Download Free VCE Files: CCNA, A+ Certification, MCSE – Cert4sure Checkpoint,CheckPoint Certification CheckPoint 156-706 PDF Exams, Latest Updated CheckPoint 156-706 Exam Test Questions For Sale

CheckPoint 156-706 PDF Exams, Latest Updated CheckPoint 156-706 Exam Test Questions For Sale

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QUESTION 90 If a helpdesk user is logged in to webRH and you decide to remove his account, when will the user be notified?
A. Immediately, since he will be thrown off the system when his account is removed
B. When his session times out and he tries to re-authenticate
C. When he reboots his machine
D. Never, it is not possible to remove accounts from webRH

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 91 What are the names of the Pointsec processes and services that run on a workstation after Pointsec has been installed?
A. Pointsec.exe, psadmin.exe and decrypt.exe
B. Prot_srv.exe, p95tray.exe and pstartsr.exe
C. Pssogina.exe, pointsec.exe and p95tray.exe
D. Decrypt.exe, protect.exe and pssogina.exe, pagents.exe

Correct Answer: B

How many authorized users must log in to uninstall Pointsec for PC?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

Correct Answer: B

What does Removable Media Manager do?

A. Manages what media can be exported to Removable Media
B. Automatically formats and encrypts devices
C. Automatically scans and digitally signs devices
D. Creates a black / white list of what devices can be used on the network

Correct Answer: D

Which application can you run to configure webRH settings post installation?

A. webRHconfig.exe
B. addtoken.exe
C. admin.exe
D. none of the above
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