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Adobe 9A0-803 – Flydumps Certification Of Latest Adobe 9A0-803 VCE And PDF

Which two modifications can be made in the Ink Manager? (Choose two.)
A. removing all LAB colors
B. converting all RGB colors to CMYK
C. removing all spot colors from a document
D. creating an alias from one color to another
E. remapping spot colors to equivalent CMYK builds

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 2
A dark spot color ink is spreading during trapping. How should you adjust this in the Ink Manager?
A. raise its neutral density
B. redesign the project to remove the need for trapping
C. adjust its sequence to a higher number in the printing order
D. reset the ink Type to Normal instead of Opaque or OpaqueIgnore

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3
Using the Fix Hairlines tool to find and replace thin lines in a PDF document can be problematic if _____.
A. there are no hairlines in the PDF
B. an inappropriate unit of measure is chosen
C. it is used to replace hairlines in Type 3 fonts
D. widths are increased or decreased by whole integers

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 4
What does the Emit Printer Marks setting in the Marks and Bleeds panel of the Advanced Printer Setup dialog do?
A. specifies the cropbox size
B. creates all printer marks at once
C. determines the weight of printer mark lines
D. uses the printer marks embedded in the Adobe PDF file

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 5
Which mark is necessary if your project includes bleeds?
A. trim
B. bleed
C. registration
D. page information

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 6
Which element can the fixed from the Fix Hairlines dialog box?
A. trim marks
B. Type1 fonts
C. Photoshop images
D. gradient mesh objects

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7
What should you do to remove a section of your document and use it as a separate PDF file?
A. choose Document > Delete Pages
B. choose Document > Extract Pages
C. choose Document > Replace Pages
D. choose File > Create PDF > From File

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 8
You want to change the font size of text by using the TouchUp Text tool.
You have highlighted the text.
What should you do?

A. choose Tools > Print Production
B. choose Tools > Advanced Editing
C. Control-click (Mac OS) or right-click (Windows) and choose Properties
D. Control-click (Mac OS) or right-click (Windows) and choose Create Artifact

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 9
You want to add a page number to the footer on all but the first page of your PDF document. The first page is an odd numbered page. Which option in the Page Options section of the Add Headers & Footers dialog box should you choose?
A. Odd Pages Only
B. Even Pages Only
C. Apply to All Pages
D. Apply to Page Range

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 10
You want to reduce the file size of an existing PDF document. You want to use the PDF Optimizer to discard unnecessary objects. Which option removes accessibility and reflow capabilities from the document?
A. Discard All Alternate Images
B. Discard Document Structure
C. Discard All JavaScript Actions
D. Discard Embedded Thumbnails

Correct Answer: B