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What method of the Color object is used to change the Alpha property of a movie clip with ActionScript?
A. _alpha
B. setProperty
C. setRGB
D. setTransform

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 31
What is the valid syntax to set a property named “id” for an object defined below? (Choose TWO) var myObject:Object = new Object();
A. var = “myString”;
B. myObject[id] = “myString”;
C. = “myString”;
D. var id:String = myObject[“myString”];
E. = “myString”;
F. myObject[“id”] = “myString”;
G. myObject(id) = “myString”;

Correct Answer: CF
What is true of the relationship between a subclass and a superclass? A subclass
A. is a simplified interface for a complex superclass.
B. does not have a constructor and a superclass has multiple constructors.
C. receives the properties and methods from a superclass.
D. is a class with only properties while a superclass is a class with both properties and methods.

Correct Answer: C
What native object allows two separate Flash movies to communicate with each other?
A. SharedConnection
B. LocalConnection
C. LocalObject
D. SharedObject

Correct Answer: B
What are examples of absolute target paths? (Choose TWO)
A. mcCircle
B. _level0.mcCircle
C. this._parent.mcCircle
D. _root.mcCircle
E. this.mcCircle

Correct Answer: BD
Code on the main Timeline of a movie:
stop_btn.onRelease = function() {
What code will halt the movie on the main Timeline when the button is clicked?

A. stop()
B. both this.stop() and stop()
C. neither this.stop() nor stop()
D. this.stop()
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 36
When using the loadVars() object, the Flash Player is restricted to loading variables that
A. use the same Middleware.
B. have the same target.
C. have ASP or SWF suffix.
D. are from the same domain.

Correct Answer: D
What defines a function that returns no value?
A. function writeMessage:Null (sMessage) { tMessageField.text = sMessage; }
B. function writeMessage(sMessage):Void { tMessageField.text = sMessage; }
C. function writeMessage:Void (sMessage) { tMessageField.text = sMessage; }
D. function writeMessage(sMessage):Null { tMessageField.text = sMessage; }

Correct Answer: B
What is the value of myResult?
var my_array:Array = new Array(‘one’,’two’,’three’,’four’); myResult = my_array[2];

A. one
B. two
C. four
D. three
Correct Answer: D
What item can be added to the Flash Player’s context menu?
A. About
B. Settings
C. Download
D. Flash Player

Correct Answer: C
When can Flash Player 7 access data served from a different domain than the domain serving the SWF file?
A. anytime the method is used
B. only when an HTTPS connection is used
C. when a cross-domain policy file is used that specifies the SWFs originating server
D. never

Correct Answer: C
What is used to create frame rate independent script-based animations?
A. while
B. setInterval
C. onEnterFrame
D. gotoAndPlay

Correct Answer: B
What best defines the debuggers Watch list?
A. list of variables you mark to view in a separate pane
B. list of variables that the debugger determines do not match the declared type for that variable
C. undefined/problem variables
D. series of time increments between breakpoints

Correct Answer: A
What property of the TextField class is used to define the text in a text field?
A. myTextField.variable
B. myTextField.text
C. myTextField.txt
D. text boxes cannot have instance names

Correct Answer: B
Five movie clips are placed on the main Timeline of a movie, each with an onMouseDown event handler. When the movie plays and the Stage is clicked, which of the five movie clips onMouseDown event handlers will be invoked?
A. movie clip on the topmost layer in the timeline
B. all movie clips under the mouse pointer at the time of the click
C. all of the movie clips
D. only the topmost movie clip under the mouse pointer at the time of the click

Correct Answer: C
Onstage there is one movie clip with an instance name “myClip” and one button instance (not a
component) with an instance name “myButton”. The “myButton” button has the following coding.
on(press) { this._alpha=10; }
When testing the movie, what happens when the user presses the button?

A. button turns to 10% alpha
B. button and the clip turn to 10% alpha
C. nothing happens because no object is addressed
D. nothing happens because there’s a script error
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 46
What statement generates an error that can be handled by a finally{} code block?
A. catch
B. trace
C. break
D. throw

Correct Answer: D
What is the value of “myValue”? var myValue = Math.ceil(54.22);
A. 54.2
B. 54
C. 54.3
D. 55

Correct Answer: D
If the local date is Sunday, June 2, 2003 and the lines of ActionScript are executed, what is the value of
var my_date:Date = new Date();
var myDay:Number = my_date.getDay();

A. 1
B. Sunday
C. 0
D. 2
E. Sun

Correct Answer: C
What is added to the Actions panel to include ActionScript in an external file named “”?
A. #include “”;
B. #include;
C. #include(“”)
D. include(“”);
E. #include “”

