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Which three are important considerations when configuring/calling a remote NBX phone connected via a cable modem or DSL link? (Choose three.)
A. Enable silence suppression and low bandwidth options in the NBX
B. Fixed or DHCP IP address can be assigned to remote NBX phones
C. An NBX gateway is required to support remote users without an NBX
D. All phone calls between the central and remote sites use Layer 2 IP packets
E. Network Address Translation (NAT) should be configured for the central site but NAT should not be used at the remote site
F. The Network Call Processor (NCP) can provide the remote phone an IP address for the duration of a call to a remote user
G. The Network Call Processor (NCP) can be configured to provide the local phone an IP address for the duration of a call to a remote user
Correct Answer: ABG QUESTION 48
Which three are NBX IP licensing features or requirements? (Choose three.)
A. Every NBX device requires a fixed IP address
B. A DHCP server is required to use IP On-the-Fly
C. IP On-the-Fly is included with all new NBX base systems
D. Companies can upgrade their license from IP On-the-Fly to Standard IP
E. IP addresses can be supplied via static or DCHP addressing when using Standard IP
F. An NBX phone can operate as a Layer 3 “IP Phone” on a per-call basis when using IP-on-the-Fly

Correct Answer: CEF
Which three bandwidth reduction methods are supported by the NBX system? (Choose three.)
A. Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)
B. Adaptive Transform Encoding (ATE)
C. ITU-T G.723 bandwidth compression
D. ITU-T G.729 bandwidth compression
E. Silence suppression on a per-device basis only
F. Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM)
G. Silence suppression on a system-wide or per-device basis

Correct Answer: DFG
Which four are requirements for using Virtual Tie Lines (VTL) with an NBX system? (Choose four.)
A. VTL license is required for each participating NCP
B. Each VTL counts as one NBX device for device limit
C. Each NBX must have its own Network Call Processor (NCP)
D. VTLs require a T1 or E1 Digital Line Card in each NBX system
E. A maximum of 96 VTLs are supported on any one NBX system
F. VTL requires either IP On-the-Fly or Standard IP license for each NBX system
G. VTLs maintain Quality of Service (QoS) and provide end-to-end IP-ToS tagging
Correct Answer: ACFG
Which three are requirements for conference call support across Virtual Tie Lines (VTL)? (Choose three.)
A. Requires Standard IP license for each participating NBX system
B. Must use same range of multicast addresses on all NBX systems
C. Internet Gateway Multicast Protocol (IGMP) addresses must be defined
D. WAN routers must support Internet Gateway Multicast Protocol (IGMP)
E. Supports functions such as: Music on Hold (MOH) and internal page initiation
F. Requires Network Address Translation (NAT) configuration on Virtual Tie Lines

Correct Answer: BCD
Inbound NBX Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) calls support directory dialing and on-screen dialing and call processing.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B
Which four are features/requirements of the NBX Desktop Call Assistant (DCA) application? (Choose four.)
A. Requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP
B. Requires one 3Com SKU and license per NBX system
C. Supports point and click dialing to any phone in the user’s directory
D. Provides personal inbound/outbound call logs with caller ID information
E. Uses Microsoft’s Telephone Applications Program Interface (TAPI) to manage calls
F. Computer with NBXTSP software must have a physical connection to an NBX phone
G. Users can manage all their calls from a single on-screen computer interface, for example, call transfer, conferencing, call park

Correct Answer: CDEG
What is Telephone Applications Program Interface (TAPI) Route Point?
A. An NBX feature enabled in the System / TAPI Setup menu that provides intelligent Layer 3 IP routing for TAPI messages on a multi-system, company-wide bases
B. Virtual Network Call Processor (NCP) device or third party application that monitors and maps incoming calls, allowing the NCP to make intelligent routing decisions for the call
C. Virtual device within the Network Call Processor (NCP) to which outbound calls can be mapped, allowing 3rd party applications to make intelligent routing decisions for the call
D. Virtual device within the Network Call Processor (NCP) to which inbound calls can be mapped for a 3rd party application that monitors the route point and makes intelligent call route decisions

