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Provide Latest Cisco 352-001 With All New Questions And Answer 100% Pass

Exam A
According to the following exhibit, company 1 contains two autonomous systems (AS1 and AS2) connected via ISP A, which has an AS number of 100. Router B and Router C are advertising an aggregate of X.X.X.0/23 so that AS1 is able to reach the two server farms. The two links from AS2 are not being used efficiently.
How can AS2 use both of the links coming into it?

A. advertise each X.X.X.0/24 independently from Router B and Router C
B. create another link between Router A in AS1 and ISP A
C. configure iBGP between Router B and Router C to load-share traffic once it reaches AS2
D. configure two static routes in Router A for X.X.X.0/23 pointing to Router B and Router C
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
Study the topology provided in this exhibit. Which configuration change will maximize the efficiency of both the routing design and data forwarding plane?
Exhibit: A. Configure Router B with a static route for the aggregate to Null0

B. Configure Router A to advertise instead of the default route to Router B
C. Configure Router B to advertise the more specific prefixes in addition to the aggregate
D. Configure Router B to advertise the more specific prefixes instead of the aggregate

Correct Answer: A
Which two reasons are valid for aggregating routing information within a network? (Choose two)
A. To reduce the amount of information any specific Router within the network must store and process
B. To isolate the impact of DDoS attacks
C. To improve optimal routing within the network
D. To reduce the impact of topology changes
Correct Answer: AD
Which three statements are correct about OSPF route summarization? (Choose three.)
A. Route summarization can lead to a more stable network.
B. A flat addressing scheme is required in order to summarize OSPF routes.
C. OSPF type 5 external routes can be summarized only at the ASBRs.
D. OSPF internal routes can be summarized only at the ABRs.
Correct Answer: ACD
EIGRP performs route summarization at the interface level with the “ip summary-address” command. Which three statements correctly describe EIGRP route summarization? (Choose three)
A. By default, EIGRP automatically summarizes internal routes, but only each time a major network boundary is crossed.
B. EIGRP route summarization can reduce the query diameter to help prevent SIA problems.
C. Summary routes are inserted in the routing table with a next hop of null 0 and a high administrative distance, to prevent black holing of traffic.
D. The metric for each summarized route is inherited from the lowest metric of the component routes.
Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 6

Why build link state flooding domain boundaries in large-scale networks running OSPF or IS-IS? (Choose two.)
A. Doing so provides logical break points at which to troubleshoot individual parts of the network, rather than trying to troubleshoot the whole network at once.
B. Doing so limits the extent of SPF and allows the use of PRC for some best path calculations.
C. Flooding domain borders block the transmission of external routing information in the network, which improves scaling and convergence times.
D. Network administrators can quickly find specific destinations when detailed link state information is sorted by flooding domain in the link state database.
Correct Answer: AB
Which two options are true about the impact flooding domain boundaries have when built in OSPF? (Choose two)
A. They decrease convergence time by reducing the complexity and size of the shortest path trees in the individual areas.
B. They isolate network failures within a domain.
C. They decrease convergence time by automatically summarizing reachability information transmitted through the network, thereby decreasing the number of routes that must be installed in each Router’s routing table.
D. They increase convergence time by adding the time required to run two full Shortest Path First computations on the area border Routers.
Correct Answer: AB
Which two reasons are correct about building a flooding domain boundary in a link-state network? (Choose two.)
A. To provide an administrative boundary between portions of the network
B. To segregate complex and rapidly changing portions of the network from one another
C. To aggregate reachability information
D. To increase the size of the Shortest Path First tree
Correct Answer: BC

What are three reasons to summarize link state topology information? (Choose three)
A. To reduce the amount of routing information being advertised
B. To create boundaries for containing potential network changes and instabilities
C. To permit traffic engineering between areas
D. To hide detailed topology information
Correct Answer: ABD

Scalability is provided in the server farm module by which of the following design strategies?
A. Redundant servers at the access level
B. High port densities at the access level
C. Modular block design at the access level
D. Up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth at the access level
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 11
There are two hub-and-spoke networks in the following exhibit. Each has about 60 branches spread over a wide area. Connect Routers E and F to two different frame providers. Problems with one provider have impacted branches connected to the other provider and reaching the data center.
Which is the best place to build flooding domain boundaries to isolate these WAN issues?

A. At Routers D, E, and F, because this will provide good route aggregation and also separate complex topologies within the network from one another
B. At Routers B and C, because this will provide a good balance between separating the complex topologies behind Routers D, E, and F from the core and good route aggregation
C. At Routers B and F, because this will provide good route aggregation and prevent routing along suboptimal paths in the case of link failure
D. At Router A, because this will provide optimal route aggregation and prevent suboptimal routing in the case of link failure

Correct Answer: A