Correct Answer: E
When playing from a projector, what sends the name and value of the variable “username” using the
POST method?
username = “fred”;

A. getURL (“http://localhost/flashtest.asp?username=” + username, “_blank”);
B. getURL (“http://localhost/flashtest.asp”, “_blank”, “POST”);
C. getURL (“http://localhost/flashtest.asp”, “_blank”, “GET”);
D. Flash MX 2004 is unable to POST from a projector.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 51
What ActionScript error will occur for the code below? function snap {
k = 42 % 0;

A. % is not a valid operator
B. function declarations missing parenthesis
C. function must return a value
D. there is no exception processing for a division by zero error

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 52
How many interfaces can a single class implement?
A. 2
B. 0
C. 1
D. no limit

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 53
What type of animation is NOT available for a shape until it is converted into a symbol?
A. frame-by-frame animation
B. shape tweening
C. onion skinning
D. motion tweening

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 54
What is true when using the duplicate Movie Clip() method?
A. duplicated movie clip can have a different parent than the source movie clip
B. movie clip that is at a depth of 4 will appear to be in front (or on top of) a movie clip that has a depth of 7
C. two movie clips can exist at the same depth and have the same parent provided they have unique instance names
D. _visible property of a movie clip is set to true upon duplication

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 55
What type of object does the setDataProvider() method of the ComboBox component accept?
A. MovieClip object
B. TextField object
C. Object object
D. Array object

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 56
What code creates an object named “person” with the two properties “name” and “age”?
A. person = new Object(name=”fred”, age=24);
B. person = new Array(name:”fred”,age:24);
C. person = {name:”fred”,age:24};
D. person = (name=”fred”,age=24);

Correct Answer: C
What shows a valid data provider assigned to a List component instance named “clProducts”?
A. clProducts.dataProvider = {label: “Flash MX 2004”, data: “flash”};
B. clProducts.dataProvider = [label: “Flash MX 2004”, data: “flash”];
C. clProducts.dataProvider = {[label: “Flash MX 2004”, data: “flash”]};
D. clProducts.dataProvider = [{label: “Flash MX 2004”, data: “flash”}];

Correct Answer: D
What assigns an array of three elements to the variable myList?
A. myList = “a,b,c”.split(“,”);
B. myList = [“a,b,c”];
C. myList = new Array(“a,b,c,”);
D. myList = “a,b,c”;

Correct Answer: A
What does Flash Remoting use to communicate with the Flash client?

Correct Answer: D
What changes are represented by DeltaPackets?
A. DataSets
B. SharedObjects
C. RecordSets
D. DataHolders

Correct Answer: A
What is the value of x?
function doJoin (a, b) {
return a + b;
x = doJoin(5, doJoin(3, 2));

A. 5
B. “return a + b”
C. “doJoin(5, doJoin(3, 2))”
D. 10

Correct Answer: D
What file formats can be loaded into a Flash MX 2004 movie dynamically at runtime? (Choose TWO)
C. MP3

Correct Answer: AC
What ActionScript commands allow sending data out of a Flash application to a server-side application? (Choose TWO)
A. loadData
B. onSend
C. getURL
D. onLoad
E. loadMovie

Correct Answer: CE
Where are variables that are loaded via a LoadVars object referenced?
A. within an array
B. in properties of the LoadVars object where they are loaded
C. directly into a TextField object
D. on the timeline where they are loaded

Correct Answer: B
What is the most efficient method to remove trace statements from compiled code?
A. manually delete trace statements
B. comment out trace statements
C. remove only the contents of the trace statements but leave the trace function call
D. select “Omit trace actions” from the publish dialog box

Correct Answer: D
What is a valid property of the new Flash MX 2004 Error class that contains information about an error that occurred within a script. (Choose TWO)
A. Error.number
B. Error.value
C. Error.message
D. Error.output
Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 67
What is the main use of the TextSnapshot class?
A. Captures the dynamic text used in a movie clip for export to a screen reader.
B. Returns text measurement information (width, height, kerning, etc.) for specified text strings within a movie clip.
C. Outputs a list of the fonts used within the text fields of a movie clip.
D. Allows static text in a movie clip.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 68
After a ScrollPane component instance completes loading external content (SWF or JPG), what event does it dispatch to its listener objects?
A. loaded
B. success
C. complete
D. finished

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 69
What code is inserted on the first frame of a Flash document to make sure that _root references work properly when the movie is loaded into a parent movie?
A. this._lockroot = true;
B. _root = this;
C. this.enabled = true;
D. this.rootlocked = true;

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 70
Where must ActionScript 2 classes be located?
A. frame 1 of _root
B. external files
C. top layer of timeline
D. components

Correct Answer: B

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