Download Free VCE Files: CCNA, A+ Certification, MCSE – Cert4sure CCSP,Cisco Cisco 642-513 New Questions:Just Updated Cisco 642-513 Exam with All New Questions from Flydumps

Cisco 642-513 New Questions:Just Updated Cisco 642-513 Exam with All New Questions from Flydumps

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Exam A
Certkiller chose the Cisco CSA product to protect the network against the newest attacks. Cisco Security Agent provides Day Zero attack prevention by using which of these methods?
A. Using signatures to enforce security policies
B. Using API control to enforce security policies
C. Using stateful packet filtering to enforce security policies
D. Using algorithms that compare application calls for system resources to the security policies
E. None of the above

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
Explanation: Because Cisco Security Agent analyzes behavior rather than relying on signature matching, it never needs updating to stop a new attack. This zero-update architecture provides protection with reduced operational costs and can identify so-called “Day Zero” threats.” At a high level, Cisco(r) Security Agent is straightforward. It intercepts system calls between applications and the operating system, correlates them, compares the correlated system calls against a set of behavioral rules, and then makes an “allow” or”deny” decision based on the results of its comparison. This process is called INCORE, which stands for intercept, correlate, rules engine. Reference:

Certkiller has implemented the CSA product to provide security for all of their devices. For which layers of the OSI reference model does CSA enforce security?
A. Layer 1 through Layer 4
B. Layer 1 through Layer 7
C. Layer 2 through Layer 4
D. Layer 3 through Layer 7

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
Explanation: Cisco Security Agent provides threat protection for server and desktop computing systems, also known as endpoints. It helps to reduce operational costs by identifying, preventing, and eliminating known and unknown security threats. The Cisco Security Agent consolidates endpoint security functions in a single agent, providing:
Host intrusion prevention
Spyware/adware protection
Protection against buffer overflow attacks
Distributed firewall capabilities
Malicious mobile code protection
Operating-system integrity assurance
Application inventory
Audit log-consolidation
This provides security for endpoints at the network layer (layer 3) through the application layer (layer 7).
The CSA architecture model is made up of three major components. Which three are they? (Choose three)
A. Cisco Trust Agent
B. Cisco Security Agent
C. Cisco Security Agent Management Center
D. Cisco Intrusion Prevention System
E. An administrative workstation
F. A syslog server

Correct Answer: BCE Section: (none) Explanation
Explanation: The CSA MC architecture model consists of a central management center which maintains a database of policies and system nodes, all of which have Cisco Security Agent software installed on their desktops and servers. The agents themselves, and an administrative workstations, combined with the Management Center, comprise the three aspects of the CSA architecture. Agents register with CSA MC. CSA MC checks its configuration database for a record of the system. When the system is found and authenticated, CSA MC deploys a configured policy for that particular system or grouping of systems.


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