, is?

A. Non-aggregate routes take precedence over aggregate routes
B. In PrefVal, Local_ Preference is equal to the case if the route is generated locally, IBGP Routing, the BGP preference for EBGP routing, is generated effectively referring to route priority.
C. See the following entry in the BGP routing table:* 172161.11/32 000010 0? Indicates that the route is available nonoptimal
D. For next_hop unreachable routes when invalid routes, do not participate in the preferred.

Correct Answer: A

latest questions 5

The correct description of the BGP reflector is? ( Multiple choice questions).

A. IBGP neighbor relationships need to be fully interconnected without a route reflector. The introduction of route reflectors can reduce the need for full interconnection
B. The route reflector can advertise routes learned from non-clients to all clients
C. The route reflector can advertise routes learned from one client to other clients and non-clients
D. The route reflector can advertise routes learned from IBGP neighbors to all clients and non-client

Correct Answer: ABC

latest questions 6

If a Huawei switch runs the RSTP protocol, when will the BPDUs on a port on the switch be aged?

A. On the interface, RSTP does not age BPDU
B. After more than 6 seconds
C. After Ma ge times out
D. After Hello time times out
E. after the Forward Delay timeout

Correct Answer: C

latest questions 7

In the evolution from IPv4 networks to IPv6, some transition technologies have emerged, which of the following are common types of transition technologies?

A. Dual-stack technology
B. Tunneling Technology
C. Compatible with Technology
D. Conversion Technology

Correct Answer: ABCD

latest questions 8

In the city, that is, Mpls BGP VPN network, when the packet enters the public network forwarding, it will be encapsulated with two layers of MPLS tags, the following description of the two layers of tags, the error is?

A. Private network tags are carried out and distributed by MP-BGP when routing, and public network tags are distributed by the LDP protocol.
B. MPLS BGP VPN uses two layers of tags: public labels (also known as outer labels) and private network labels (also known as inner labels).
C. By default, the router assigns the same tag value to all VPNv4 routes destined for the peer
D. The egress PE uses the inner tag when determining which egress CE the message should be sent to.

Correct Answer: C

latest questions 9

The following description of LDP reliability is incorrect. ( Radio).

A. LGP GR takes advantage of the high difference between the LS forwarding plane and the control plane to realize that the device forwards without interruption when the protocol is restarted or the master standby is reversed
B. Manually configured LDP FRR policies default to 32-bit backup routes that trigger LDP to establish backup LSPs
C. LLDPFRR also allows LSPs to be generated for tag mappings from non-optimal next hops, and as a live LSP backup, supervising forwarding table entries
D. LDP and IGP linkage, the need for IGP has been routed to release, to ensure that LDP and LGP paths consistent

Correct Answer: B

latest questions 10

Regarding route introduction, what is the following description of the error?

A. BGP supports both import and network when generating routes, and the network mode is more precise.
B. By default, OSPF introduces an external route with a default metric of 1, and the level-2 network of the ingested external route type, Type2
C. ISIS, routes to Level After the 1 makes a route ingestion, if you do not manually configure the ingestion policy, a bad route will be formed.
D. Introducing IBGP routing in OSPF may cause routing loops

Correct Answer: C

latest questions 11

The CPU was attacked by malicious traffic. Here are some of the following ways to prevent an attack: Multi-select

A. USE CPCAR to rate limit messages sent up to the CPU according to the protocol type
B. Speed limiting of messages sent to the CPU on the soil.
C. Filter packets with ACL on the compromised router port
D. Turn off the remote login function of the router.
E. Analyze and count the packets sent to the CPU to find out the user of the attack source or the interface of the attack source.

Correct Answer: CD

latest questions 12

As shown in the figure,

in the context of IPv4 and IPv6, the SEL field in the NET address of ISIS is always valued as 00.

A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A

latest questions 13

The rules for RR to publish routes break the rules for horizontal segmentation of IBGP, so it is possible to cause loops within the AS. What routing attributes does RR use to prevent loops?

A. Nexthop
B. Originator ID
D. Cluster List

Correct Answer: BD

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