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NSE5_FMG-6.4 Dumps New Questions Prepare For The Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiManager 6.4 ExamNSE5_FMG-6.4 Dumps New Questions Prepare For The Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiManager 6.4 Exam

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Real Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiManager 6.4 Free NSE5_FMG-6.4 Dumps Questions [2022] 

QUESTION 1: An administrator configures a new firewall policy on FortiManager and has not yet pushed the changes to the managed FortiGate. In which database will the configuration be saved?

A. Device-level database
B. Revision history database
C. ADOM-level database
D. Configuration-level database

Correct Answer: C


QUESTION 2: An administrator\\’s PC crashes before the administrator can submit a workflow session for approval. After the PC is restarted, the administrator notices that the ADOM was locked from the session before the crash. How can the administrator unlock the ADOM?

A. Restore the configuration from a previous backup.
B. Log in as Super_User in order to unlock the ADOM.
C. Log in using the same administrator account to unlock the ADOM.
D. Delete the previous admin session manually through the FortiManager GUI or CLI.

Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 3: What does a policy package status of Conflict indicate?

A. The policy package reports inconsistencies and conflicts during a Policy Consistency Check.
B. The policy package does not have a FortiGate as the installation target.
C. The policy package configuration has been changed on both FortiManager and the managed device independently.
D. The policy configuration has never been imported after a device was registered on FortiManager.

Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 4: Which two statements regarding device management on FortiManager are true? (Choose two.)

A. FortiGate devices in HA cluster devices are counted as a single device.
B. FortiGate in transparent mode configurations are not counted toward the device count on FortiManager.
C. FortiGate devices in an HA cluster that has five VDOMs are counted as five separate devices.
D. The maximum number of managed devices for each ADOM is 500.

Correct Answer: AC

QUESTION 5: Refer to the exhibits. Exhibit one.

Exhibit two.

An administrator created a new system template named Training with two new DNS addresses on
FortiManager. During the installation preview stage, the administrator notices that many unset commands
need to be pushed. What can be the main reason for these unset commands?

A. The DNS addresses in the default system settings are the same as the Training system template
B. The Training system template has other default settings
C. The ADOM is locked by another administrator
D. The Training system template does not have assigned devices

Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 6: An administrator has assigned a global policy package to a new ADOM called ADOM1. What will happen if the administrator tries to create a new policy package in ADOM1?

A. When creating a new policy package, the administrator can select the option to assign the global policy package to the new policy package
B. When a new policy package is created, the administrator needs to reapply the global policy package to ADOM1.
C. When a new policy package is created, the administrator must assign the global policy package from the global ADOM.
D. When the new policy package is created, FortiManager automatically assigns the global policy package to the new policy package.

Correct Answer: D
Reference: 20package.htm

QUESTION 7: Which two statements about the scheduled backup of FortiManager are true? (Choose two.)

A. It does not back up firmware images saved on FortiManager.
B. It can be configured using the CLI and GUI.
C. It backs up all devices and the FortiGuard database.
D. It supports FTP, SCP, and SFTP.

Correct Answer: AD

QUESTION 8: View the following exhibit.
Which statement is true regarding this failed installation log?

A. Policy ID 2 is installed without a source address
B. Policy ID 2 will not be installed
C. Policy ID 2 is installed in disabled state
D. Policy ID 2 is installed without a source device

Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 9: An administrator wants to delete an address object that is currently referenced in a firewall policy. What can the administrator expect to happen?

A. FortiManager will not allow the administrator to delete a referenced address object
B. FortiManager will disable the status of the referenced firewall policy
C. FortiManager will replace the deleted address object with the none address object in the referenced firewall policy
D. FortiManager will replace the deleted address object with all address object in the referenced firewall policy

Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 10: Refer to the exhibit.
You are using the Quick Install option to install configuration changes on the managed FortiGate.
Which two statements correctly describe the result? (Choose two.)

A. It will not create a new revision in the revision history
B. It installs device-level changes to FortiGate without launching the Install Wizard
C. It cannot be canceled once initiated and changes will be installed on the managed device
D. It provides the option to preview configuration changes prior to installing them

Correct Answer: BC

FortiManager_6.4_Study_Guide-Online page 164 The Install Config option allows you to perform a quick installation of device-level settings without launching the Install Wizard. When you use this option, you cannot preview the changes prior to committing. Administrator should be certain of the changes before using this install option, because the install can\’t be cancelled after the process is initiated.

QUESTION 11: Refer to the exhibit.
Which two statements about an ADOM set in Normal mode on FortiManager are true? (Choose two.)

A. It supports the FortiManager script feature
B. It allows making configuration changes for managed devices on FortiManager panes
C. FortiManager automatically installs the configuration difference in revisions on the managed FortiGate
D. You cannot assign the same ADOM to multiple administrators

Correct Answer: AB

“FortiGate units in the ADOM will query their own configuration every 5 seconds. If there has been a configuration change, the FortiGate unit will send a diff revision on the change to the FortiManager using the FGFM protocol.”

QUESTION 12: What will be the result of reverting to a previous revision version in the revision history?

A. It will install configuration changes to managed device automatically
B. It will tag the device settings status as Auto-Update
C. It will generate a new version ID and remove all other revision history versions
D. It will modify the device-level database

Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 13: What is the purpose of the Policy Check feature on FortiManager?

A. To find and provide recommendation to combine multiple separate policy packages into one common policy package
B. To find and merge duplicate policies in the policy package
C. To find and provide recommendation for optimizing policies in a policy package
D. To find and delete disabled firewall policies in the policy package

Correct Answer: C

Reference: 20check.htm

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