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300-625 DCSAN
Certifications: CCNP Data Center, Cisco Certified Specialist – Data Center SAN Implementation
Duration: 90 minutes

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Practice with Cisco 300-625 Exam Practice Questions Answers

Drag and drop the mechanisms of Cisco Secure Boot from the left into the correct order on the right.
Select and Place:

Cert4sure 300-625 exam questions-q1

Correct Answer:

Cert4sure 300-625 exam questions-q1-2

A storage network engineer must install and configure a new MDS switch in a data center network. Which two
statements about available choices during the MDS switch initial setup are correct? (Choose two.)
A. The engineer can choose what will be the administrator account.
B. A secure password standard is required.
C. The engineer can configure the default zone policy.
D. The engineer can configure the default switch port trunk mode.
E. The engineer does not have the choice to enable or disable full zone set distribution.
Correct Answer: AC

What is the function of the 0xFFFFFC address in a Fibre Channel fabric?
A. management server
B. fabric controller
C. name server
D. time server
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

Cert4sure 300-625 exam questions-q4

A port-channel has been configured between a Cisco MDS and a Cisco Fabric Interconnect switch. Which interface(s) in
Does the port-channel carry the control plane traffic?
A. per-packet, balanced between interfaces fc1/9 and fc1/10
B. from interface fc1/9
C. from interface fc1/10
D. per flow, balanced between interfaces fc1/9 and fc1/10
Correct Answer: D

Which feature on MDS platforms ensures that the code that is running on the hardware platform is authentic and
unmodified, while also validating the BIOS to eliminate any rootkits.
A. Cisco Secure Boot
B. UEFI Secure Boot
C. Secure Unique Device Identifier
D. BIOS Secure Boot
Correct Answer: A

A Cisco MDS Series Switch with the POAP feature boots and does not find the startup configuration. Which location is
checked first when the switch enters POAP mode?
A. A USB device that contains the software image files and the switch configuration file
B. DHCP server to bootstrap the interface IP address, gateway, DNS server, and TFTP IP addresses
C. TFTP server where the necessary configuration files are downloaded
D. HTTP server where the URL is used to download the software image
Correct Answer: A

Which configuration is always required when running the setup utility on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch?
A. administrator password
B. management IP address
C. active NTP server
D. active default gateway
Correct Answer: A

After user account attributes are modified in Cisco NX-OS, when do changes to the user\\’s session attributes take
A. immediately
B. at the scheduled time
C. when the user logs out of a session
D. when the user creates a new session
Correct Answer: D

What is the effect of a non-graceful virtual machine shutdown on a virtualized server that is connected to a SAN with
Fibre Channel interfaces?
A. NP Port reload connected to the upstream SAN switch
B. out-of-service Fibre Channel interfaces on the SAN switch
C. frames stuck in the storage system
D. frames stuck in the HBA buffer of the server
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

Cert4sure 300-625 exam questions-q10

A network engineer created a new user that uses the VSAN-Admin role on a Cisco MDS switch so a new colleague can
manage the VSANs configured on the switch. Which action is required for the configuration to give permission to the
new colleague?
A. permit vsan 1-1000 must be configured as rule 5.
B. permit vsan 1-1000 must be configured as rule 1.
C. permit vsan 1-1000 must be configured under the VSAN policy deny.
D. permit vsan 1-1000 must be configured under the VSAN policy allow.
Correct Answer: C

A storage network engineer is implementing disk-array data replication between two SAN environments in two different
data centers not connected via Fibre Channel. Which SAN switch feature must be implemented?
B. zoning merge over LAN
C. VSAN scoping
Correct Answer: A

Which benefit of upgrading to the Cisco DCNM server-based advanced feature license for a Cisco MDS switch is
A. The license can be reassigned when a switch is replaced with a newer version within the same product family.
B. The license can be assigned to either server MAC address or switch serial number.
C. An unlimited number of devices can be added to the list of licensed devices.
D. The license can be reassigned when the switch is replaced with a Cisco Nexus switch.
Correct Answer: A

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