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Fortinet NSE7_EFW-6.4 Dumps PDF Latest Exam Practice Test QuestionsFortinet NSE7_EFW-6.4 Dumps PDF Latest Exam Practice Test Questions

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Fortinet NSE7

Fortinet NSE 7 – Enterprise Firewall 6.4 Firewall online practice test:



Which statements about bulk configuration changes using FortiManager CLI scripts are correct? (Choose two.)

A. When executed on the Policy Package, ADOM database, changes are applied directly to the managed FortiGate.
B. When executed on the Device Database, you must use the installation wizard to apply the changes to the managed
C. When executed on the All FortiGate in ADOM, changes are automatically installed without creating a new revision
D. When executed on the Remote FortiGate directly, administrators do not have the option to review the changes prior
to installation.

Correct Answer: BD

CLI scripts can be run in three different ways: Device Database: By default, a script is executed on the device database.
It is recommended you run the changes on the device database (default setting), as this allows you to check what
configuration changes you will send to the managed device. Once scripts are run on the device database, you can
install these changes to a managed device using the installation wizard.

Policy Package, ADOM database: If a script contains changes related to ADOM level objects and policies, you can change the default selection to run on Policy Package, ADOM database and can then be installed using the installation wizard. Remote FortiGate directly (through CLI): A script can be executed directly on the device and you don\\’t need to install these changes using the installation

As the changes are directly installed on the managed device, no option is provided to verify and check the
configuration changes through FortiManager prior to executing them.


A corporate network allows Internet Access to FSSO users only. The FSSO user student does not have Internet access
after successfully logging into the Windows AD network. The output of the `diagnose debug and fsso list\\’ command does not show the student as an active FSSO user. Other FSSO users can access the Internet without problems. What
should the administrator check? (Choose two.)

A. The user student must not be listed in the CA\\’s ignore user list.
B. The user student must belong to one or more of the monitored user groups.
C. The student workstation\\’s IP subnet must be listed in the CA\\’s trusted list.
D. At least one of the student\\’s user groups must be allowed by a FortiGate firewall policy.

Correct Answer: AD


View these partial outputs from two routings debug commands:

Which outbound interface will FortiGate use to route web traffic from internal users to the Internet?

A. Both port1 and port2
B. port3
C. port1
D. port2

Correct Answer: C


What configuration changes can reduce the memory utilization in a FortiGate? (Choose two.)

A. Reduce the session time to live.
B. Increase the TCP session timers.
C. Increase the FortiGuard cache time to live.
D. Reduce the maximum file size to inspect.

Correct Answer: AD


Which two statements about the Security Fabric are true? (Choose two.)

A. Only the root FortiGate collects network information and forwards it to FortiAnalyzer.
B. FortiGate uses FortiTelemetry protocol to communicate with FortiAnalyzer.
C. All FortiGate devices in the Security Fabric must have bidirectional FortiTelemetry connectivity.
D. Branch FortiGate devices must be configured first.

Correct Answer: BC



Which real-time debug should an administrator enable to troubleshoot RADIUS authentication problems?

A. Diagnose debug application radius -1.
B. Diagnose debug application fnbamd -1.
C. Diagnose authed console -log enable.
D. Diagnose radius console -log enable.

Correct Answer: B


When using the SSL certificate inspection method for HTTPS traffic, how does FortiGate filter web requests when the
browser client does not provide the server name indication (SNI) extension?

A. FortiGate uses CN information from the Subject field in the server\\’s certificate.
B. FortiGate switches to the full SSL inspection method to decrypt the data.
C. FortiGate blocks the request without any further inspection.
D. FortiGate uses the requested URL from the user\\’s web browser.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator has decreased all the TCP session timers to optimize the FortiGate memory usage.
However, after the changes, one network application started to have problems.

During the troubleshooting, the administrator noticed that the FortiGate deletes the sessions after the clients send the SYN packets, and before the arrival of the SYN/ACKs. When the SYN/ACK packets arrive at the FortiGate, the unit has already deleted the respective sessions. Which TCP session timer must be increased to fix this problem?

A. TCP half-open.
B. TCP half-close.
C. TCP time wait.
D. TCP session time to live.

Correct Answer: A

The top-half open-timer controls for how long, after an SYN packet, a session without SYN/ACKremains in
the table.
The TCP-half-close-timer controls for how long, after a FIN packet, a session without FIN/ACKremains in the
The TCP-time wait-timer controls for how long, after a FIN/ACK packet, a session remains in the table.
A closed session remains in the session table for a few seconds more to allow any out-of-sequence


Examine the partial output from two web filter debug commands; then answer the question below:

Based on the above outputs, which is the FortiGuard web filter category for the website

A. Finance and banking
B. General organization.
C. Business.
D. Information technology.

Correct Answer: C


Examine the output from the BGP real-time debug shown in the exhibit, then answer the question below:

Which statements are true regarding the output in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A. BGP peers have successfully interchanged Open and Keepalive messages.
B. Local BGP peer received a prefix for a default route.
C. The state of the remote BGP peer is OpenConfirm.
D. The state of the remote BGP peer will go to Connect after it confirms the received prefixes.

Correct Answer: AB


Which the following events can trigger the election of a new primary unit in a HA cluster? (Choose two.)

A. Primary unit stops sending HA heartbeat keepalives.
B. The FortiGuard license for the primary unit is updated.
C. One of the monitored interfaces in the primary unit is disconnected.
D. A secondary unit is removed from the HA cluster.

Correct Answer: AC


View the exhibit, which contains a partial output of an IKE real-time debug, and then answer the question below.

Based on the debug output, which phase-1 setting is enabled in the configuration of this VPN?

A. auto-discovery-sender
B. auto-discovery-forwarder
C. auto-discovery-shortcut
D. auto-discovery-receiver

Correct Answer: B

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