Correct Answer: D
Which four steps should be performed when installing the NBX pcXset application? (Choose four.)
A. Select country and language
B. Check that the pcXset licenses are installed using NetSet
C. Check and install Standard IP or IP On-the-Fly on the NBX system
D. Do an audio and microphone test from the pcXset Configuration Wizard
E. Create or update the Dial Plan to insure calls are properly routed to remote sites
F. Configure the IP and MAC address of the NCP associated with the pcXset application
Correct Answer: ABDF
Which three are features/requirements for using Unified Messaging for an NBX system? (Choose three.)
A. Requires NBX pcXset client software
B. Can use the computer’s default media player to listen to a message
C. APX messaging service functionality is provided by IMAP client on the NBX NCP
D. IMAP4 enabled clients Notes
E. Users can use an IMAP4 compliant application to access and manage voice messages on a computer
F. Requires a Windows-based PC with a minimum of 64MB RAM, full-duplex sound card, a microphone and headset
Correct Answer: BDE QUESTION 57
Which three does the Call Report (CDR) software provide for calls made on an NBX system? (Choose three.)
A. Track all call information
B. Track all incoming and outgoing PSTN calls
C. Track all internal calls within NBX system
D. Provides customer and department chargeback accounting
E. Track all incoming and outgoing attempted and/or abandoned calls
F. Collects telephone usage information on a per user / per call basis
G. Supports “Snap-in” modules for Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123 for integrated account reporting

Correct Answer: BEF
Which four are Call Report (CDR) configuration options for an NBX system? (Choose four.)
A. Default setting is Disabled
B. Scramble the last digits for security
C. Determine if trunk-to-trunk calls are recorded
D. Choose how often a new tracking file will be created
E. Select what data fields will be tracked, for example, time of call, length, etc.
F. Compatibility format option, for example, Microsoft Excel or Lotus 123 formatting
G. Determine how long the tracking information will be retained before it is purged by the system

Correct Answer: ABCG
How does the NBX administrator download the Event Log file for viewing?
A. Reports / Event Log – Download Log button
B. Downloads / Event Log – choose file name and Download Logs button
C. Click on Download Logs button
D. Reports / System Data / Event Log – choose file name and Download Logs button
Correct Answer: C
Which three changes require an NBX system reboot? (Choose three.)
A. New software version
B. Removing an interface card from an NBX chassis
C. Change to NCP information, for example, IP address, default gateway
D. Change to network protocol, for example, Standard IP or IP On-the-Fly
E. Change to Digital Line Card protocol, for example, Standard IP or IP On-the-Fly
F. Adding any new interface card to the NBX chassis, for example, Digital Line Card, Hub card, etc.

Correct Answer: ACD
A NBX Software license upgrade provides access to the specific license purchased and every prior software release.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A
Which four are NBX configuration backup/restore attributes? (Choose four.)
A. By default, NBX voice mail messages are backed up
B. A Backup should be done after each major configuration change
C. By default, the backup is stored to the NBX hard disk
D. To run a backup choose: System Configuration / Manage Data and click Backup Database button
E. Data included in a backup: configuration database, Auto Attendant prompts, user voice mail greetings, and optionally, all voice mail messages
F. To restore the configuration information choose: Operations/ Manage Data then select Browse to locate the configuration file and Click Restore
G. To restore an individual user’s voice messages choose: Operations/ Manage Data input the users extension and click Restore Voice Mail Messages

Correct Answer: BCEF
Which four components are included with the NBX V3000 IP Telephony system? (Choose four.)
A. One Analog FXS port
B. 32 MB memory module
C. Four Analog FXO ports
D. 20 GB system disk drive
E. Two T1/E1 Digital Line ports
F. Network Call Processor (NCP)
G. Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN ports

Correct Answer: ACDF
What Power Status state indicates the NBX V3000 is currently booting?
A. Solid red
B. Solid green
C. Blinking red
D. Blinking green
E. Blinking yellow
Correct Answer: D
What software version(s) is currently supported by the NBX V3000?
A. NBX R4.3
B. NBX R4.4
C. NBX R4.x
D. Same software versions as the NBX 100
E. Same software versions as the SuperStack 3 NBX
F. Same software versions as both the NBX 100 and SuperStack 3 NBX
Correct Answer: B

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